The Buddy Project 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 6th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th September 2013 Written Update

KD and RV tell Kiya that it was Piddi who told them about her secret and not Panchi. Kiya gets angry on Piddi and tries to chase him but he runs away. She feels sad for unneccessarily giving attitude to Panchi. Panchi is sitting in the canteen . She STTC that she is already upset and to top it, Kiya is giving her attitude thinking that she was the one who exposed her secret. She also says that why don’t they get that she’s upset already? Kiya comes there and keeps a chocolate pastry in fron of her which has ” Sorry ” written on it. Kiya apologizes for being rude and Panchi forgives her. The Buddies then sit together and think about JJ’s gift again. KD suggests that they should decorate his cabin. All others agree on this and separate to collect the things. RV goes

with Panchi, Piddi with Rukmini and Kiya with KD. RV and Panchi in the car, RV asks her why is she so upset? She tells him everything about Avi and her.How she started the loyalty test on him and how he failed badly. He asks her if she is okay. She assures him that although she doesn’t feel good right now, she will handle it fine by herself.

ICC. The buddies go to JJ’s cabin to decorate it, Piddi leading them. He tries entering the cabin, but JJ is already in the cabin and tells him to come in.He asks what does he want? Piddi makes an excuse runs away from there . Buddies are in the canteen and blame piddi for coming late due to which their plan got ruined. Panchi tells them to stop this blame game and think about JJ’s gift. Chintu is overhears this and tells them that gift and all is so common! Teacher’s Day is a platform for students to express how they feel about their teacher. He tells them to think properly about this.

JJ is walking and suddenly runs into Avi. Avi tells him that he is sorry for his behavior in the past. He knew JJ was right and that he isn’t proud of what he did either. He apologises him . JJ says that he has already forgotten all about it and tells him to forget it too. He forgives him. Avi wishes JJ Happy Teacher’s Day and JJ hugs him. After Avi leaves, Dean comes running to JJ and complains that he will suspend his students. He caught them stealing chairs, tables and stuff from his office without his permission. He takes JJ to dark place. Suddenly, the spotlight is turned on ,focussing Panchi. She tells them that they are now in a time machine which will take them through a rollercoaster of emotions. The buddies enact the good royal days. The first Ransh faceoff, kiya being mean to Panchi , Piddi and his antics. And not to forget, Stoneface and Chicklet fighting, and RV the Casanova! Panchi then announces that among all enters a man in suit piece. JJ’s entry is shown, with Piddi playing JJ. The buddies plotting against him and locking him up in the washroom. Panchi then says that at that time, they hadn’t the slightest idea that this suit piece would be master of them all. He would be a even bigger Junglee than them. He had weird ways to deal with them, and one of the master stroke was “The Buddy Project”. (Ah, the memories )

Precap: The buddies telling the importance of a teacher in the life, one who is with them, always no matter what. JJ gets emotional and they have a group hug. A new guy enters ICC . He spies on Kisha when they are talking in the locker room, and gets angry seeing it. (Another new entry? )

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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