The Buddy Project 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 7th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th August 2013 Written Update

Panchi is MAJOR stressed and drinking cold drink pe cold drink on the stairs while Avi is listening to her exam rant. Exam are two days away and she hasn’t done ANYTHING yet. Avi asks her to calm down as even Panchi Rastogi can’t always get 100/100 marks in every exam. Panchi retorts that she does hard work in everything she does and wants to excel in that thing so it’s not a small thing for her. Avi tells her to chill and snatches the drink from her, telling her to stop it. Panchi says she’s very stressed so either he gets her all the proper notes ASAP or he should let her do whatever she is doing. Omi is coming up the stairs and he overhears this. He asks which notes does she want as he has all the notes of last year. Panchi gets super happy and asks when

will he give her the notes. Omi replies by the evening. Excited, Panchi thanks him and hugs him something which Avi obviously doesn’t like. As Panchi is hugging Omi, her back is towards Avi and Omi gives Avi that one enemy wala look and displeased, Avi looks away.

RV is all alone in the classroom and Ruku comes there. She asks him what’s wrong but he avoids the subject. She says she knows him enough to know that something is bothering him but what? RV replies he’s worried about KiSha. They are his Buddies and he can’t see them drift apart. Buddies are the only family he has and if his family is going through trouble, he would also be affected by that (ALLAH!!! Look at the way Ranveer Shergill has grown! I have proud tears in my eyes! All those times that I stood by him when so many were against him…damn! I’m just so proud seeing him like this! MY MAN!!! ) Ruku consoles him that which friends don’t fight? KiSha may be having trouble but that doesn’t mean they’ll break up. They love each other and if their love is strong, they’ll overcome all the hurdles. RV lightens the mood and asks Ruku as if she’s some Guru Maa that what is his path in life? Ruku joins in the joke and replies that his path is taking him to prepare for studies while her path takes her to the library. She turns to leave but RV pulls her close. They are really close (RV’s flirty BG music is playing…the one that used to play in S1 ) RV asks does she now know what’s going through his mind? She replies, “Badtameezi!” and he better get it out of his head else her chappal would most definitely land on his head. RV replies that he was referring to combine study and becomes all dramatic and the world is no longer a place for goodwill. Ruku likes the idea and agrees to study on the condition that they’d only study. RV agrees.
Kiya is prepping for her exams and studying but gets distracted about pre-date excitement and then date fiasco and she ends up crying. Anya comes there and taunts Kiya for crying over her loser boyfriend. She says mom is right, one should always choose a boyfriend which matches their status with character, background and money. Kiya gets mad and retorts that she pities Anya for never having a steady boyfriend cuz she treats boys like mobile phones; always ready for a new model and update. Her star status has made her so arrogant that no good sensible guy is willing to even talk to her. So first, Anya should change herself. And as far as Kiya is concerned, she is fine. Anya promises that Kiya will realize her mistake soon and kick that boy out of her life. Anya leaves behind a thoughtful Kiya.
KD comes to meet Shubh. He says he misses KD and KD says cheerfully that no need to be senti, he would always remain Shubh’s Dada. Shubh asks why doesn’t he live them then? KD says one day when he’ll become a big man, he’d buy a big house and there they will live together. Shubh says their father is fine, he is taking good care of him. He even learned a few household chores and KD hugs him as he is overcome with emotions. Mr.D is listening to all this. KD gets call from the restaurant. The manager tells him to collect his wallet as he left it in their washroom and KD agrees. Shubh asks KD to come meet Mr.D but KD excuses himself as he has some work. He leaves saying he’d come again to meet him.
Piddi sees all his Buddies studying diligently and curses that everyone is too lost in their studies on their own, who would help him?! He helps a girl in carrying her books in the hopes of getting help from her. The girl takes a simple test from Piddi but he screws up all the questions. The girl gets mad and tells him cut it out. Piddi in turn asks her some ridiculous questions and moves to leave. JJ is there and he answers all the questions. JJ tells him that all these questions won’t help him in exams so he better pull his socks up as right now, it feels like he is preparing to fail rather than pass.
Piddi overhears a few guys planning to get the exam papers. He tells them to share the paper with him or he would complain against them. The guy says fine, rate is 5k per paper. Piddi can’t afford it so the guy tells him that he’d have to help them steal the paper. Piddi agrees reluctantly. Steal gonna happen tonight, he won’t back out, right? Piddi says to himself if he backs out right now, he’d always remain the last. No matter if he has steal but he will reach the top.

Precap – Boys are partying in front of a bonfire when one guy catches fire. KD saves the guy. He gets in the fight with the partying guys saying there’s only one way to teach them a lesson. They are about to fight but Omi breaks them loose. KD is in his room studying and the boys gather all around him.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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