The Buddy Project 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd July 2013 Written Update

KD is sitting alone in the room when Piddi-RV come there to meet him. Before they can say anything, KD warns Piddi not to say anything and starts throwing stuff at him. Piddi hides behind a chair to avoid the attacks and RV calms KD down and asks Piddi to not say a word. Before they can console KD, KD says it’s not easy for him. It might be for them but not for him. After all this time he plucked the courage to confess but it got ruined by them. Now Kiya must think of him as an Ass, that too a big one! And without hearing to any clarification, he walks away. As he slams the door shut, RV scolds Piddi for ruining it all (Hain? Ais bechare ne kya kiya? )

Panchi and Mini are having tea. Mini asks Panchi about RaHi’s friendship and Panchi gets all excited and tells her she knows

RV since he didn’t even know how to speak properly and used to call her name as “Chichi!” (ALLAH!!! so adorable!!!! ) She tells Mini that her parents are his local guardians and they’ve always been together. She can’t be herself without him. They’ve seen happiness, sadness, faced problems but their friendship has always remained strong. Why? Cuz they simply can’t live without each other () Mini hesitantly asks if they are so close, did they ever become close like…Panchi finishes are question, “Like romantically involved?” Mini nods and Panchi laughs at this. Before she can reply, Omi comes there and joins them on the table. Panchi greets him with a smile which disappears when she notices Avi behind them. Omi looks back at Avi and so sweetly and charmingly invites Avi to join them. Avi obliges with a smile and Panchi is shocked seeing such transformation. JeeMi sweetly talk with each other and offer to buy everyone some coffee and samosas and they are all so modest about it ke I’ll do it, no I’ll do it. Panchi is completely speechless. Mini excuses herself as she has work. When she’s gone, JeeMi want to talk to her but Panchi asks what’s going on with them? Before they can say anything, she shrugs and leaves from there (Le! Plan fail! )

When she’s gone, JeeMi come back to their hatred mode and taunt each other ke she won’t get impressed by such tactics. Avi says she’s his dance partner and Omi laughs at the ridiculousness of the very idea (seriously, when did this happen Avi? ) Dean comes there and sees the two of them laughing. Obviously he doesn’t know the background of the situation so he joins them and says it’s good to see the two of them together. It seems like they finally signed The Simla Peace Treaty. JeeMi just roll their eyes as Dean says it’s nice to see them celebrating with samosas and he sits down with them to “celebrate”. JeeMi pass this but Dean happily munches the samosa.

KD at home at night is thinking about the failed proposal when Mr.D comes there with loads of sweets. KD asks the purpose of this then asks did Mr.D get promoted? Mr.D confirms this and KD happily hugs him. Mr.D says he’ll now work with Mr.Dowde (I forgot his name ), the one who’s really strict with youngster partying and raids. It’s the same guy who harassed Kiya (WASN’T HE SUSPENDED!?!?!? ) KD gets disturbed that police are harsh for no reason at youngsters partying, partying does not mean they are doing anything wrong! Mr.D replies it’s true some policemen are bad but all youngsters partying are bad (Way to go for generalizing ) KD retorts how so? They are just having fun, there’s nothing wrong there. Mr.D says they are wrong for they drink and take drugs, it’s all cuz of western influence. KD says we are surrounded by western influence! All these electronics, electricity etc are western inventions. For a society to survive, outward influence is always necessary. For it helps the society to grow and nurture! KD is really loud at this and Mr.D warns KD to keep his tone his check. Him raising voice against his father is also a western influence and KD just shrugs ke just because he doesn’t have a valid argument, Mr.D is blaming everything on west. In anger, Mr.D says if KD is so unhappy with his father’s values why is he living in his house. KD is shocked at this and he takes his shirt and thanks Mr.D for clarifying that KD was living in someone else’s house else he would’ve lived in the delusion that KD was living in his own house. KD walks away from there and Mr.D realizes his mistake too late.

Outside, KD is frustrated when he gets a message from RV who wants to talk to him. KD calls RV and says he’s not in the mood to talk. RV asks what happened and KD says he just got into an argument with his father. RV asks where is KD and when KD tells him, RV tells him to stay there as he’s coming for him.

JJ gets a call from Piddi who tells him he created a major problem and can he come over to JJ’s house? JJ says yes he can and they’ll solve everything together. Just then, the doorbell rings and JJ is surprised Piddi standing there, calling JJ outside his house. JJ sighs and invites Piddi in.

Panchi happily tells Mrs.R about the recent popularity she has gotten. Mrs.R asks who will she pair up with in the First Dance, Ranveer? Panchi rolls her eyes that how can she pair up with someone who’s very nickname is No-Nu! (It would’ve felt bad yesterday, not today ) Mrs.R asks so who? Omi or Avi? Panchi thinks about it and Mrs.R says she’s a mother, she knows JeeMi like Panchi a lot. But the question is, who does Panchi like? Panchi says likes them both, both are her good friends. Mrs.R says that’s true but she can dance with only one? So who will it be? Panchi is confused.

RV invites KD in his house and KD comments that it’s beautiful. RV says it’s funny that they never visited each other’s house in all these years and KD replies that’s cuz all these years, 90% of they weren’t friends. RV says in their ego trips they ruined so much and apologizes for what happened in the library as they were genuinely excited to see KiSha together. RV feels KD’s low mood and asks what happened at home? KD avoids the topic saying it’s not that he doesn’t want RV to know, it’s just that he’s in a too bad mood to talk about it. RV asks changing the subject, what does KD want to do? KD replies he wants to do something utterly stupid and thoughtless and wild, something that will take out all his frustration! RV asks does he mean violence? Murder?! KD is shocked.

Cut to…! KD playing RV’s fav game on his PS! The boys are really excited as KD plays and RV shouts instructions at KD (It was so fun to watch! ) When KD wins, he comments now he understands why Shubh is all crazy about these consoles and games. RV asks KD, in a surprised manner, hasn’t he ever played these games before?! (HE HASN’T?! ) KD replies that the cost of these consoles can cover the expenses of the ration which will suffice their household for two months. They are too expensive. RV tactfully changes the topic and asks KD is he upto doing something more bad-ass and crazy tonight? Usually he doesn’t do it but just for tonight…KD asks what?

Panchi is pacing in her room thinking about who to choose, Omi or Avi? She’s darn confused about it! She thinks about both of them and STTC such flashes won’t help as both have helped her and she shares happy moments with both! She wished there was a friend review on net which could tell her who’s the better friend of hers! Mrs.R comes there and says she saw in a movie that the hero asked the girl to close her eyes and she’ll see who she likes the most. Panchi rolls her eyes and tells Mrs.R to keep her KJo Universe ideas to herself. She asks Mrs.R to leave her alone and Mrs.R leaves from there, laughing. When she’s gone, Panchi STTC does the idea work? She decides to give it a try. Panchi closes her eyes and after a while she curses and STTC, this can’t be!!! (WHO IS IT!??!?!?!??! )

Precap – Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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