The Buddy Project 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 7th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th May 2013 Written Update

Canteen. Ruks (RUKMINI is too long ) is busy writing on her notepad and says there are just too many songs. RV who is sitting beside her comments that if there won’t be songs, the show’ll be too serious. Ruks asks why does he run away from serious (ghambrir) stuff anyway? RV is silent for a while and replies that she’s right but he never pondered upon it. He even watches a cricket match when Gautam Ghambhir gets out. Ruks makes a face as if she wants to reply to that but RV holds her hand and asks why does she run away from fun stuff and is always sad like that gazal singer (Pankaj Udaas but he doesn’t get it )? Ruks rolls her eyes and he holds his hands up in cease-fire and says they’ll balance stuff out. He says they need hot tea and goes up to buy it but Ruks says she doesn’t

want it. RV sits down again and says he’s offering her tea, not poison but if she scraps another song, he’ll have to think about it. Ruks suppresses a smile at this and bends down over her notepad and RV gets up and leaves. When he’s gone, students from another table start making fun of Ruks rural roots and her way of talking and says she’d be telling news about her village’s cattle. RV sees all this and notices how Ruks is getting uncomfortable at the way the boy was making fun. RV gets mad at this. He goes to them before putting the tea on the table where Ruks is sitting and starts applauding that the group is so funny. He offers them to come on the show and entertain the college with their funny antics. The group is a bit ashamed at this open mockery. He gets serious and says it’s easy making fun of a girl like that but it’s damn difficult to entertain the college on the radio show. Ruks gets up and goes to that table and asks RV to stop it. She says the group is right, she’d be on the radio reading out news because there has to be someone who tells the ignorant people what’s going on the world. She goes on showing her GK about some activists and telling the state of very poor villages. She asks do they know where the dairy products they use come from? The boy replies from the shop. She taunts them and do the shops have machines which give milk. Those products come from village dairies and from the cattle of which they were so fondly making fun. If that’s not enough, she’ll send them a DVD full of information like this, they can enlighten themselves. RV is seeing her give payback like some lightenting bolt struck him!

She calmly goes back to her table and sits while RV just keeps on staring at her. She motions him what’s wrong and points to the pending work. He nods and walks in a trance and takes his seat, still in major shock while she goes on working like nothing happened (Finally! Finally pata chala what the CVs meant when they say Rukmini goes against the set norms of small town girls. Hats off girl! Poor RV )

Piddi in the washroom, in front of the mirror. He’s playing with some flowers there and has this totally lovestruck expression on his face as he remembers his…”moments”? with Avantika. He STTC does she really like me? (Yups! He’s a gone case! Kiya! Ye kya kar diya? )

JJ on the laptop. He sends Tika (AVANTIKA is so long! ) a message, calling her “Partner” and Tika brightens up at this. JJ asks her to bring forward a challenge which is really challenging. Tika thinks about it for a while and replies (Sorry, the audio was bad here so didn’t get what she sad) and JJ chuckles. He replies yeah, it is fun but it would’ve been more fun if they knew each other well. Tika replies but she knows him. JJ replies but that’s unfair if she knows him and he doesn’t, in his world it’s very very unfair. Tika replies but if she unveils just like that, what’s the fun? JJ asks, another challenge? Tika says yes, and his clue is 50-50? JJ asks her to elaborate and she replies that’s the challenge.

Kiya is walking and wondering how to deal with Tika and on the opposite end, JJ is thinking about 50-50. In their own thoughts, they almost bump into each other. They apologize to each other and JJ asks that Kiya seems troubled. Kiya says she’s almost at the finishing point of doing something but can’t figure out the last thing to do. JJ agrees that yeah, like the last missing piece to a puzzle! Kiya says she has analysed everything but can’t figure it out. JJ replies that in such complicated problems, the solution is often simple and to the point. Kiya says he’s right! She’s the one who’s creating the problem by thinking too much while the solution is pretty straight forward. She thanks JJ for his help and JJ thanks HER for her help and goes on muttering that he got it all. Tika, who was behind a pillar witnessing all this, comes out from there and Kiya sees her. She STTC that it’s good she found Tika here. Now she gotta do the simple and obvious way of handling things and it’s obvious that she likes Piddi! As she is doing this, Tika walks behind JJ in a trance. Kiya catches up to her and says she’s got a message for her. Tonight, 8 PM, Martin’s Restaurant. Kiya adds that she knows Tika is very smart so she must know who the message is from. Tika looks at the retreating JJ and seeing her stunned expression, Kiya leaves happily thinking Tika got it. When she’s gone, Tika mumbles that JJ is a complete Einstein meets Sherlock Holmes! He cracked the clue just a few minutes after she gave it to him. She smiles that she’s going for a dinner tonight..

Panchi is walking down the stairs and Omi runs behind her and catches up to her. He gives her a special powder and asks her to mix it with Multani Mitti and rosewater and apply it. She asks, where? He replies on the face because by using it the face doesn’t look like a face, it shines like a 100 watt bulb! Panchi laughs at this and he gets a bit confused that he ordered it specially for her. She takes it from him and thanks him by saying he’s sweet and turns to leave while he mumbles behind her that she also is so sweet. She takes a few steps ahead and he facepalms that he forgot again! She goes back to him and asks what did he forget now? He replies he had bought special honey for her but forgot to bring it. She says it’s okay, she has honey at her house! He gets excited and gives a “totka” of mixing ginger juice in water and mix it with Yo Yo Honey Singh () and drink it up. She makes a disgusted face and repeats, ginger, juice and water? He adds Yo Yo Honey Singh to the list and says by drinking it, her voice will be really melodius and sweet. Know why? Cuz it has Yo Yo Honey Singh in it! She stops and tells him that the joke was funny at first, then tolerable but now it’s irritating! He apologizes and says he’s right about the voice part, with this her voice will be like a Koel and laughs that even Koel is a bird and asks for a low-five. She rolls her eyes and stumbles on the stair, almost falling but Omi holds her. TYPICAL scene with Panchi in Omi’s arms, having a eyelock and music playing in BG! (OMG! So meant to be! ) They come out of the moment and maintain slight distance. Panchi comments that he has goo muscles, are they made of stone? Omi chuckles and replies that a famous wrestler (pehelwaan) is his Uncle so that’s why. Seeing his muscles (dole) the village girls used to sing “Dola Re Dola”. Panchi laughs at this and Omi offers her to take training from him, he’d help shed that extra weight in a jiffy. She gets a little serious and asks does he think she’s fat. Omi doesn’t immediately reply and then says no, he finds her like a chui mui, very small, Nonu type. He was just offering for health sake. Panchi smiles at his attempt for cover up and says it’s okay, he has dropped many sincere compliments for her in between. She thanks him for the powder and says he’s very sweet. Omi adds like honey, Yo Yo Honey Singh. Panchi nods and leaves. He waves behind her and stumbles on the stair but continues grinning (SO SMITTEN!!!)

Kiya is walking, lost in her own thoughts and KD comes, stand beside her. She notices him and greets him. He asks she seems very happy today and she replies that JJ is right, real happiness comes from making others happy. KD comments that he’s happy seeing her happy and tells her to keep smiling like that. They have a moment. He adds that the tune she was humming the other day, she ought to compose a song on it. Kiya asks did he listen to her? He first says no but at her glare, nods and agrees that he was passing by so he heard it. He says the tune was beautiful and she must compose a song on it. Kiya thanks him and leaves and behind her, KD STTC that he hopes Kiya composes a song on it. He isn’t just doing it for GSC, the tune was really mind blowing. And besides, when Kiya sings she looks really good.

Precap – RV saying seriously that today he found out how much struggle there is all around him. Street vendors, bus conductors, construction workers, they work so much for survival while we are here living in luxury. Like Rukmini, she must’ve gone through a lot here in the big city. Behind him Panchi agrees to this and leaves silently, while giving her a sad look with a smile. Panchi talks to herself what’s wrong with her? She and RV are best friends and nothing else. She had a crush on him, not anymore so why is getting conscious about VeeNi when she knows Rukmini has a good effect on him?

Update Credit to: Mais

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