The Buddy Project 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 8th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th January 2013 Written Update

YaRa’s “date” continues. Kiya asks Ranveer for whom did he get the flowers for? RV smiles and says that they always come in handy? Kiya asks him to elaborate and he replies that whenever you go to girl’s house, always carry flowers. They help and he is saying it out of experience. Kiya seems impressed. She asks him when is Panchi joining back school? RV’s smile disappears at this. Kiya asks him what’s the matter? He shakes his head and says he doesn’t know when Panchi will return. Kiya is surprised to hear this and asks him that he goes to Panchi’s place everyday, you guys are best friends! RV says to this that he knows she is his best friend but he can’t say that he is her best friend anymore. Ever since Panchi was discharged from the hospital, she isn’t talking to him. She says she doesn’t deserve his friendship. RV says, frankly she is right. But it feels bad. Kiya consoles him that whatever happened, it wasn’t RV’s fault. RV says that’s what he feels but what difference does it make? What matters is that Panchi hates him. Then he asks Kiya to change the topic and Kiya agrees.

Piddi at his home trying to study. But then he takes out a copy which has Bobby’s name written all over it. He gets all lovey dovey with it. He says to the camera that Buddies have to check their mail tomorrow but how will he inform them? Then he opens his laptop and starts seeing Bobby’s pics. He says that he misses her. Just then, he starts getting the hiccups and says to the camera it seems like Bobby is missing him as well. Flowers fall on him with an awesome BG music which ends abruptly. He says he has to do something but first, he has to drink water. He goes to the fridge and drinks water from the bottle. When he’s done, he is closing the fridge he notices something and opens the fridge again. He says to the camera that he got an idea. He takes out a box of laddoos. He says, “kuch meetha hojae! Meri Maa kehti hai, koi shubh kaam karne se pehla kuch meetha hojae!” (Let’s have something sweet. My mother says before starting anything good, it’s a good omen to eat something sweet. Ahaah! Nikhil fans know what this means )

YaRa are drinking coffee with their feet in water. Kiya is lost in thoughts. RV asks her what’s she thinking? Kiya says that she noticed bruises on KD’s face and she feels that…she isn’t sure but what if KD is doing anything illegal to get school fees? RV shrugs and says, maybe. He asks Kiya that she knows KD is capable of doing it. Kiya agrees then says it’s strange. KD is very complicated. Sometimes he’s all cool and sometimes he is full of attitude. RV sighs and says, “The famous KD attitude!” KD comes behind them at this point. RV tells Kiya that when KD’s scholarship was cancelled, he advised KD to go to JJ but KD refused. Kiya snickers and says nothing matters to KD more than his ego. Then she realizes something and in a surprised manner asks how come RV advised him? They are like WEF, Worst Enemies Forever. RV smiles and says his WEF is Banga and for standing against him, Buddies have to be united. He just hopes KD didn’t do anything illegal. YaRa look at each other for a while. Then RV says why are we talking about him? Kiya agrees. RV says that it’s better for them to leave as it’s getting late and they still have to buy Apple Pie for Anya from the coffee shop they are supposed to be at. Kiya says casually that she doesn’t want to go home. RV is surprised to hear this and says since he picked her up from her house, he has to drop her there as well. Kiya replies that’s his problem, not hers. RV asks what does she mean? And Kiya playfully splashes water at RV. They start playing with water and KD gets jealous seeing this. He has fbs of some KiSha happy moments and then leaves from there.

Next day in RA! RV comes on his bike and parks it. Behind him, a car arrives and Panchi gets out of it. RV is excited to see her and rushes to greet her. Panchi says hi back but adds that she doesn’t want to talk to him so it’s better for Ranveer not to come to talk to her and embarrass them both. RV looks a little hurt hearing this and Panchi leaves from there. When she’s gone, he says, “Welcome back Moti.” (AAAH!! MERE RAHI!!!!!!!)

Panchi is walking in corridor and everyone is greeting her. She smiles at everyone. Juhi comes behind her and rushes to her and pulls her back. Panchi is confused and Juhi explains her that there are CCTV cameras everywhere and they’ll catch them together but from this angle, they can’t be seen. They hug and Juhi takes her to classroom.

RV is in locker room and takes out a rolled sheet from it. He rushes to the class and puts it on Samar’s desk and quietly sits on his on. Just then, Panchi enters with Juhi. Everyone is surprised to see her and they all stand up and clap for her return. Samar pastes the sheet at the back of the class on a soft board. Panchi is beaming at everyone when she sees the sheet with the words, “Welcome Back Panchi” written on them and Samar smiling at her. She becomes overwhelmed seeing this and walks to Samar. She sees the sheet and thanks Samar and hugs him! Samar wants to hug back but he notices the CCTV camera. Panchi realizes this as well and breaks away and says sorry while smiling. RV sees them and he gets a little hurtful jealous.

Piddi in front of Banga with a box of laddoos. Banga asks what are they for? And Piddi replies that he has become an uncle. Banga says just a few days ago, his sister had a baby and now again? Piddi gets nervous and utters a yes sir. Vats comments doesn’t his brother-in-law ever go to office? Banga glares at Vats angrily at this. Piddi says that’s not what it is. Actually, last time his cousin from maternal side gave birth and now his cousin from paternal side did. Since their family is quite close knit so they share everyone’s happiness. Banga laughs at this. Piddi says to the camera that let Banga laugh, because he’ll become the ultimate “Mama” (fool). Piddi asks for Banga’s persmission to distribute laddoos to his friends and classmates. Banga asks Vats does Piddi regard them as fools? Vats promptly replies that no sir, Piddi’s opinions always differ from the general opinion. Piddi regards Banga as quite an intelligent person. Banga again angrily glares at Vats. He says that what does Piddi think, that he can talk to his friends in the disguise of distributing laddoos and they’d let him? Piddi says no sir, that’s not the point. If Banga fears that, he can send Vats with him. Vats get mad and says is he some free person that he’d do jobs like these? Piddi says to the camera, “look who’s talking?” He goes to Vats and whispers that all the leftover laddoos, Vats can keep them. Vats agrees to do the job hearing this. Piddi says he is just sharing his happiness that’s all, his wojob will be done. Banga catches this and asks, what job? Piddi replies the job of spreading joy. Banga sends Vats with Piddi.

In class, Vats announces that Piddi has become an uncle again and is here to distribute sweets. Vats gets out of control and says he feels so happy as if he became a Mama as well. Piddi says to this, he has become a Mama. Piddi starts giving sweets. He has written the message of checking the mail on the inside of the cover of the box. He makes Samar read it as he takes out a laddoo. Then he goes to Bobby but she doesn’t want. He insists but she refuses again. Juhi, who is sitting beside Bobby, wonders why is Piddi insisting so much? Vats seeing Piddi makes a move towards him but Samar stops him. Piddi goes next to Juhi and when she notices the message, she pokes Bobby and makes her do the same. Samar says to Vats that Piddi became a Mama twice and he gave out sweets but Vats becomes a Mama all the time and doesn’t do it. Vats gets confused as to when he became a Mama, he has no sister. Samar says that’s the point, he himself doesn’t know when he becomes a Mama and if he does, he can’t be a Mama.

Piddi offers sweets to Kiya but doesn’t show her the message. She doesn’t take the sweet and he moves on to Ranveer but doesn’t show him the message either because KD shakes his head at Piddi and stops him from doing so. RV is suspicious as he takes the sweet. Piddi then goes to KD and shows him the message as well. KD writes something on the paper and Piddi leaves. He informs he has finished distributing laddoos on this side (with the buddies) and Vats should see him distribute the other side so he has no problems.

In computer lab, Buddies reading their mail. The plan is that they have to hack the CCTV system but that can happen when Banga and Vats are out of office. For this, they have to spread a fake rumor that after their Chemistry lab class, Buddies will hold a meeting in Music Room. Banga and Vats will be alert and would want to catch them red-handed. Only Juhi will go in Music Room to keep the rumor alive. When Banga and Vats will be out, they’ll go and hack the system. All the best Buddies. Everyone who has read, reply the mail in affirmation. KD checks it on his phone and says he hopes there will be no trouble now.

Vats is inspecting. He sees the classroom empty. He notices the laddoo box and says he won’t spare this box. Sneaking in, he drops the cover of the box and starts eating the laddoo. The message side of the cover is up and Vats seems to notice it.

Precap – KD overhears that his father mortgaged the house for money. TC goes to Banga and says she has news that KD is the masterplanner behind this plan. Banga gets happy that KD will be out of RA now.

Update Credit to: Mais

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