The Buddy Project 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th July 2013 Written Update

Kiya is really eager to listen what KD had to say and KD is pretty hesitant to say it (the music! GOD! Chalo, at least our main couple is finally getting some unforgettably beautiful music! ) KD musters up the courage and starts with, “I…” but he keeps on repeating this “I” and Kiya is all but shaking him to say those three words! Ultimately, KD ends up apologizing. Kiya sighs and asks why? KD makes up the excuse that he left the library in a hurry, that’s why he’s sorry. And again, turns and rushes away. But this time, Kiya is not in the mood to be left hanging in between and calls for him to stop. She goes to him and says she wants to say something. But of course, she’s KD’s life partner and they are twin flames, how can she be any different than him? She also ends

up losing the courage and saying it was nothing. KD says ok and leaves. Behind him, Kiya curses and STTC how can she just say it? She’s a girl who believes in old school romance. And she wants the guy to take the first step? But when will KD take the first step anyway?! (aww! there there )

RanShPi together in class and RV is scolding KD for always acting like a diesel car in winter morning whenever he faces Kiya i.e. always stammering and saying nothing ahead of “I…I” How will he propose if this keeps on? KD replies if he knew, wouldn’t he have already done that? RV says but they have to do something! KD says right now he can’t figure anything out so just leave the topic. Piddi asks if they are done, can he speak? When given permission Piddi says at least the two of them have one girl or the other to accompany them to the party but he (Piddi) has no one! He’ll be alone at such a romantic place and Piddi starts crying crocodile tears. RanSh look at each other with a glow of realization on their faces and KD exclaims it’s a brilliant idea! RV chuckles evilly and asks KD to come with him. Piddi, the ever eternal kabab mein haddi, stops them and demands where they are going and what idea? They are laughing at him, aren’t they ashamed!? RV just slaps him and tells him to shut up and takes KD to a more silent corner. KD whispers to RV that the Ball is the perfect place to propose to Kiya. RV agrees and says but this should be kept a secret. Piddi is only interested in his problem and asks loudly if they’ll help him or not? RV says that KD will solve Piddi’s problem as for himself, he has to go meet someone. And he leaves after giving Piddi another slap () Piddi says behind him that RV has never an interest in his (Piddi’s) issues and asks KD what they were talking about by blackmailing him with the “Bhai nahin ho mere?” threat. KD agrees to tell on the condition that Piddi will keep it a secret and Piddi swears to do so. KD tells Piddi the plan and Piddi gets excited! He tells KD to forsake this action hero look and don a more romantic avatar and leaves from there aping SRK’s famous stammer only he’s saying Kiya instead of Kiran.

RV is sitting alone in the canteen with a VERY wide grin on his face. Panchi comes there and asks him why is he smiling like that? RV says it’s nothing and Panchi just raises her eyebrow and asks will he actually lie to her? RV has no answer to this and Panchi asks him to spill. He makes her promise she won’t tell anyone and tells her the plan (don’t they know? Two can keep a secret only if the whole town is dead!! YE KAISA SECRET HAI?!?!) When he’s done, Panchi squeals in excitement loudly and he tells her to tone it down and they both fangirl together (they are so cute!!!! )

Well, Panchi tells it all to a friend of hers and she tells to someone else and then to someone else and it’s no longer a secret. Gits.

Chillar Gang sans the leader is sitting and tasting some drug. TD asks who will bring huge amount of the drug (Babaji Ki Booti) to the party? Just then, Piddi, lost in his own melancholic thoughts, comes there and TD asks what’s wrong with him? They make him sit down and tell what’s wrong? Piddi tells them he’d be all alone at the party when everyone else would have a partner. C2 says for guys like themselves, there’s only one way to enjoy the party. TD adds by BKB! With that there’s a storm of enjoyment. And after which no GF matter, all fun comes from within. Piddi says but it’s not right and C2 jokes it’s not good for kids (oh well, it’s peer pressure. It happens all around…I can’t even be angry ) Piddi says what’s kiddish about it? C2 says the choice is his, does he want to remain sad without a GF or happy? TD says Piddi can’t do it and C2 agrees saying it’s a man’s job (TOU KHUD KARO! Stupid Piddi! Hamesha garbar karta hai!! ) Piddi gives in saying he’ll also do it and they cheer his approval. C2 asks but who will bring it for everyone? It’s a courageous job and who has the most courage here? Piddi takes the bait and says he’ll take it for everyone! (*facepalm*)

The Raid Wala Policeman (RWP) tells Mr.D that many college parties now involve drugs. Such a party is happening in ICC tomorrow and they’ll raid that party. Mr.D gets worried hearing this. Screen splits between him and RanShPi talking and having fun.

A shot of ICC and all the youngsters. “Party Day” is here.

JJ saying a monologue. Today is The Party (because it’s THE party! TP!!) Panchi is coming but she’s confused about who to choose from Omi and Avi? JeeMi are also coming but mostly to find out who is she going to choose? KD is coming for Kiya and Kiya for KD. Who knows the proposal might happen here? As for JJ, he’s going for his secret friend but he doesn’t know if she’ll come or not? KD reads a message, “tonight will be a memorable party. looking forward to it.” Yes, she’s coming which means, even JJ is coming…oh and BTW! Ranveer’s status is “Not Sure” cuz Rukmini’s status is…

RV asking Mini why won’t she come to the party? Mini replies she doesn’t go to such places. RV retorts TP isn’t happening at some war zone so she better be there! Mini asks why should she come? RV doesn’t immediately reply to this and leans in closer to her and says he wants to go to ball dance to her. He pulls her closer and says he wants to dance with her! Brings her closer still and says he wants to get closer to her. And like everything nice, it was also a fantasy. Mini clicks her fingers in front of his face to bring him out of his thoughts and asks why is he staring at her like that? (Tukur tukur dekhna) RV laughs at her word choice and says she should come as something really exciting is going to happen there. She asks what and he replies that she can come and witness on her own? Mini says then she won’t come! RV is shocked at this and she explains that he should just say it else she’ll think he lied to get her at TP. RV sighs helplessly and agrees to tell her on the condition of keeping it a promise. He leans in closer and whispers it all in her ear…Mini is shown a bit shy wala uncomfortable at the proximity. When he’s done, she compliments it all and adds it’s a disappointment she won’t be able to see it as she ain’t coming. RV gets frustrated at this and tries to persuade her but she leaves saying she needs to meet the teacher.

Panchi comes there and sees RV’s dejected face. She asks him what’s wrong and he pouts that Mini isn’t coming to the party. To which Panchi just says, “LE! That’s it?” and rushes to Mini to stop her from walking away. She asks Mini what is she going to wear at the party? Mini says she ain’t coming cuz she can’t adjust well in such places. Panchi says she’ll be with her, she will adjust! She won’t leave Mini alone. RV is looking at the girls eagerly. Mini says she can’t adjust and doesn’t even know what to wear? Panchi says Kiya will handle that! Now that her reservations are solved, will she come? Mini gives in and Panchi winks and gives RV a thumbs up. Mini leaves after agreeing. RV comes rushing there but not to talk to Panchi, but to follow Rukmini while Panchi is just left like a forever alone (too adorable! waise ek baat bataoun? Ever since the clarification has come out, somehow RaHi seem like only friends now! Matlab, pehle jo subtle se hints mil jaate the…ab tou wo bhi nahin hain! Le! Ye shuru se hi karte tou hum kitni takleef se bach jaate sadistic peoples ) Panchi STTC everyone’s problems are being solved except for hers. She hasn’t chose her dance partner yet and no one seems to care!

She is standing and sulking when someone taps on her shoulder. VOILA! It’s her very own NONU! (ALLAAAHHH!!!! End game or not! No one and nothing can take away my feels which I get seeing them!!! ) He asks her what’s bothering her? Panchi happily STTC at least Nonu cares and actually THANKS the God for this! (Little Miss Angel ) RV engulfs her in a half hug and asks what’s wrong? Panchi hesitates and throws away his arm saying nothing. RV sighs and says they are best buddies, she solved his problem and now he’ll do the same for her! She tells him she is confused who to choose as her DP? Avi or Omi? RV smirks and says she’s gotten spoiled for choices and teasingly nudges. She just hits him and tells him to suggest her something! RV gets deep in thought and sits down while Panchi just becomes restless at his delay. While thinking, RV says there’s a problem. He never studied boys so deeply to actually form an opinion on them (oh God! My Man! ) Panchi sits next to him and says he must’ve studied two girls in detail, right? RV happily nods. Panchi asks so what will he do if he had to choose from them? RV says he’ll compare. What? Vital Stats! Panchi hits him at this and begs him to help her! RV tells her to compare! It’s Avi on one side and Omi on other, right? So make notes on them. Their pros, cons etc etc. He will tell her about Avi and KD will tell her about Omi, simple! Panchi likes the idea and tells him to start!

Cut to KD telling her Omi is a “yaaron ka yaar!” Great guy!

Avi is a gem of a person! He can do anything for his friends.

(I get a feeling this isn’t going to help much )

Omi is a little less sophisticated but he’s changing. Dunno why but there seems to a softer side to him. He has changed.

Avi was a bit arrogant first but he’s gotten sweeter now. Maybe for you! No, RV actually said that

Note making continues and Panchi gets MORE confused than ever!

KiyAn walking together. Kiya walks ahead and since Panchi is lost in her thoughts, she is slow. She STTC that she’s too confused! JeeMi both have good qualities, who to choose?! The more she thinks, the more confused she gets. Kiya comes to her and says they have to leave, change and get back here! They’ll be late. Panchi agrees and says they have to pick Mini as well.

At Rastogi Residence. Kiya is getting Mini ready and Panchi asks Kiya what is she going to wear tonight? (GIRLY TIME!! *giggles*) Mini says yeah, today is a important day for Kiya. Kiya gets confused and behind Kiya, Panchi shows threatening hand gestures to Mini to not make a mess! Kiya is confused and Mini asks Panchi to tell Kiya (le! cunning girl! )

RV showing his wardrobe to KD and saying it’s okay if KD doesn’t dress up for the Ball but he has to dress for the proposal! So, he can take his pick! (Awww! Sharing clothes!! )

Panchi fixes the mess saying important not for Kiya, but for us all! After so many days Buddies are together so yeah…Mini agrees and Panchi gives her one look, daring her to create further mess () Makeover session continues.

KD chooses a grey vest and it fits him perfectly. RV says he never wore this, it seemed to be waiting for KD in his wardrobe. But Kiya won’t wait forever. So this time, he just has to say it! (It’s like an elder brother sending his younger one to something important, dressing him up and giving tips! So homely! ) KD says they wasted so much time in their enmity. RV replies so what now? Will the waste the time which is left crying over it?

Panchi and Mini are helping Kiya with her look. Kiya asks Mini why wasn’t she agreeing for the party before? Mini replies because not everyone has friends like you two. Kiya has KD, Panchi has RV, Avi and Omi. Panchi jokes to Kiya that someone is trying to steal her (Panchi’s) best friend from her and KiyAn give a meaningful look and throat clearing while looking at Mini. Kiya asks Panchi who will she dance with? Avi or Omi? Panchi goes back in her worried/confused mode.

Panchi replies she’s still in dilemma. Both are her good friends with both having pros and cons. Mini gets up and says the question ain’t who she will dance with? The question is who does she like the best? Omi or Avi? Kiya gets up and says does she remember what JJ used to say? That we all must follow our heart. Kiya says she realized the importance of some people when they were gone from her life. So her piece of advice would be to listen to her heart and always follow it. Mini says her granny used to tell her a story.

Once, a doppelganger of a King appears. They are the same in looks and talks and walks. So how will the Queen choose her real King? If she questioned them, the answers she got were the same from both. Then the Queen looked at carefully but both were identical. Kiya asks so how will the Queen know the real one? Panchi says exactly, she must’ve gotten confused. Mini says no, the Queen blindfolded herself and went to the first King. Then to the other. And as she approached the second King, her heart beat fastened. Our eyes can deceive us, our brain might take us on the wrong path but the heart never lies. It can always recognize its perfect partner. The Mind might not be able to solve any puzzle but the heart always shows the right way. Panchi is thoughtful..

Precap: KD is locked at home by Mr. D and even takes his phone
Piddi goes to a shaddy place and buys something. (Piddi is all casual with an addition of a hat )
At college he sees they are drugs.
Kiya is waiting for someone at the party and KD is helpless as he can’t get out of the room (APC Opening Ceremony style hairstyle and a black strapless dress)
Someone spikes all the drink with those drugs.
The boys drink it, RV is there (WHY DOESN’T HE DRESS UP LIKE HE DID IN TFP?!?! He looked the BEST there…oh well…the red jacket was suiting him, better than green )
He gets dazed seeing Rukmini (she looks more beautiful in open hair, hence proved!)
JeeMi fight and Panchi sees this (SHE LOOKS STUNNING!!!! Green dress, straight hair and her favorite white cap which she wore is MVC…I think she’s too fond of it but it does suit her! )
Avantika and JJ in some dreamy place full of candles.
Police make their way to ICC.
Police arrive there.
Tika almost kisses JJ.
Police is there.
JJ realizes KPD is AVANTIKA!!

Update Credit to: spicySugar..

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