The Buddy Project 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 6th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Kiya entering college and talking on the phone saying ‘where are you? I reached college’, just then Panchi who was standing in the corridor taps her and says even she reached cutting the call, Kiya tells her she thought she must have left for class, Panchi says how could she since Kiya Gujral told her to wait, she then asks Kiya what is the matter
Kiya congratulates her and Panchi thanks her and asks why, Kiya says because she is representing Imperial for the Miss Vista Contest and she’s very proud of her, Panchi tells her she wasn’t sure how Kiya would react after this news as everyone were expecting it to be her and even in Royal she was the first choice always
Kiya tells her that was only in music and in Imperial there are so many big challenges and

such challenges only she can handle them, Panchi thanks her, Kiya then tells her that when she came to know about this contest she was a little bit jealous since she said she(Kiya) was always the first choice in Royal so she got the bad habit
She then says that she later realized that she couldn’t handle this challenge and the one who truly deserves it is her Panchi, she then hugs Panchi and wishes her all the best, Panchi thanks her (awww this scene was soo adorable)
RV is outside some class looking around, he watches a couple enter and Panchi comes from behind and hits him, RV jumps and says hello, Panchi asks him what is he doing here as he has an Entertainment class right now which is in another class, Panchi then asks him excitedly he has his movie appreciation class today right
RV looks at her stunned and says is she a psycho stalker, even he doesn’t know so much about his timetable how much she knows, Panchi raises her one eye and stares at him, RV asks her why is she looking like that and then says he just had to give something to Rukmini so he was standing here(ab aaya asli baat bahar)
Just then Rukmini comes towards the class RV stops her midway and hands her a book saying ‘ismei hai mere aam ke vichaar’ and laughs himself, he then says he wrote his thoughts on her thoughts and asks her to write her thoughts on his thoughts and give it back to him or else they can sit together and think it all out
Panchi looks at them confused, Rukmini looks through the book, RV praises himself for being so thoughtful since he mentioned ‘thought’ in one sentence 6 tyms, Rukmini gives him the look, RV tells her when they sit and talk about this he promises to talk only about the radio, Rukmini says she will meet him in the canteen at 2
RV thanks her and Rukmini was about to leave when RV stops her and tells her the direction to canteen, he then goes on saying that he is telling her all that because she must have not seen anything apart from the library, Rukmini looks at him angrily, RV tells her to keep her chappal with her he will meet her in the canteen, Rukmini leaves
RV looks after her and takes his bag from Panchi which he hanged on her and says bye and was about to leave when Panchi stops him and asks if Rukmini is in her class, RV says yeah, Panchi says she doesn’t look like a fresher, RV winks at her and says she isn’t, Panchi looks confused and RV sees the teacher coming he quickly tells Panchi he will tell her later and runs off, Panchi calls after him but stops seeing the sir and enters the class
In another class everyone is watching a movie sleepily, RV enters the class followed by KD and apologizes the teacher and takes their seat, RV takes his seat, KD looks around for a seat to see the place next to Kiya empty, Kiya looks at the empty seat beside her and then back at KD, the teacher asks KD what will he take to sit down and indicates him to take his seat
While Piddi is busy sleeping, RV is busy with his phone, KD and Kiya look at each other, KD smiles at her and she smiles back(with tujhko jo paya bg music aaahh KiSha they are soo effing cutee), KD goes back to watching the movie, Kiya asks KD why was he watching her videos that day(Omg she is still on that questionlooks like she wants her imaginations to come real awww), KD looks at her and says hesitating that he was talking to Nawab and was missing the Royal days so that’s why he was watching it (aahh bad timing Kiya should have cornered him and asked in an abandoned place)
KD then asks her if she made any new songs, Kiya confused says no, KD advices her she should make new songs, she is so talented she shouldn’t let it go waste, they stare at each other until the teacher switches on the light and all wake up
The teacher greets them good morning and says lets see who watched the movie and who slept off, he points at KD and asks him to tell his own interpretation about this movie, KD looks lost and RV looks at him and then speaks up saying ‘ye film neend na aaneki bimari ka shartya illaaj hai’, everyone starts laughing and the sir asks confused what does he mean
RV was about to answer the meaning when KD speaks up that the tiltle of the movie should be named as ‘Neend ki Goli’, KD smiles and RV turns back his head and smiles too(OMG what was that… damn RanSh were like aaahhh soo adorable), KD then says that whatever happened in this movie happens in a teaser of a film nowdays, Kiya smiles
The teacher exaggerates and tells him it’s a classic movie and a great one and then gives up and tells KD he wouldn’t understand and tells him to sit down, he then tells RV to get up and asks him what did he like the most in this movie, RV says Kareena’s dance, the teacher says ok and then looks back at him shocked, everyone starts laughing
The teacher tells him Kareena isn’t there in this movie, KD and Kiya start laughing as RV tells that not in the movie but he was watching Kareena’s video on his cell, Teacher asks shocked he was watching video, he then starts warning both KD and RV when KD gets up and says its more entertaining then the film, everyone starts laughing, RV looks at KD and turns back smiling, he then says to the teacher that this movie is total bakwas, everyone laughs and teacher was about to say something to them when the bell rings and he leaves (OMG OMG RanSh totally nailed it hahaha it was soo funny and cute both together no hatred, no anger, aaahhh when will they get back to being buddies)
RV bids him bye smiling, he looks back at KD and then leaves smiling, Kiya tells RV he was too funny and it was fun, RV asks for coffee and Kiya says sure and they both were about to leave when KD calls RV and thanks him
RV says its ok, Kiya smiles, RV says even he did the same so they are even and pats him, both stare at each other, Kiya Piddi look at them tensed, KD leaves off pist off while RV tries to say something, Piddi follows calling out KD
At the canteen RV is sitting with hand on his head saying to Kiya he knows what sense KD takes such talks in but still he has to say the wrong thing, Kiya consoles him and says he cant do anything as the problem lies in KD’s understanding and says he needs to moveon and maybe hopefully with time that will happen
Piddi calls after KD who runs off from him, Piddi clashes with Avantika while going down the stairs, Avantika keeps saying sorry while putting something in Piddi’s pocket, Piddi says ‘nothing nothing’ and runs away from her calling out to KD, Avantika calls out Piddi irritated and goes after him
Kiya laughs watching them on the stairs, she becomes happy and thinks they are so cute
At the adda Omi tells his chillar boys that dean has agreed for the Radio, and now he will tell the dean to put up a big flat tv in the hostel too, the chillar guy agrees and says Deepika’s legs also don’t come full in the small tv, KD comes there irritated and tells Omi he needs his help
Omi tells him his bhai is always ready and asks to say what help does he need, KD tells him he needs to earn money and needs to do it right now, he tells Omi until he doesn’t earn those money he cant take those matters out of his mind
Omi says but they did talk about the software thing, KD says yes be it any website or apps he wants to do something that… he then stops midway and goes in fb of a man’s words about making the platform for himself as no one cares about new talent, then goes into fb of Avi telling Omi about internet power, and then fb of his and Shubh who asks him to make a facebook account for him, KD tells him he doesn’t have one, Shubh asks him what is he doing, KD says he is working, Shubh asks what work, KD tells him he is making a website for uploading music videos
Kiya’s video starts playing and chotu asks KD who is this, KD says a singer, Shubh says a whole website for a singer and asks if it’s a special friend, KD says no she is just a college friend and this website is for all new singers, he isn’t mad to make one website for one singer(Jhoota kahika), Shubh pats and says no he isn’t laughing and runs off (hahaha how cuteee love the way Shubh teased hehe)
Omi clicks in front of KD’s face to bring him back out of his fb and asks him what lost and found is going on in his mind, KD says JJ always says right, Omi makes a face and asks where did JJ come from, KD thinks about JJ’s words after bb match and then tells Omi he has a business opportunity but one problem to earn money through that will take time, on the other hand Piddi who is standing behind listening, Avantika stands near the gate with earphones on trying to hear everything KD says
KD says whatever work it is, events or anything it will all work for him he just needs a job, Omi tells him not to worry he is there, KD thanks him while Avantika smiles happily while Kiya watches Avantika and Piddi from behind Avantika
Kiya to the camera: lyrics and tune is perfect now she just needs to get the two together
She looks again at the two and calls the camera: both are so cute, don’t worry Kiya is there, now she will send the two for a perfect date
Kiya runs after Piddi calling him while he tries to run away(damn these two are soo cutee and funny aaahh i luv the cv’s for giving their scenes almost everyday)until Kiya catches him and says he is such a riot he was running away from her (putting hands on her hips), Piddi says becoz she always sits with the stupid Avantika topic with him, Kiya drags him to sit down and says she needs to tell him something
She then says Avantika likes Piddi, Piddi looks at her and says ‘really ok ok’ and starts laughing, Kiya looks at him confused, Piddi says just like how knife likes watermelons and cats loves mouse that’s how she likes him, he is her favorite prey
Kiya hits her head and says no and informs him that she was standing in the adda staring at him from half an hour, Piddi looks at her shocked, Kiya tells him to think that she talks so sweetly with him did he ever see her talk to anyone else so sweetly, Piddi thinks and Kiya says no right and talks dramatically, she herself saw the way Avantika looks at him
Piddi comes out of the his thoughts and says if she likes him then why does she keep hitting him, Kiya tells him to get his attention, Kiya further goes on that she just wants to keep his attention to her only, and explains him she is a different type of girl so she uses unique methods to grab his attention
Piddi considers it, Kiya tells him to think that does she ever disturb KD or RV or her, she makes a face thinking why her and says leave her, Kiya says she only disturbs him cause she likes him, Piddi goes off in to dreamland as Kiya whispers that she only thinks about him and only talks about him
Piddi gets up and walks off dreamily and Kiya says to think, Kiya breathes (OMG damn Bharti’s expressions are soo adorable hahaha she was luking soo cutee brainwashing Piddi)
Kiya to the camera: Phase 1 is complete, Piddi will never ask Avantika for a date and if he comes ot know Avantika asked him for a date then he will go for sure, now she has to think how will Avantika go for a date

Precap: KD tells Kiya that the tune she was humming in the corridor that day was beautiful and says she should definitely compose a song on it, Kiya smiles and says thanks and KD smiles at her, Kiya walks off blushing while KD watches after her smiling (bg- ishq wala love) (Awww YAYAYAYA KiSha tomorrow)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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