The Buddy Project 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd May 2013 Written Update

JJ sitting stylishly in Dean’s swing cum chair. He asks Avi does he think his challenge is over? Avi smirks of course, he gave KD what he wanted. JJ asks does he know the meaning of the word challenge? Avi chuckles at first he only knew the meaning, now he has understood the word after the challenge. JJ compliments this and says at first he only knew the meaning of the word ‘idiot’ but after meeting Avi, he understood the real meaning of it. This wipes Avi’s smile off his face

Omi explaining to JJ that what was he to do? Panchi wasn’t here! JJ says but you were and Omi defends that what could he have done alone anyway?

Avi explains he gave what KD wanted. KD wanted to launch himself as a singer and Avi showed him the platform to do so. JJ asks how can he be sure

KD wants to be a singer? It could be he was meeting those music companies for other reasons. Supposedly, he did want to be a singer…how did Avi help him do that?

Omi says he has many ideas in his head! JJ asks is he waiting for a ceremonious time to execute them? Omi replies helplessly that she has just come back and JJ retorts it’s been two days already. And says that Omi’s problem is that he’s very lazy. Omi is confused and JJ explains lazy is someone who works from home but still doesn’t get to work on time

Avi hangs his head in shame.

JJ says someone who needs another remote to use a remote, that lazy.

Omi hangs his head in shame.

JJ saying to Avi that his problem is that he is treating this as a task for getting points. He still hasn’t grasped the true spirit of being a GS.

He continues that you spent all your life chanting the mantra of I, Me & Myself. For the first time you got the chance of doing something for someone else and you failed in doing so. Avi and Omi are shown respectively avoiding JJ’s glance in shame.

JJ advice to pour the heart in the challenge because by helping others, they aren’t doing them a favor but a favor upon themselves. JJ concludes that when they’d truly help someone, in one moment their entire life would change. In the end he tells them to keep their ego aside and for once, do something good for someone else selflessly. Only 2 weeks remain till the end of this challenge so they better pull up their socks and do something. Else, in the college foyer a photo frame is empty reserved for the loser.

Outside the office, JeeMi look at each other then at the closed door behind them and start walking like poor lost souls They stop give each other a pained look and look away, wincing in shame and humiliation and continue walking, heads hung in shame. They stop, look up and without sparing each other a single glance, go their seperate opposite ways (OMG! This is so hilarious!! )

In canteen, KD comes angrily, throws the bag on the table and sits down grumpily thinking about how Kiya will make him go mad! On the table opposite to his’, RV is waiting with his head in his hands thinking about how Rukmini threatened to change his face’s geography with her chappal. Piddi joins KD, thinking about Avantika’s forceful skipship with him. Piddi cries out that these girls will make us go mad! They come on their own, make a mess outta our lives and go away like the wind! RV hits the table and agrees to this! PraShav look at him in surprise and even Chintu raises his eyebrows. RV gets up and joins PraShav at their table and goes off saying if we don’t do anything for them, they say, “Darling you did nothing for us!” and if by mistake we do something they go, “What did you do?!” KD adds if we talk with them they say, “You don’t talk to me! Am I so boring?” and if we let them talk they’re all, “you have nothing to talk about!” Piddi exclaims they call US self-centered but nothing in the world, other than themselves, matter to them! Yuvraj can hit 6 sixes, it don’t matter to them, all they talk about is, “Did Priety get a Botox or not?” Chintu looks at them in amusement. RV cries out they have 14 inch hair and if 1/2 inch is gone, how are we to know but NO! If we don’t notice the hairstyle they complain we didn’t notice it! How are we supposed to do it?!?

KD says to RV cuz of these girls, he has started hating that Brad Pitt! Everytime they see him they all, “OMG! He’s so hot!” DOES HE SIT ON A HOT PAN EVERYDAY?! Piddi advices angrily to poison Brad Pitt! RV brings up the topic of jeans! Does anyone look fat cuz of jeans? NO! You look fat cuz you ARE fat but NO! To girls, fatness is all cuz of wrong pair of jeans! Piddi says it’s hard to understand even one thing about them. They ask opinion about a friend of theirs, if we say she is good they’re all, “go! Hang out with her then!” And if we say she’s not nice they get mad as to why did we call her friend bad! RV cries out they make a mess out of our life! KD says we use deo cuz of them and when we DO use it they still ask, “Baby! Why are you stinking so much?” Piddi says we can’t abuse cuz of them and RV cries we have to take a bath EVERYDAY for them! Piddi says this society is messed up cuz of girls. If they weren’t there, there’d be only beer and video games and life would be awesome! KD says we make one mistake and we have to apologize till eternity but they won’t forgive. RV says we die saying sorry sorry but they can’t utter a single OK in response! KD agrees, “yeah!” RV replies, “YEAH!” and Piddi cries out exasperatedly, “YEAAAHH!!!!” (OMG! Let me catch my breath! )

JJ calls out to them by saying, “Jokers!” They look at the side and see that JJ is sitting casually on the seat next to them. They are surprised and they all stand up seeing him. JJ tells them to sit down and asks are they thinking that girls have many complaints against them? Chintu comes around and serves them tea. Maybe it’s true. Maybe you guys really don’t listen to them. Maybe you only think selfishly. You are a good person, maybe that’s just what you think (he says this all looking at RV). JJ turns to KD and says your dilemma is that she doesn’t understand you. Why does it matter to him? He should understand her. Give her what she needs. What does he get in exchange, shouldn’t matter. JJ asks does he want to be a GS and KD agrees. JJ says for that he has to do everything in an unconditional, selfless way. So he shouldn’t bother thinking much and just do it. To Piddi he says when will he stop reacting? Why does someone else decide how he should act? If she is aggressive, he becomes angry. Regardless of what she does, he has to handle stuff peacefully, like a good positive friend.

The trio is lost in thought and JJ asks them to drink their tea, it’s getting cold. He picks his own cup and leaves. Chintu stops him and asks him to make him his student, saying that JJ knows so much about girls that he doesn’t know and comments that JJ must’ve had many girls in his life and calls him a Lady Killer. JJ freezes hearing this and becomes serious.

Panchi in class. She gets up to leave when it gets over but before she can get out, Omi enters and blocks her path. Students stand up in his “respect” and he tells them to cut it out for now. Panchi wants to sidetrack him and leave but he stops her and begs her to listen to him for a while, after then it’s his head and her heels. He says he wants to apologize to her. Last time he came to help he got into a panga with Avi and it got bad. But this time no Avi, no panga, just saying sorry. He rummages his pocket and Panchi silently laughs at his antics. He hands her a toffee. She takes it and says you don’t “take” apology (because he kept saying “sorry mangna chahta hoon), you say sorry. Omi chuckles but he asked her for it na and casually sits on the desk but gets attentive seeing her look. He swears that he wholeheartedly wants her to win MVC and for that, he’d help her. If not, he’d arrange for someone to help her. He swears to God and says he’s wearing orange, he won’t lie. A passing boy gives him a strange look and Omi scolds him away. Panchi says okay and makes way to leave but he follows her saying he can help her in performance as everyone says he’s a funny boy Panchi says she has class and he leaves, repeatedly saying he’d help her. Since he’s looking at her and walking backwards, he trips at the stair but saves himself under the pretense of tying laces. He leaves and Panchi just laughs at his antics.

Panchi coming down the stairs and at the foot of it, Avi is waiting for her! He says he wants to apologize and Panchi is shocked that he too wants to do that! Avi says last time he didn’t come to help her, he just wanted to band bajao of Omi. He wanted her to join his team because she’s so talented! He apologizes for his selfishness. Panchi says it’s okay and tries rushing away but Avi follows her and says he doesn’t want to help her so he or his team can win, he wants her to win, for ICC to win. Panchi is surprised hearing this! Panchi says okay again and moves but he stops her saying he can genuinely help her. He has taken part in many personality contests and he has won quite a few! He knows what they want. Panchi thanks him happily and he offers that whenever she needs help, she can come to him. She says sure she will and he leaves after assuring that she will. Panchi STTC what the hell is happening and stands there, confused.

Piddi notices Avantika and wants to escape but he remembers JJ’s words and decides to face her. He goes to her and offers her chocolate. She asks is he out of fuel, he isn’t running away. Piddi says he isn’t scared of anyone and Avantika laughs at this. She says she wanted to thank him for his pool idea and Piddi asks did she really play pool with JJ? Avantika asks more about JJ’s likes. Piddi says that he doesn’t know, he just know JJ gives the best advice in the world.

Panchi is leaving college and RV’s blocks her way with his car. He gets out and goes to her, hands folded and apologizing. She asks, he too?! And he is confused at this but she doesn’t explain. RV says he knows he is selfish and self centered and she came to him to talk about her problem but he kept blabbering his own and he’s a big idiot. Panchi says exactly at this! RV continues that he’s an apologetic idiot and asks for one chance, he would listen to her and accept everything she says. Panchi asks, everything? He asks her to just say it! Panchi again asks, sure? He again says to just SAY IT! Panchi says she wants ice cream! RV says that’s it and tells her to lead the way. She says not so easy, she wants that special sundae ice cream with extra cherries, nuts and butterscotch syrup. RV says but the place is so far away and Panchi says yeah, it’s a one hour drive but he said he’d do anything she says! RV sighs and tells her to sit and she stops and says she won’t come, he’d buy it and bring it to her house. RV says it would melt and she warns it shouldn’t melt. It should be properly handed to her and yeah, don’t forget the cherries! He wants to say something but she mentions her watch saying time is ticking! RV salutes and rushes to the car and starts it and leaves after crying that she should wait for her! She sees him leave like that and twirls her finger around her forehead, “He’s gone mad.”

KD is working at home. He STTC that he only has two videos of Kiya and there are thousands more on the internet, better than he has got. He needs more vids of Kiya. He is worried about how he’s gonna get them.

JJ at home thinking about Chintu’s word. Then he thinks about some lady saying to him how can she like this Anirudh when she doesn’t know the real one. He makes everyone meet this strong, leader, entertainer kind of a man; he doesn’t let anyone meet the real Anirudh, the one he has locked away. How can she like Anirudh when she doesn’t even know him! These words get jumbled up and rests his head on the back of the couch. He thinks what kind of question did Chintu ask him? Reality is, he advices everyone but he doesn’t let anyone get close to him. He has built a wall around him and doesn’t let anyone break it down. Well done Anirudh Jaitley, you give advices to everyone. Someday, he should give himself an advice as well…

Precap – RV saying to Kiya he’s an idiot for saying words which KD will take in the wrong sense! Kiya consoles him it’s not his fault, the problem is with KD’s understanding…he needs to move on. KD asking Omi for some kind of a job and Piddi overhearing this.

Update Credit to: Mais

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