The Buddy Project 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th March 2014 Written Update

Everyone is doing fest preparations. Maya and Anirudh bump into each other and Anirudh catches her in his arms. Both have an eyelock. The buddies are pleased to see that.

Later, Maya, Panchi, Ranveer, and Anirudh are in a conference room. Panchi asks Maya how much sugar she wants in her tea. Maya is busy on her phone and doesn’t respond. Anirudh makes tea for her and asks Panchi to give it to her. Maya says perfect and thanks Panchi. Panchi says it’s Anirudh who made it. Maya thanks Anirudh. Maya then changes the topic and asks Panchi where other buddies are. Others arrive and Maya gets mad at them for coming late. Anirudh supports Maya. Ranveer thinks if they are making a mistake by brining Anirudh and Maya closer.

Kiya is practicing dance with other girls. Maya comes

there and gets mad at Kiya as she is still not getting it right. Kiya says it’s difficult step so it’s taking time. Maya says if she’s finding this difficult, then what will happen in future. Anirudh watches all this. Maya shows the dance steps to Kiya and asks her to follow it.

The boys show dresses to Maya. Maya says she will want someone to try it. No girls are there, so Ranveer and KD look at Piddi. Piddi comes out in girls dress and everyone laughs at him. Maya just leaves from there.

Anirudh follows her and asks her why she’s getting mad at the students. They will learn as time passes. Maya says she likes everything to be perfect and cannot do any compromise. She tells him that he should have known this. Anirudh says he knows more about her and she behaves like this only when she’s in emotional dilemma. Maya says she’s changed now and leaves from there.

Sheeba returns and gives a surprise to Piddi. Piddi asks her about her dad. Sheeba says she made excuses and stopped him for coming here for few days. Piddi is relieved. Sheeba tells him to talk to his mum before it’s too late. Piddi says he will talk once he gets a chance.

Next day, Anirudh and Maya meet. The buddies come there and suggest Maya to have tickets for an event. Maya opposes it and Anirudh supports Maya. KD says their thoughts match so much and they are lucky to have both of them guiding them. Anirudh says he has some work and leaves. Maya too says she has to make a phone call. Both Maya and Anirudh look at each other before leaving.

The buddies are happy to see closeness between Maya and Anirudh. They plan to execute phase 2 now which is to send Maya and Anirudh on a date.

Precap: Piddi, KD, Kiya come to Anirudh to ask him how Piddi should tell his mum about his marriage. They drop something and take KD’s phone. They send message to Maya saying they should meet up. Maya seems happy.

Update Credit to: JD

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