The Buddy Project 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 4th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th February 2014 Written Update

Shiva’s dad accuses Anirudh and other professors for not saying anything to their students. Shiva tells her dad she wants to marry to someone who loves her, not a bodyguard type person. Her dad is not ready to listen to her. Shiva says fine, after marriage, she will add poison in the food and eat that food. Her dad now listens to her. Shiva says she loves Piddi and wants to marry him. Shiva’s dad laughs seeing Piddi. Piddi shows off saying he can fight with anyone for his love. Shiva’s dad tells him to fight with one of his bodyguards to prove his strength. Piddi agrees, but he faints seeing the size of the bodyguard. Shiva’s dad gives him a choice of a weapon, a stick or a sword. Piddi is shocked hearing sword and asks sword? Shiva’s father says it’s a deal then.

He will fight with his bodyguard with a sword. Piddi runs in. Shiva asks her dad for 2 minutes so she can talk to Piddi.

Inside, KD, Harsh, Ranbir are trying to tell Piddi to be strong. Piddi says there is no way he can win against monster size bodyguard. He shares his last wishes and requests with all of them. He tells Harsh to take his photo from his room with which he used to play dart. Harsh tells Piddi not to worry, as he knows how to use swords and he’ll teach him. Piddi gets excited and happy.

Other hand, Kiya tells Shiva they can take help from police. It’s illegal to get someone married forcefully. Shiva says that will be no help as police is puppet of her dad.

Principal is getting hyper and shouting at Anirudh when Shiva’s dad comes there. He tries to threaten Anirudh not to interfere in his personal matters, but Anirudh says wrong is wrong and he will always be against wrong things.

Harsh is waiting for the swords. In the mean time, he teaches Piddi how to use swords using spoons. Piddi faints seeing the real swords. Outside, Shiva convinces her dad to test Piddi some other way as by sword fight, it can just measure someone’s strength.

Shiva comes to Piddi with her dad and tells him that the sword fight is cancelled. Piddi is overjoyed and starts dancing. He kisses Shiva’s dad’s hand. Shiva’s dad asks her if that’s her choice. He tells Piddi to stop dancing like a monkey and listen the rest. Shiva continues that the sword fight is cancelled, but there will be a kabbadi game now. Shiva’s dad tells Piddi if he beats his team, but Shiva will be his, else he will need to forget her. He leaves.

Shiva tells Piddi she tried, but her father didn’t listen. Piddi asks KD for help. KD says he doesn’t know anything about kabaddi game. Piddi faints again and keeps blabbering kabaddi kabaddi. Harsh comes to his rescue again. He says he knows how to play kabaddi and he will help him out. Piddi is again overjoyed, but that doesn’t long as Shiva’s dad comes back and says match is tomorrow morning.

Precap: Piddi and Shiva are nowhere to be found. Shiva’s dad threatens Anirudh and other buddies that he won’t spare them if Piddi and Shiva ran away again.

Update Credit to: JD

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