The Buddy Project 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 6th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th February 2013 Written Update

KD and RV in the car. RV is driving and KD glances at him (oooh! they are looking so s*xayy ) KD says if this becomes a police case, it’d be hell. RV adds then everyone will know what happened at the party. KD taunts if RV is so worried about everyone knowing what happened at the party, then why does he do something so inappropriate in the first place? RV tells him off that he doesn’t want to argue now, all he’s saying that if police is involved, all the parents will find out everything and then it’d be trouble for them. Not to forget that Banga won’t let this chance slip away as well. RV is frustrated. He says that she went to the party with KD, she was his responsibilty. If he couldn’t take care of her, why did he make her his partner in the first place? KD calmly

tells him off that he is thinking something and doesn’t have time for RV’s nonsense.

KD calls Piddi but due to weak signals, the voice isn’t clear. He makes RV stop the car and gets out. Once out, he asks Piddi did he check the car? Piddi replies that he did, there’s only a dent in the front but it’s an old one. KD elaborates did he check the car’s booth? It could be that Juhi might’ve gotten there. Piddi says how is that possible? KD says it could be. Juhi was drunk and last time was spotted in parking area doing strange things. Piddi is persuaded and he checks the car. But Juhi isn’t there. KD asks him to find out who else took the car to the party, from their class? Piddi informs just him and RV. KD disconnects and asks RV to open the booth of the car. RV asks what’s this about but KD just tells him to do so. RV obliges. The booth is empty.

RV gives him an obviously “you are retarded” look and KD explains that he thought Juhi might’ve gotten into someone’s car as she was drunk. RV rolls his eyes but doesn’t say anything and they sit in the car. Once seated, KD looks back.

*hold your breathe*

Juhi’s lying on the car’s floor.

KD rushes back towards her and checks her pulse. She’s just sleeping. They sprinkle water of her and she wakes up. They breathe a sigh of relief. They make her sit up and ask if she’s alright. Juhi’s still a little drunk and says what a party! Beaming at them, she wishes them a Happy New Year before noticing her surroundings. She exclaims it’s morning and she’s still out?! Her mother would kill her! What are they doing on road? Why are they here? WHERE ARE THEY!? She is worried. KD is putting up with all this but RV is trying his very hard not to either roll his eyes, facepalm himself or smack her. KD consoles her that it’s alright, he’ll call JJ not to inform the police. She’s fine.

Juhi’s confused. JJ? Police? What’s happening? KD says he’ll explain everything, she should calm down. KD gets out to call. Juhi again asks what happened? Why is police being informed? RV snaps at her that it’s all because she got lost. He scolds her that does she have idea what she has done? She slept in his car without telling anyone. Now, her parents are worried sick about her, about to file a missing complaint so all the best. Juhi starts crying and says she’s sorry. KD comes back. He tells her that he informed her parents, they are fine now. Juhi keeps crying and RV angrily tells her to shut up. KD rebukes RV for this saying how Juhi is already upset. KD consoles Juhi that all’s well. Juhi hugs him and says no, it’s not. She did such a stupid thing. Everyone must be worried sick cuz of her. KD hugs her again to calm her down saying everything’s alright now. Juhi says it isn’t fine. She was so said that she lost all her senses. Even her FB isn’t working. RV throws his hands in exasperation at this. Juhi can’t even update her status, waiting to be killed by mother! KD says no one will tell her parents that she was drunk. He’ll make some excuse to save her from trouble. RV can’t take this anymore and turns around to sit properly in his seat. Juhi cheers up at KD’s promise and says that he should make a grand excuse to save her. RV turns around and says with a sarcastic smile if their small talks are finished, can they leave? People are waiting for them. KD goes to sit in front. Smiling, Juhi tells RV not to be upset, she’ll mention his name in her FB status as well. “Saved by Ranveer and KD.” RV smiles and says no thanks. (This is such a hilarious scene! RV’s expression at her infinite blondness are EPIC! )

They reach RA. Seeing Juhi alright, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Juhi is reunited with her parents. JM ask what happened? Where was she? KD takes the lead and lies that Juhi was getting tired and sleepy at party so slept at the party venue, at a corner. She told him but he couldn’t understand due to loud music. Then, someone put a lot of chairs there so they couldn’t see her and they thought she returned home with her school friends. JJ is looking KD keenly as he lies. KD apologizes but JF forgives him. KD gives Juhi a reassuring glance. Juhi apologizes to her parents and JJ who happily forgive her, seeing that she’s alright. Bobby goes and hugs Juhi. Panchi steps forward to say something but Juhi pointedly tells her parents that she’s tired. They leave and Panchi is hurt.

JJ cheerfully says that thank God it’s over. Juhi is back safe and sound, though she seems tired. He asks how was the party? Seeing his earnest eagerness, Piddi blabbers that it was awesome and rocking but then gets reminded of JJ’s slap and shuts up. JJ goes to him and says he knows how rocking the party was smelling the stench on his clothes. He coldly scolds them that they think they are all so cool if they attend such parties. And KD. How bluntly he lied to Juhi’s parents. He’s so proud of him. Did he know how to lie before or he learned it here? But how stupid is he to ask that. Lying is Buddies’ area of expertise. That’s why they cleanly lied about Piddi’s suicide drama. Panchi, Kiya are shocked hearing this. KD and RV are shocked that JJ knows. Bobby, Samar are guilty and Piddi is acting like a monkey.

Vats asks a peon where the buddies are. He tells him. Vats makes a move to spy on them.

JJ asks Piddi who knew about the suicide drama? KD confesses that the boys did. JJ asks what did Piddi gain by this drama? Vats is overhearing all of this. JJ scolds that all they got was that the strict rules were lifted. Banga is wrong but they aren’t right either. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And that when you point a finger at someone, the rest of the fingers are pointing back at you. Discipline is not meant for them because they thing breaking rules will make them cool. Doing this will make them famous in the eyes of equally dumb students like them. Fantastic!

JJ asks KD why did Banga want to expel him? He then asks Kiya. He says that he knows she knows everything so out with it, he wants to know. Kiya confesses that they all sabotaged the CCTV Unit. It was KD’s idea, executed by Samar, Piddi and RV. JJ chuckles that KD is a creative genius, more like a destructive one. He makes them all follow him to his office. Vats smirks knowing everything.

Vats call Banga saying that Piddi didn’t commit suicide. Banga says he knows that, that’s why it’s called an attempt. Vats tells him, he didn’t even attempt. It was all drama. They made a fool out of Banga. Vats felt bad. Just because someone looks like a fool, doesn’t mean they have to treat him like one. Vats very mad. Banga should do something, he is made out like a fool. Vats doesn’t like anyone calling Banga a fool and an idiot and a foolish baldy and a dollophead! Banga shuts him up and disconnects.

JJ takes them to the trophy room and asks what is the stuff surrounding them. They whisper, trophies. JJ tells them to speak louder and Samar says aloud, trophies. JJ points to two boards asking do they know what this is? It’s the list of achievers from RA, the ones who achieved great things and RA is proud of them. Buddies are ashamed. JJ says he wanted their name to be on the list as well but alas…all they are interested is in a cat and dog game with Banga. Do they even know what they want to do with their life? All are speechless and dunno what to say.

Precap – JJ kicks a ball and it flies straight in front of the Buddies’ faces. He tells them, this ball is their time which is running fast. Two years will be gone, then college and then career life. He can’t keep existing in a fool’s world thinking they’ll turn over a new leaf. He’s on his own way now. JJ leaves them standing and exits RA.

Update Credit to: Mais

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