The Buddy Project 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 7th October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th October 2013 Written Update

Avi tells Panchi that he had no hand in all this. Panchi is extremely relieved and Avi seems a bit guilty as RaHi go out.

Buddies sans RaHi are discussing all this. They say there’s no way Omi can prove his innocence and KD might get disqualified. Kiya says confidently that RV won’t just sit by then and suggest a re-polling, he can’t risk his friendship with KD. Just then, RaHi come there. RV sits and says he talked to Avi who was sure that he had no hand in this. KD says the same about Omi. RV retorts that no one can deny that Omi will do anything to make KD win which shocks KD a bit. Piddi says that the same can be said about Avi and RV retorts that at least Avi wasn’t caught. This statement doesn’t ring right to Buddies so RV clarifies he didn’t mean it that

way. Just then, a peon comes and says RanSh are being called in the Dean’s office.

JeeMi, RanSh are present in Dean’s office where JJ is talking to the committee. He asks Omi what was his hand in the booth tampering and Omi tells his side of the story, ending with blaming Avi. Avi tells him to keep him out of it. Omi has made up a good story but what’s the proof against Avi? JJ asks RV does he want to say anything? RV says he has nothing to comment here which shocks KD. JJ then asks KD who says he also has nothing to say, since RV isn’t saying anything. Whatever the committee’s decision will be accepted by him. JJ tells them to step out for a few minutes and committee will announce their final decision.

Outside, both the supporting parties are eagerly waiting for the final decision. RanSh get out after JeeMi and go to their respective parties. RV comments to Panchi that these elections have put a dent on RanSh’s friendship, he doesn’t feel right about it. Kiya goes to KD and asks what happened? But then, KD gets a call from Shubh telling him that Mr.D got dizzy then collapsed and they are in the hospital. Hearing this, KD rushes out without another word.

In the hospital, Mr.D’s condition is not that well, he is very pale and sick. KD is troubled seeing his father like that but puts up a strong front. Doc informs KD that Mr.D’s BP got low all of a sudden but to know the cause of dizziness, they’d have to put him under observation for the night.

JJ comes out and students gather around him. JJ notices KD’s absence and inquires regarding him. Piddi says KD went off rushing somewhere, he’ll be back soon. JJ announces the final decision – KD’s nomination stands disqualified which means Ranveer is the President. This causes cheers from D’s side while Kiya and everyone supporting KD are silent. Omi walks away with his party, while RV is surrounded by his supporters all chanting his name. Kiya also tries smiling to show her support. Just then, KD calls Kiya and overhears all the cheers of RV’s name. Kiya goes to a silent place to hear KD properly. KD hurtfully comments that seems like RV won and then tells her about his father’s condition. Kiya says she’ll be with him shortly.

RV is being carried on the shoulders of the supporters and celebrations are in full swing in the canteen. Piddi is the only one sitting with a sad expression and seeing all the celebrations. Kiya comes there and Piddi says to her that her party won, she should celebrate. Kiya informs him about KD’s call. Piddi gets concerned and says he’ll tell RV but Kiya stops him saying RV is busy so they should just go. KiPi go away. RV also gets in celebratory mood and Rukmini not-so-happily sees him hugging and cheering with Panchi.

At the hospital, KD is asked to buy a few medicines. KiPi reach there, inquiring about Mr.D but just then KD gets out of the ward and they meet him. KD tells them about his father’s condition and Kiya hugs him saying all will be well. KD says he has to go buy medicines and Piddi snatches the paper out of his hand saying he’ll buy them. KD tries handing him money but Piddi doesn’t listen to anything and rushes out. KD is doubly shocked, one by his father’s sudden illness and second by RV’s victory. He tries being fine about the latter as he says that RV won and mumbles that he didn’t say anything (pointing to RV not suggesting re-polling). Kiya sees through his fake smile and gets concerned.

Precap – All Buddies in hospital. KD congratulates RV that now he’s the president, he’ll be busy. In fact, he’s already busy. RV clarifies that Dean is going out tomorrow hence he was called to college. KD is all stiff and formal with RV and RV tells him to talk normally at least. KD says right now he doesn’t need any help and informs that since visiting hours are over, they should go. He doesn’t even greet RV properly and goes inside his father’s ward, which RV finds troubling.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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