The Buddy Project 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th February 2013 Written Update

JJ continues with his lecture and the buddies are all ashamed. He asks them, what do they want to do with their life? He goes to Kiya and says, you want to be a singer. Why? Just cuz your sister is one. And Samar, sorry. Samar Pratab Singh. He’s a noble, not some sweet shop owner’s son, what does he have to worry about? Ranveer, aah. The flirt. He flirts so nicely, ne? How long will he continue playing the guitar? Piddi. He wants to be a Junglee huh? Why shouldn’t JJ just leave him in the jungle? He’ll fit there well, with his monkey antics on the tree. Panchi. What a nice soul, such a sweet girl, everybody likes her. Just for how long will she continue reacting? When will she take initiatives? And KD..oh, KD Bhai for some. He’s a genius. He uses all his energy to play

pranks, stupid pranks, all of them which fail (this cracked me up ) And Bobby. She dreamed of making a girls football team. What happened to it or was it all talk talk talk. Bobby retorts that it’s not all talk, she’s really passionate about football. JJ looks at her in surprise and asks what did she say? Bobby repeats. JJ asks if that’s so, when was the last time she went to practice. Yesterday, the day before or two days before? Bobby has no answer. JJ continues that they’ll determine her passion for football, right now.

Outside, JJ and Bobby are facing each other. Rest of the buddies are standing behind Bobby in a line. JJ says to prove her passion, Bobby has one minute. If she so much so touches the ball, her passion is true. Bobby doesn’t say anything. JJ asks, what? Passion punctured? This fires Bobby and she says she’s ready. Match start.

Bobby tries to take the ball from JJ but he’s way too good for her. Buddies are silently cheering for Bobby. One minute finishes and Bobby is unsuccessful in her task. She gets tired and the Buddies curse at her loss. JJ says her passion is punctured and kicks the ball in midair. It swishes pass every Buddy’s face dangerously. They all look at JJ apprehensively.

JJ says hard luck to Bobby. Then he goes round all the Junglees saying everyone is a loser like her. A bunch of kids. Juveniles. Ones who are living their life without any direction. The ball is same as time, which is quickly slipping away from them. They don’t realize how much end of school is near to them. Then college, graduation followed by them going on their respective career paths. And then, they’ll remember this day. Remember and regret it. Outside, a ruthless world is waiting for them with arms wide open. There they’ll meet people who’ll make Banga seem like an angel. When they won’t get admission in a good college, they’ll realize that making Banga dance, breaking CCTV Units and faking suicides, was such a waste of time. But it’s clear, they’ve made their choices. So it’s time JJ should go his own way. He can’t keep living in a fool’s world, wishing that they’d all turn over a new leaf. So, all the best Jokers. Try and survive. JJ leaves and the Buddies watch him go in shock. (FANTABULOUS SEQUENCE!! Thank you CVs! YES! This is TBP! THIS IS TBP!! Thank you for taking it back to what you promised us! Oh! How I missed this!! )

YaRa in the car. Both of them respectively thinking of what JJ said to the Buddies in general and to them respectively (If I may, this was such a beautiful shot in the car. The camera angle, specially the way the window slid down and Kiya resting her head on the back of the seat looking outside but thinking about JJ’s words…such awesome cinematography! )

SaChi in school. Samar silently takes his bike and leave, not even glancing at Panchi. Panchi wants to call to him but he’s gone.

KD in his neighbourhood, thinking about JJ’s words of a ruthless world out there and what he said to him about his pranks.

JJ tells NM about Piddi’s suicide attempt. NM sighs that these kids’ brains work in wondrous ways. JJ says it does but only in bad things, in negative works. They are all hopeless. NM says no one better than JJ knows that even Junglee can turn over a new leaf. JJ says dejectedly that it’s right but he paid a heavy price of being a Junglee. He just wishes they all realize their mistakes when there’s still time. He doesn’t want them to live their life under a burden. NM offers him coffee and he sits down. He says that he had NM and Rama Sir in his life as his guiding force but what do these kids have?

Kiya comes back home. Mrs. G and Anya are waiting for her. Mrs. G asks here why did she leave the house without her permission? Anya sneers she must’ve gone to meet her boyfriend. Kiya loudly tells Anya to shut up. Mrs. G raises her hand to hit Kiya but doesn’t do so. Kiya flinches at her mother’s action. Kiya calmly asks why does Mrs. G always listen to Anya, but never her? Mrs. G says because Anya proved herself, she’s an achiever. She’s a singing diva at such a young age. What has Kiya done in her life? Anya says sarcastically that Kiya is also a celebrity, she sang in APC. Kiya looks at her. Mrs.G continues if Kiya wants to be on the same level as Anya, she has to do so many things. Be sincere, do hard work. But Kiya doesn’t get the time because all the day she’s roaming around with her friends, wasting her time. Kiya is reminded of JJ’s words of her wishing to be a singer, just cuz Anya is.

Anya continues that it’s all cuz of Kiya’s bad company in the shape of friends. Like how she was involved with that drug scandal guy. Kiya angrily tells Anya to stay away from her business. Her friends are better than Anya’s. Ooops, Anya doesn’t have friends. Because to be Anya’s friend, one has to be of her status. And Anya’s status is unmatched in the entire world. Anya must be feeling very lonely at the top, ne? Anya gets mad hearing this. Mrs. G takes Anya’s side saying that Kiya is influenced by her low standard friends. Anya says they’ll have to do something about her. Mrs. G says she will punished in a stricter way. Kiya looks at her mother and leaves. Mrs.G calls her and she stops and turns around only to say, Anya is spoiling Mrs. G’s mind and Mrs.G is gladly being persuaded by her. But she (Kiya) doesn’t care anymore. They can do whatever they want. Kiya goes to her room. Mrs.G keeps calling her saying she isn’t finished yet but Kiya doesn’t pay heed. She goes in her room. Anya asks Mrs.G to calm down and not waste her energies in thinking of Kiya, instead she should focus on punishing Kiya. That would set her right. Kiya is hearing all of this. Mrs.G agrees and says how dare Kiya compare herself to Anya. Kiya can never become Anya. Kiya breaks down and starts crying.

Mortgage guy asks Mr.D to pay the installment for the mortgage. Mr.D says but the deal was that the money is to be paid in three months. Mortgage guy says you don’t have the means to pay the money back. It’s better to sell the house to him, he’ll pay them 15% more than market value. KD overhears this and angrily tells mortgage guy off for saying they don’t have means to pay the money back. Mortgage guy says to KD it’s not wise to be so angry when one will be homeless soon. KD angrily shoves him out. Mortgage guy becomes mad and says he’ll have this house, no matter what and leaves. Mr.D scolds KD for acting like this. KD says how dare he say they don’t have means to pay the money. Mr.D says he was right, he (Mr.D) doesn’t have the mean or standard to pay the money back and if KD has then he can gladly pay it all back! KD is shocked.

Precap: A frustrated KD says because of his pranks, his father was troubled. Because of his education, they are on the verge of being homeless. Now, alongside his education, he has to think of ways to earn money. JJ saying to NM he just wishes things turn for the better for Buddies. Banga vows to destroy every Buddy’s career and that would be his sweet revenge.

Update Credit to: Mais

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