The Buddy Project 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 5th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th February 2014 Written Update

Piddi is completely down in confidence. Everyone encourages him and says they still have a day, they can easily learn kabaddi game in that much time. Harsh and Shiva know how to play kabaddi, they go in separate teams. Harsh tells game rules to everyone and they practice it. Shiva’s dad watches them practicing. They start terribly, but then they get better at it. Shiva gets emotional and runs inside. Kiya follows her.

Shiva tells Kiya that Piddi is doing so much for her. He could simply leave her, instead getting intro all troubles. She wishes her dad could understand her as well. Shiva is hopeless as well about Piddi’s team winning as her dad’s team players play kabaddi everyday and they know the game very well. Other hand, Piddi gains somewhat confidence after practicing

and talking with other buddies. Shiva and Kiya come to a classroom. They talk about the current situation. Kiya shares that her and KD also had to suffer in start of their relationship. They were enemies at first. She tells Shiva, it will take time, but her dad will see a good side of Piddi. Kiya says miracles happen some times. Shiva is still hopeless and she gets an idea to run away from there with Piddi.

Piddi is going to washroom, and Shiva pulls him on a side. She tells him that they will run away and settle down in Nepal. Piddi is not interested, but when Shiva asks him whether he won’t do this for her, he eventually agrees.

Shiva’s bodyguards enter the room and cannot find Shiva there. Shiva’s dad blames Kiya for that. Anirudh interrupts and asks him to think why Shiva runs away again and again. Shiva’s dad asks him not to lecture him, he’s not his student. News come in that Piddi is not found anywhere either. Shiva’s dad tells all buddies and Anirudh that he won’t spare them if it’s found that Piddi ran away with Shiva.

Shiva is very excited for her new life. Piddi brings auto back to the college. Shiva is disappointed. Piddi explains her that it’s not time to run away. If they run away now, they will have to live their entire lives in fear. He says his team may not win, but he will give his best shot. He promises he will win her dad’s heart. They turn and find Shiva’s dad standing there.

Precap: Shiva adds some powder in water and asks the guy to make sure it goes to other team players. She turns and finds her dad standing there.

Update Credit to: JD

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