The Buddy Project 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 31st March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from Kiya doing practice to talk to her mother ..Panchi comes there . Kiya says to panchi how I talk to mom.. Panchi says dont be so nervous she is your mom just give a tight jhappi(hug)..she will melt like candle. panchi’s mom comes and asks whats going on.. Panchi tells her that kiya doing reherse in front of mirror like she is going for an interview..Panchi’s mom says dont worry , says whats your heart says.. take care .everything will be fine..

Kiya goes to meet her mom with her friend.. Kiya says to mom dont wrry he will not join us. please go inside..Piddi wore new dress.sheeba and Panchi makes fun of her..He says I want to feel kapoor that he will come again and ask about me..Sheeba says piddi why are you behaving like you have to marry

karan kapoor by impressing him. Piddi says marriage is not important for me ..I know only that karan kapoor is important for me..

KD and ranveer are in college.. sir comes and asks why they are upset.They tells kiya have gone to meet her mom.. Sir says dont worry nothing will happen wrong..Ranveer says Sir you are low because you doent meet Maya mam for three days.. Panchi is going UK for further studies.

Panchi tells sir that i was about to telling you . I have to go after two days of festival..Sir says Its ok I am happy for you ..He says I will miss you and wishes good luck..Ranveer ties to listen their conversation .. He goes and says Sir, Dean sir are calling you.. Sir says to ranveer dont worry .She has taken this decision for you.

KD sings song “JO bhi main kahna chahu”. Panchi says we start from simple lines..All guys makes fun of KD ..Panchi says ranveer to teach her please.. Kiya comes after meeting her mom . she is happy and tells KD. they both hugs. Panchi says it means you will go your home now.kiya says why . if you got iritate by me.

Kiya says to panchi I know what you thinking after you had gon aunty will be aloe but you know what I thinking I will stay wih aunty .. I like that home.. They both hugs ..Panchi says ok ok now dont be so senty we have very much work. I think I have to go for meeting..and she goes from there..Kiya says to her friends You all are her old friends . wh should think about goodbye (farewell) party for her.. All friends supports kiya but Ranveer says please stop it guys. all are shocked.I am not saying goodbye to her ..she is not going anywhere.. What you all want to celebrate that she is going away from us.KD says him please relax We all understands you care about panchi.But she has to go.. And we are her buddied so its our duty to arrage goodbye party.. ranveer says she has decided.. Kiya syas to ranveer please dont look anything crazy. Se has taken a decicion after thinking and we should support her..Its about her careerSo its unfair to stop her..ranveer says she can study here too .. I wont let go her..Piddi says ranveer you are talking like children..Ranveer says I cant live without her

The girls are sitting in a room.Panchi’a phone ring. Girls says her please put on loudspeaker .. KD on phone says to panchi that Ranveer is not at home.I thought he has goe to your house.he is ill.She worried about ranveer. KD says you are going thats why he is upset..

Panchi comes to ranveer home. He is sleeping so she asks are you fine?? He says I have fever..Panchi checks fever by thermometer and says temperature is fine ..She says if you feelin cold they why dont you shut down Ac..Ranveer says you will go now so i have to take care myself.panchi says see your condition , why are you thinking that i wil go.. Panchi catches he is doing drama..She says we cant live always together..A time comes wen we have to go.. Ranveer taunts her that why to 3 year.please go for 10 years..Panchi goes from there.. Ranveer says she has gone really..

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