The Buddy Project 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 31st October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 31st October 2013 Written Update

Rukmini asks RV what did he choose “Bin Tere” out of all songs. Although at first RV says that there’s no particular reason to it, he later tells her that its Panchi’s favorite song and that she likes it very much,right since school days.While he was singing the song he really missed her a lot. He wishes that Panchi should come back from Delhi soon.Rukmini cuts him off by saying that show is going to start soon. Piddi and GK are auditioning girls but none of them are able to speak the dialogue properly and Piddi and GK get irritated by this.Piddi tells them a tongue twister and says that if they can say it properly it will be easy to remember all dialogues.Gk likes Piddi’s ideas and all girls try to speak it however with unsuccesful results. Dean’s Cabin. Dean and

GK are trying to say Piddi’s tongue twister while RV comes there and tells GK that KD’s presentation is ready and he want both of them to see it.

KD plays the presentation and explains GK about his website plan.He tells them that his website will promote young talent all over India and it will be very useful to directors looking for fresh faces. GK likes his idea. KD shows them Kiya’s profile and Show reel which includes Kiya’s MV of “Mere Saath”. KD wants GK to meet Kiya as he is looking for a fresh face and his website will also get a boost start if he selects her. GK agrees and says that he’ll meet her tomorrow before leaveing. KD gets extremely happy hearing this.ICC Canteen.KD bumps into a girl and Piddi remarks that KD is lucky.KD apologizes the girls and sits with Kiya.Kiya sarcastically says that he looks very happy after bumping into a girl. KD tells her that he ran into her mistakenly.Kiya says that mistakes can happen,but then why does he look so happy?KD puts his hand over her mouth and says that he just showed his website to Guggi sir and he likes it ver much. And also, he wants to meet Kiya because he is impressed by her Show reel. Kiya gets surprised and asks who made her show reel? KD says that he did. Thats what he was busy with since last few days. He didn’t tell her because he wanted it to be a surprise. Kiya hesitates about acting and says that she’s just interested in singing but she agrees after KD, RV and Piddi insist her to. KD tells her to come on time tomorrow to meet GK.

ICC, the next day. GK is taking shoots of the selected girls while KD is impatiently waiting for Kiya who hasnt turned up yet. He calls her and she replies that she is on her way and that she’ll be there soon.Kiya stops the car and is shown looking at a mouth organ in a shop. Kiya remembers KD saying to Piddi that he sold his mouth organ.She buys it for KD.However Kiya gets late due to this, KD tries to call her but her phone’s battery runs out and she can’t be contacted.GK prepares to leave as he is getting late for his flight, but KD stops him and requests to wait a bit more for Kiya.GK says that he really liked his work, however he should pay attention on what kind of talent he promotes through his website. He says that there’s no place for unprofessional people in the industry.Kiya gujral should have come by now, and that he can’t wait for her anymore.GK wishes him luck and leaves .KD is left infuriated.

Precap: Kiya apologizes to KD for being late, however he is very angry .He shouts at her saying that she knew it was an important day for him and herself yet she is late. He adds that he can’t understand how she can be so irresponsible regarding her career.He also says that he worked really hard for this day and it could have been wonderful for their careers but She ruined it.

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