The Buddy Project 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 8th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th July 2013 Written Update

Piddi enters a weird place and asks the dealer for the ‘Babbaji ki buti’, another guy smirks at Piddi, Piddi asks him what is he here for, the guy tells him he came for real stuff ‘meow meow’, Piddi bursts out laughing, the guy tells him its code word for drugs, Piddi becomes tensed and starts sweating

The dealer guy takes out two pouches, just then two drunk guys come and one asks for their package and the other was about to take the pouch when the dealer guy tells them not to touch anything nad he will bring them their package right now, after the dealer guy leaves the two drunk guys try to take the pouches and get into a fight and drop the pouches(Uh-Oh)

The dealer guy kicks them out and goes to pick up the pouches which are mixed up, he looks at it confused

and hands it to Piddi and the other guy, Piddi looks at the pouch and the dealer wakes him up from his senses and asks for money, Piddi hands him the money tensed and leaves(Bechara Piddi ke saath ye hamesha kyun hota hai, problems always glue to him lyk janam janam ke saathi)
KD gets ready and gets a call from RV and informs him he will come straight to college(Damn i cant stop drooling over him, he looks soo Hot), Mr. Desai calls Shubh and asks for KD, Shubh tells him KD is getting ready for the party, Mr. Desai thinks about what the inspector said

Mr Desai goes to KD and tells him that he is going to be out for some work tonight so he wants KD to stay at home and take care of Shubh, KD tells him he has to go to the party, Mr. Desai asks if his party is more important then his work, KD asks what is so important, Mr. Desai tells KD not to argue and to listen to him, KD tells him he needs to go and he is going, KD moves to get something when Mr. Desai takes KD’s phone and leaves shutting the doors

KD looks towards the doors and calls out to Mr. Desai who locks the doors from outside while KD asks him to open the doors, Mr. Desai tells Shubh whatever happens he wont open the doors, he gets a call and leaves, KD is frustrated

The chillar boys are waiting for Piddi when he comes right then and shows them the pouch, he opens it and finds some capsules, the chillar boys get happy, RV comes behind Piddi and asks him what is it, he tells him its ‘babbji ki buti’ and opens the capsules and puts the drugs into the drink, everyone looks at Piddi impressed, RV and the chillar boys cheers and have the drinks except for Piddi who looks at all tensed

Panchi Kiya and Rukmini arrive in the college(WOW all the three look soo pretty and beautiful, luvd Panchi andKiya’s dress), Panchi tells the two to go ahead she will come in a bit, Kiya asks if she’s sure, Panchi nods and they leave

JJ is looking around and at his watch, Avantika comes there and he greets her ‘hi’ who watches him dazed and then leaves while JJ looks at his cell phone and outside
Rukmini tells Kiya she will come back in a bit and leaves, Kiya looks around for KD, RV who was about pass by stops and calls out ‘Hey gorgeous’, Kiya greets him and continues her search looking around, RV asks if she’s waiting for someone, Kiya blushes, RV says to continue and leaves singing ‘aayega aayega’
KD on the other hand bangs on the door asking Mr.Desai to open the door as its very important for him to go, he looks at the time frustrated
Kiya asks some guy for the time and then sighs
Kiya to the camera: like every other party is this party going to be unlucky for them(damn its a known fact now Party and TBP dont get along, gosh i hope this party doesnt turn so unlucky like the others)

KD calls out to Shubh hitting the door, Shubh informs him that Mr.Desai locked the doors and took the key, KD searches for his phone but in vain, he asks Shubh about his phone who tells him its with Mr.Desai, KD frustrated asks him why is he doing like that, Shubh tells him he heard Mr.Desai talking to someone and tells KD about the raid
KD to the camera: Babba is going to put a raid on Imperial party

Everyone finishes their drink, RV says the punch is good, he then spots Rukmini and goes to her and comments she is looking good today, Rukmini says that means she doesn’t used to look nice before and asks if she used to look like a jhalli, RV says no and then suddenly his head starts zooming and he doesn’t see Rukmini clearly
Rv shakes his head and says to lets leave all that and asks her to lets dance, Rukmini says ‘her’, RV asks if she is scared, Rukmini says yeah she is and explains him its all new for her and she never even danced in her sister’s sangeet and he wants her to dance in front of everyone here, RV tells her to follow him the way he is doing, Rukmini makes a face, RV asks what does she want, Rukmini says they will go but after sometime, RV sighs and his head starts spinning again
RV to the camera: why is this punch hitting him so hard
RV holds Rukmini’s hand, Rukmini tells him why did he take her hand as she doesn’t want to see his house and knows very well how big his house is, RV tells her he has an idea and asks her to come with him

Piddi and chillar boys sees them leaving and one of them comments looking at RV it seems like this punch is really a ‘sarpunch’, they laugh and start drinking again
Piddi to the camera: looking at RV’s condition it didn’t seem like it’s a good idea to drink this punch
Omi is waiting outside thinking why isn’t Panchi here yet, just then Avi comes and both get into a tashan argument, Omi tells Avi this is no competition or challenge but this is something really big and Panchi will only dance with him coz he likes her, Avi tells him coolly even he does, Omi pissed tells him its not the friendship like but something more than that, Avi tells him he is very serious about Panchiand he wont let him do the same thing what he did the last time

Omi tells him it was his mistake and Sakshi loved him, Avi tells him Sakshi loved him and it was because of his fights that she left college and went, both argue over who Sakshi left for and then they come down to arguing Panchi is theirs(OMG is that how they became enemies), everyone looks at them, Avi and Omi realize and Avi turns to see Panchi looking at them
Omi asks Panchi if she is going to dance with him, Avi says to him Panchi is going to dance with him, both start arguing, Panchi tells the two she needs to talk to both of them, Omi and Avi start arguing again over who has Panchi chosen when she gets irritated and tells them to shut up and says she needs to talk to both of them but one by one, Omi pulls her with him
Omi asks Panchi if she has decided, Panchi says she is confused as its not only about choosing dance partner and she cant understand anything, she asks him to say, Omi says she hasn’t decided yet which means she still has some feelings towards him otherwise she would have chosen Avi by now, he tells her since she hasnt chosen Avi yet his heart has brewed some hope(aww damn i feel so awful for them, both of them love her so much)

He tells her that he isn’t wanting to dance with her because of any competition but asks her to understand the reason, he further says that once she dances with them maybe their biology might help her take the final decision, Panchi says ok and tells him its not biology but chemistry, Omi says yeah
Panchi looks at Avi and back at Omi and then goes to Avi, Avi asks Panchi if she chose him, Panchi says she is confused, Avi says which means she has some feelings for him, he tells her he hates it not because Omi is his enemy but in his place if it was someone else he would feel as such, Panchi looks at him, Avi says he wanted to make a place in her life which he couldn’t make but atleast he could help her make her decision and make it easy for her

Avi looks at Omi and tells Panchi to dance with Omi as he cant see her in a problem, he tells her he backs out from this dance and also from her life and from this relationship with her he will leave forever, Panchi looks at him shocked as he leaves (OMGEEE that was an Awsum scene, brilliant performance)
KD asks Shubh to do something, he then gets the idea of trying to open the lock as KD taught him years back when they were young, KD tells him to try and Shubh tells him he will come right back
Police is one their way to Imperial

JJ gets a message from KPD to come on the second floor, JJ goes off and finds a candle at the end of a corridor, he picks up the card beside it which says ‘this way’
RV takes Rukmini to an empty old classroom, Rukmini asks him why did he get her here, RV tells her to dance with her as he cant do outside in front of people but atleast they can dance alone here, Rukmini asks for music, RV moves his hand through her arms and takes her hand and places it on his heart and says ‘get the beat’, Rukmini looks confused, RV smiles and asks ‘no’ and says one minute
RV plays the music on his cell phone (Tujhko jo Paya), he takes her hand and start dancing, RV asks her where did she learn the steps from, Rukmini tells him she watched her friends and learnt, they start dancing again, RV completely mesmerized by her(OMGEEE dat was one Hot dance)

Shubh finally unlocks the door, KD thanks him and kisses him on the forehead, he tells him not to worry as he will be back before Baba comes back, KD runs off
JJ reaches somewhere and sees someone lighting a lighter behind a window, JJ runs to the window only to find her gone by then, JJ says until when will she hide
Piddi and the chillar boys head towards the drink as one of them says it’s a sad time for them and tells them how he went to ask a girl if she would like to be friends and she slapped him in reply, the others tell Piddi to take out the butti as its their only survival from depression, Piddi takes the capsules out and they add it to their drinks and cheers to their depressions, Piddi was about to drink when one of the boys stop him and says he will have his drink too as his depression is double and Piddi watches all of them drinking off tensed
Avi thinks about his and Avantika’s convo where she teases him about liking her and him trying to deny it, everyone cheers for Panchi, she comes and announces her dance partner ‘Omi’, they both start dancing on Bakhuda Tum hi Ho(Awww ok damn this is soo awfullly beautiful, i loved the way cv’s have brought this whole JeeMiChi thing out and gosh MiChi on that song was beautiful it suited them so much, feel bad for Omi)

JJ finds another candle with a note but is surprised to see a room full of candles and Avantika standing with her back to him, JJ says finally, Avantika says the same and asks if before seeing her face does he have any guesses, JJ asks her if he knows her, Avantika says ‘don’t you’, JJ heads towards her but Avantika turns and tells him to stop and says before he sees her she has a question
Avantika asks him what is she for him, JJ asks what kind of question is that, Tika tells him to answer the question and asks what is she to him a friend or an acquaintance or what, JJ says what if he asks the same question, Tika says she asked the question first, JJ says right and tells her she is maybe everything to him, a friend, an acquaintance, an adventure, or maybe a mystery and maybe much more than these

He tells her he never felt intrigued by anyone before and nor did he have anyone important, TIka cuts him and says he beats around the bush a lot and asks him to say it directly if he likes her or not, JJ is thinking, Tika says she will say it and confesses to him that she loves him
Panchi looks around the college for Avi and finally finds him on the staircase, Avi sees her and starts to leave when Panchi stops him and asks if he wont listen to what she has to say before he leaves, Avi tells her he heard what he had to and saw what he had to, she chose Omi for the dance partner, Panchi says yeah but does he know why she did that, Avi starts to leave
Panchi shouts out that she chose him for dance because she chose Avi for everything else, Avi stops and looks back at her(OOOMMMGG)
Kiya is pacing angrily near the entrance, KD runs through the doors panting while Kiya sees him and shouts out asking him is it the right time to come to the party(damn that was soo wife-ish), KD looking around says he needs to go inside and asks her where is everyone else, Kiya tells him does he even have an idea how long she has been waiting for him, KD still panting says ‘baba and boss..’, Kiya tells him she doesn’t want to hear out the problems about his baba and his work and asks him to say why is he so late(damn Kiya is just too cuteee and this scene was soo Adorable)
KD tells her ‘police party mei..’ but Kiya cuts off again and says she doesn’t want to hear about the police party and keeps asking him to listen to her to catch his attention, Kiya tells him she knows he is trying to tell her something from many days, she asks him ‘right na’, KD still looking around says ‘haan’, Kiya says even in the library he wanted to say something but suddenly something happened to him and he ran off being inspired from Bhaag Milka Bhaag, and even that night he called her up to say something but he started behaving so strangely after that and asks him whats wrong with him

KD tells her to give history lesson later and to let him go now as he has something very important to do now, KD was about to leave when Kiya drags him back and says to go as everything is important in his life other than her and turns away frustrated(OMG damn that was like a preview to their dating-days if KD would ever be late this is how Kiya will rantgosh they are soo cuteee), KD looks at her and then says ok the thing he had to say that day was that, Kiya looks at him eagerly, KD says can he tells that later when he is free as he has to go stop the party now otherwise there will be loads of problems, Kiya tries to tell him to listen to her as he leaves

Police enters and instructs to catch all of them, Kiya and KD look shocked, the police instructs them to stand in line, Mr. Desai holds a guy and gets shocked seeing KD, the inspector tells the other policemen to check the classrooms, the police catches the chillar boys and Piddi
Panchi tells Avi she didn’t want to do this as she never thought she would break anyone’s heart one day but she had no choice, she knew she had to tell Omi that’s why she decided to have a last dance with him and tell him the truth that she likes Omi but he (Avi)…, Avi asks what, Panchi says ‘You make my heart skip a beat’(Awww omg ViChi confession is such a surprisee)
Avi looks at her confused, Panchi hesitates and finally says she likes him, Avi becomes happy

JJ tells Tika he wants to see her, Tika tells him to come closer, JJ brings a candle with him but Tika tells him to blow the candle, Tika tells him to close his eyes, JJ does so, TIks take soff her hand from her face and goes closer to JJ to kiss him, just then police comes switching the light and asking what is happening
JJ turns to the police and then back to Tika and gets shocked to see its Tika

Precap: Avi and Panchi are passing by when they stop seeing RV-Rukmini kissing, JJ tells the police its not what it seems like, the police tells him when teachers do something like this then college has to go rotten(Shit JJ in deep trouble), everyone is gathered in the main hall and some policemen brings the punch saying the drugs have been mixed here, Piddi tells them there are no drugs its babaji’s butti, the police puts Piddi’s head inside the punch box and asks are there no drugs, JJ asks the police to leave Piddi, Police tells JJ he is ashamed to say that a teacher was kissing his student, AVi and others get shocked as the police pointed towards Tika, Police tells JJ that he would send him to jail first for such a thing :

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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