The Buddy Project 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th February 2013 Written Update

Kiya walks towards the group. RV looks at her and joins her but before saying anything, he looks back at KD. He calls KD “Pajama Chaap” and asks now that Kiya is here, does he have any other thing to say? KD walks away from there with Piddi following him. Rest of the group except YaRa also disperse. RV asks Kiya how did she manage to leave? Flashback mode. Anya snatched the cell phone from Kiya and shut it off. Kiya angrily tells her off that she was in a middle of an important call, her friend is in trouble and she has to help her. Anya smirks that right now, Kiya should think of herself. Kiya is grounded and can’t do anything without her and Mrs.G permission. Kiya points her finger at Anya in a threatening manner and tells her that her friend is in trouble and she will

help her at all costs. Kiya makes a move to leave but Anya blocks her way. Kiya pushes Anya and she falls on bed. Kiya tells her not to control her life and instead, Anya should get her own life. Kiya picks her stuff and leave and Anya angrily says behind her that Kiya will pay for this when she returns. In present, Kiya says to RV she doesn’t want to talk more about it and asks about Juhi. RV tells her no news regarding Juhi.

[my website didn’t have the complete episode so a part is missing here.]

Piddi is outside when he gets a call. It’s Juhi’s mother. He gets worried and says out loud that Juhi’s mother is calling. Samar, Panchi, Bobby join him. The phone keeps ringing. Panchi is scared what to do now. Piddi passes the phone to everyone to answer it no one dare do it. Finally, the call drops. Panchi tells nervously that RV-KD will take atleast 2 hours to reach party venue, till then they have to tell Juhi’s family something. It’s a major problem and she suggests that they better tell the family everything. Piddi retorts is she out of her mind? Major shit will happen if they tell everything to the family! But Panchi says that it’s better to, if they do the family can take care of the crisis in a more mature way. She takes out her phone to call and the other three try to stop her. Samar calms her down saying that if they have to tell, it’s better someone should do it who can break the news in a better way than they ever could. Panchi, Bobby and Piddi ask who is it? Kiya gets up and says calmly, “Jaitley Sir.”

JJ gets a call. He picks it up and wishes Panchi a Happy New Year. He smiles that he wasn’t expecting her call. Then asks is something wrong? Panchi nervously tells him everything that Juhi got drunk in the party and she isn’t back yet. JJ tells her that he’d be there with them soon and till Juhi isn’t found out, no one should move from there. Panchi tells this to everyone and they breathe a sigh on relief.

Buddies are waiting for JJ nervously. A car arrives and JJ gets out. Panchi rushes to tell him that there is no news of KD and RV. But Juhi’s parents also get out of the car. Buddies get nervous seeing them. Juhi’s mother asks them where is Juhi? She asks Piddi that he had said she was at Bobby’s place? What has he done to Juhi? Piddi confesses that he was scared, that’s why he lied. Juhi’s mother is crying and then asks Bobby that she had come to pick Juhi up, saying she’d take care of Juhi. Had she taken care of her, she would be with them. She angrily scolds Bobby that girls like her forget friends when they get boyfriends. She trusted her daughter with wrong people. Panchi wants to console her but JM cuts her across saying if anything happens to her daughter, she’d never forgive any of them. She breaks down completely and Panchi makes her sit down and console her. Bobby gives Piddi an angry look and leaves from there, near to tears. Piddi calls for her then says that he has to make her understand and follows her.

KD and RV are at the party venue. KD says he searched everywhere, she isn’t there. They can ask the local people about her, if only they had her photo. RV gives an idea that they can take her photo off facebook. He takes out his cell (SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII!! MEREKO CHAIYE!!!!!) and downloads Juhi’s photo. They go around asking for her from the local people but no luck.

JM is crying and Panchi is consoling her. JF goes to her and asks her to calm down, nothing will happen to Juhi. But JM keeps crying and only needs her daughter back. JJ consoles her that she’d be fine and will be home soon but JM can’t calm down. Samar gets a call and JJ goes to him. He takes the cell from Samar and picks the call. It’s KD on the other hand. JJ asks if they found anything and KD informs that they had no luck. JJ tells him to file Juhi’s missing report in the police station and he’d do the same here. And if they ask them any questions, KD should direct them to call JJ. KD obliges. JJ gives the phone back to Samar and goes after Piddi.

Piddi and Bobby are at the stairs inside. Piddi wants to talk to Bobby but she angrily tells him to leave, saying it’s all his fault. JJ overhears this and in an attempt to make Piddi tell all he knows, asks Piddi to go to the police station with him. Piddi gets nervous hearing the word police and tries to persuade JJ to drop the police idea. Samar comes there. JJ seriously asks him to tell all that Piddi knows. Piddi confesses that Juhi was majorly drunk and since everyone had their own share of troubles at the party, they forgot her there. It was a small mistake. JJ scolds him that it’s not a small mistake. Outside their houses, outside RA there is an ugly world which is not a bed of roses. Do they have any idea about the gravity of the situation? They should pray that Juhi is alright. He moves to Bobby saying that Juhi was her friend, her responsibility and Bobby wasn’t even drunk! How come she didn’t take care of Bobby? Piddi says not to scold Bobby, it was his responsibility as he picked Juhi from her house. Bobby blasts Piddi not to act all guilty and take the sympathy. But it is true that all was his fault. Piddi retorts how come it was his fault? Juhi was with Bobby, Bobby should’ve made sure that she went home safely. Bobby says that she was upset and he knows very well why she was upset. Piddi retorts that he was also upset. JJ asks what made them so upset? Piddi gets scared and says it was nothing. Bobby angrily says that how come it was nothing? She tells JJ that Piddi had faked the suicide drama to teach Banga a lesson.

JJ asks Piddi is it true? Piddi tells him that he didn’t do it intentionally. Things just fell into place on their own, he just didn’t clear the misunderstanding. JJ asks did he feed everyone the misunderstanding? Piddi says yes. JJ is appalled that everyone knew of his antics but no one said anything. They hid Piddi’s actions and didn’t care one cent about his family and elders. He feels ashamed of owning up to such students and pities them. He walks away from there and Piddi wants to stop him. JJ slaps him. He says Piddi has a real wish of being a Junglee, right? If finding Juhi wasn’t his priority, he’d show him what a real Junglee is. And if anything happens to Juhi, he’d make sure that Piddi will be in a state where he can’t even spell Junglee correctly. So he should pray, and pray hard. JJ leaves. Piddi, Bobby and Samar have guilty looks on their faces.

Precap – KD on phone asks Piddi to find out who took cars to the party? Piddi replies himself and RV. KD asks RV to open the booth of the car. RV does and they look at each other.

Update Credit to: Mais

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