The Buddy Project 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Kiya crying thinking about what her mom said and about what KD did and said in the party
KD cries thinking about everything that happened in the party, Panchi thinks about everything that happened between RV-Kiya and feels disturbed, she then calms down thinking about Samar and goes back to sleep
Piddi on the other hand in the car thinks about the delhi girl and then remembers the slap from Bobby and cums out of his thoughts irritated, he then looks at the empty seat beside him and thinks about how happy he was with Bobby when they were heading to the party, he suddenly thinks about Juhi and gets tensed where is Juhi
He tries to call her but her phone is switched off
Piddi to the camera: What should he do her phone is switched off, she surely

didn’t go with Bobby maybe she went with Samar and Panchi
Piddi calls Samar who is still sleeping, he picks the call and Piddi asks tensed if he dropped Juhi, Samar tells him he must have lost it Juhi came with him why would he drop her, Samar asks what happened but Piddi cuts the call without replying
Piddi to the camera: Juhi was totally drunk what if she is left behind in the party venue
Piddi calls the orgainzer and asks if everyone left the venue, the person tells him they all left, Piddi asks about Juhi and asks him to say yes she is there but the person tells him no one is here and everybody left, Piddi pleads him to check again if she is there, the person tells him they have cleaned up the whole venue and there is no one here
Piddi thinks maybe she has reached home by now otherwise her parents would have called him, he relaxes thinking she is at home when his phone rings and he gets shocked seeing its Juhi’s mom, Piddi answers the phone tensed, her mom asks where is Juhi as its quite late and Juhi’s cell phone is also switched off she was worried
Piddi tells her that Juhi’s cellphone charge was over and she was so tired that she went over to Bobby’s place and maybe she is on her way back home right now and tells her not to worry
She tells him if he gets to talk to her then to tell her to call her mom, Piddi says sure and keeps the phone
Piddi to the camera: where is Juhi what if she has gone with Bobby? He will call everyone and check she will be with someone or the other
Piddi calls Panchi who wakes up tensed saying Juhi is not with her as she came with Samar
Samar calls RV and tells him Juhi hasn’t gone back home and if he saw her, RV tells him no and says he will call Kiya and check
Piddi is tensed calling everyone but no response about Juhi’s whereabouts
Piddi calls the organizer again and asks him to check again for Juhi as she hasn’t gone back home yet, the person tells him that they have already done that there is no one here and advices him to go to the police but Piddi cuts the call in fear of police
Piddi calls Bobby and hopes she would know something, Bobby is sleeping and her phone is on silent so she doesn’t reply, Piddi thinks of asking KD
KD is still sleeping and Piddi with difficulty sneaks in his house through the window, KD’s chote mistakes Piddi for a thief and hits him with the jharu and he screams running to KD, KD wakes up asking what is he doing here, KD very sleepy rests his head on Piddi, the younger brother apologizes Piddi for hitting him with a jharu, Piddi tells him its ok as he has become very used to it, even his mom uses the same brand
KD sleepy tells chote to get tea and he asks Piddi what is he doing here, Piddi tells him about Juhi and maybe they left her behind, her mom is calling him and asking about her and he has no idea where she is, KD asks if he called the venue, Piddi tells him he did but that guy said everyone left, KD is tensed and thinks how could they forget her
Piddi tells him not to think what they did and to think what will they do before it becomes a major problem
KD tells him to call everyone in the party and ask about Juhi, Piddi tells him he already did that but no one knows about Juhi, KD then tells him to call all the buddies in the buddy caf, Piddi says ok and tells him to call Bobby as she’s not picking his call and Juhi was with her last time
KD calls Bobby and tells her about Juhi and she gets shocked and says she’s coming, Samar reaches the caf and Panchi asks him where are the others, Panchi is tensed how could Juhi go missing, Samar tells her maybe she is with one of her friends and they will find her soon, Bobby comes and asks if they found out anything, Panchi says no, Samar asks Bobby she was with Juhi yesterday what happened
Bobby says she doesn’t know her mood was bad yesterday so she left with another group, she thought Juhi will leave with Piddi as she came with him only
Panchi is very tensed thinking about what happened with RV-Kiya and KD and also now Juhi and says this party was too much and hopes Juhi is alright, Bobby asks her Juhi was upset yesterday and asks did they get into a fight, Panchi says there wasn’t any fight but Juhi was behaving very weird yesterday, Panchi is confused as she doesn’t know what she did to her and why Juhi is behaving like that with her
Samar tells her that Juhi was upset because he went to the party with her, Panchi tells him such a small matter and she is so angry with her, she tells him why didn’t he say it before she wouldn’t have gone with him, Panchi worries Juhi will do something stupid because of this
Samar tells her to not to worry so much, nothing will happen and they will find Juhi, KD and Piddi comes and Bobby asks him if they found out anything, KD says no and asks if they have nay idea where Juhi might be, Samar says no
KD tells them they can do one thing and says to clal whoever went to the aprty one of them might know, all get into calling everyone about Juhi
Piddi thinks about whom to call and calls Juhi to see if she picks up
RV tries to call Kiya who doesn’t respond, RV thinks why she isn’t picking up his call, Kiya wakes up with her cell phone ringing and checks to see RV’s miscalls and calls him back, RV tells him about Juhi missing and asks if she has any idea where she will be, Kiya says no she doesn’t as she left with him only
RV tells him they are meeting at Buddy caf and asks her to come, Kiya says yeah she will try and see what she can do but Aanya comes and snatches the phone from her and cuts the call
Everyone goes mad asking about Juhi to the people who were there in the party, Panchi Bobby and Samar finally come to KD saying no one knows anything about Juhi, Piddi keeps the phone and runs to them and tells them he just spoke to one guy who said he saw Juhi in the parking lot, KD asks did he talk to her, Piddi says no
Bobby says this is a major problem now, Juhi left the party but didn’t reach home, KD says her phone is still switched off, Piddi goes away to call someone, Samar thinks where to look for Juhi, RV comes and asks about finding anything about Juhi, Samar tells him no
Panchi says she will call more people, Bobby asks RV if Kiya is coming, he tells her he did call her but doesn’t think she will be able to come, KD says anyways rich people don’t waste time in such small matters as a mere class fellow is of no value to them, RV tells him to shut up and says there must be some problem at her home that’s why she cant come
KD smiles and calls someone and walks away when RV stops him and asks him whats the joke he is smiling on so much, KD-RV get into an argument and everyone is irritated, Panchi annoyed screams at them to hit each other, if they do then only Juhi will be found
KD says high society people are like that when in need they ditch you, RV is about to say something back to KD when Kiya comes and calls him out, everyone turns to see Kiya

Precap: JJ asks Bobby and Piddi what happened that they were so upset, Piddi hesitates and says nothing, Bobby says why nothing and shouts at him why not tell the matter, JJ asks about what matter, Bobby tells him everything that Piddi’s suicide attack was all a drama to avenge Banga, Piddi is scared as JJ turns towards him

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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