The Buddy Project 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 6th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th February 2014 Written Update

Shiva’s father takes Shiva with him accusing Piddi trying to make her run again. He says they will direct meet on the ground now.

KD is worried about the match tomorrow. He tells Kiya that Piddi found a girl after so long and he doesn’t want him to lose her. Kiya tells him everything will be fine.

Harsh informs Ranbir that he will leave after they win kabaddi match tomorrow. Ranbir says he will miss him a lot. Harsh feels lucky that he found such friends who changed him, and now he will be able to face his father who used to have problem with Harsh’s attitude.

Piddi is sleepless in night and keeps getting nightmares about kabaddi match.

It’s morning finally and everything is set for the kabaddi match. Shiva’s dad arrives with his team and Shiva. Piddi and others get nervous seeing their size. Anirudh gives them confidence and the match starts.

Piddi’s team starts terribly. Shiva cannot see it and goes somewhere. Kiya also gets worried seeing KD struggling. Anirudh stops her from going to him. He says he wants the boys to fight and break Shiva’s dad’s ego. Piddi’s team slowly starts picking up. Shiva’s dad gets mad at his team members. He doesn’t find Shiva there and goes to check. Piddi continues playing in spite of blood flowing from his hand.

Shiva mixes some powder in water and asks the guy to make sure other team members get that water. Her dad sees her and asks if she’ll do cheating now. Shiva asks him if it’s not cheating to send monster size players against Piddi and his team. Her dad doesn’t listen to her and drags her outside.

He comes out and says the match is cancelled now. Everyone is shocked. He shocks everyone more saying he won’t find any better guy than Piddi for Shiva. He knew that when Piddi brought Shiva back to the college and from this match. He never expected Piddi’s team to win, he just wanted to examine Piddi. And he passed his test.

Precap: Shiva’s father invites Piddi’s friends for a ceremony. In next scene, Piddi is about to romance Shiva, and a baby cries. Shiva tells Piddi to stop junior Piddi from crying.

Update Credit to: JD

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