The Buddy Project 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The buddies continue their planning to bring Anirudh and Maya closer. Sheeba receives a call from her and he calls her to house as Sheeba’s mum is sick. He also tells her that he will come to drop her and will meet Piddi’s family as well. Sheeba informs this to Piddi and tells him to talk to his mum before she returns.

Next morning, the buddies bring flowers for Maya and sweets for Anirudh. They don’t get the flowers that they wished to give and sweets are also little burned. They regardless decide to go ahead with their plan.

They put sweets on Anirudh’s desk and flowers on Maya’s desk. Anirudh sees the sweets and remembers Maya made same sweets for him, and they were burned too. He wonders but why Maya would send him. Ranveer, Kiya, and Panchi come to Maya

for fest discussion. Maya says she has an infection in her throat and asks them to hurry. They take her to the conference room and Maya sees sunflowers there. The buddies leave. Maya remembers Anirudh used to bring sunflowers for her as she doesn’t like roses or any other flowers. She too wonders why he would send her. Anirudh and Maya both get lost in their past looking at sweets and flowers and smile. All buddies also secretly do something good for each other and bring smile on their faces.

The buddies then decide to do something for Maya’s throat infection. Piddi and KD come to Anirudh and Anirudh tells them about a special juice.

Maya gets angry seeing that juice on her table. She says no one else knows about it beside Anirudh.

She rushes to the college and ask the buddies for Anirudh. They buddies try to divert her attention, but Piddi comes and tells her the truth.

Maya enters Anirudh’s room angrily. Anirudh hides the sweets. The buddies listen their conversation from outside. Maya changes the topic and talks about the contract. Anirudh says he already read and he doesn’t have any problem. Maya is leaving. He stops her and tells her that he has hurt her a lot, so he can’t ask her to become his friend again, but they can keep their differences aside for few days for the students and the fest. Maya agrees. The buddies are extremely happy as their plan worked.

Precap: The boys and the girls are arguing. Anirudh takes boys’ side. The girls tell Anirudh that that’s not fair. Maya comes and says why wouldn’t he take their side, he’s a man in end. And they don’t have sensibility about right and wrong.

Update Credit to: Jd

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