The Buddy Project 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th March 2014 Written Update

Maya and the buddies are watching fest’s presentation. Anirudh comes in late and then keeps looking at Maya. Maya also quietly looks at Anriduh. The buddies smile seeing that. After presentation is done, the buddies tease Anirudh and Maya telling them separately that both were looking at each other.

Next, KD and Ranveer tease Piddi talking about his high school girlfriend in front of Sheeba. Sheeba gets angry with Piddi. Piddi also decides to show Ranveer and KD what he is.

Ranveer and KD are with Panchi and Kiya when two girls come and talk about their past meetings with Ranveer and KD. Now Panchi and Kiya get angry with their boyfriends and walk away. Piddi comes out and laughs at Ranveer and KD.

In night, Maya arrives for her date. The buddies are hiding and

watching everything. They wonder if Anirudh will come and there he comes. Maya and Anirudh smile at each other. While they converse, they find out what none of them called anyone for this date, nor they gave any flowers or sweets. The buddies get tensed. Anirudh says he will have to get strict with the buddies as this was not right. He apologizes to Maya on behalf of the buddies. He’s leaving, but Maya stops him and suggests to leave past in past. They can try to be friends again. She kisses him on cheek and says they will come on date when he’s ready. She leaves. Anirudh cannot believe what just happened. The buddies are extremely happy.

Later, the buddies are wondering what Anirudh would be going through. Anirudh is lost in thoughts and wonders how come Maya suddenly became so sweet.

Next day, the buddies are doing fest preparations. A boy comes to Kiya and suggests adding an Indian program in the fest. Kiya talks rudely and refuses saying there is no extra space.

Maya comes and she’s blushing. She goes to the buddies and says she went somewhere last night and knows who arranged that meeting. She then tells not to feel bad as she might have done same thing if she was on their place. The buddies are happy. However, Maya tells them to let her and Anirudh decide their future now. She has already decided and is waiting for Anirudh’s answer. She asks them to respect his decision regardless what it may be. Maya leaves. The buddies are celebrating and Kiya then sees the same boy talking on phone with someone.

Precap: There’s a protest going on outside the college. Anirudh and Maya come out. Anirudh asks what’s the matter. The protesters say the college needs to something traditional as well, instead everything western.

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