The Buddy Project 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 31st July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 31st July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with JJ announcing a short film competition . . . RV reading a notice on the notice board and being pleased with the fact that he ‘s been paired with Ruku baby to be a part of the short film competition ..

he merrily informs KD the same. .KD runs to the notice board expecting Kiya to be his partner but is dissapointed when he sees Omi’s name againt his while KiPi are paired together
All the pairs are busy preparing for a theme which has to be a social cause like anti-corruption .. .etc . .
Kiya is running behind Piddhi both of them trying to find a good theme for their short film. . .
KD is pacing up n down the corridor while Omi is giving him some ridiculous ideas. .
KD leaves from there to a corner to think. .
where Piddhi lands

up followed by a hyper Kiya ..
Kiya is beating up Pidhhi for one of his teases when she finally gets an idea .. .
KiPi Short film theme : Eve Teasing!!
Kiya also suggests KD a theme on Piddhi’s insistence but it doesnt click with KD
VeeNi are busy colouring heart cutouts made of thermocol
ViChi Short Film Theme :anti-Piracy

Movie shot ..
1st we see Pancchi mechanically delivering SRK ‘s famous senorita dialogue . .then says wondering what I m trying to say?
she takes a re-take n delivers the same dialogue SRK style. . chirpily. .
n says this is what happens when we see movies in pirated DVDs avoid using Pirated DVDS and Breaks one
on the other hand Ruku baby holds a red Heart cutout n says Love ur Life etc. . n RV is simply lost in her. . . he’s so lost that he forgets his part. .
he apologizes and then they together Make a say No to Drugs Short Film

KiPi are getting ready with their cameras n Piddhi has a pepper spray in his hand and asks Kiya whats this n how to use it. .
Kiya explains its a girl’s weapon . . if a girl is eve-teased she can spray it on the guy’s eyes for her own security. .Piddhi wants to give it a try n sees a guy staring at Kiya with wrong intentions n hence sprays the pepper spray in his Eyes the guy is left shouting n running like a madman while others are visibly pissed . .
its night time n KD-Omi are still standing in the clg corridor. . Omi says from morning its now becoming evening infact 8pm. . why is KD sooo stressed. . KD says he has to win somehow .. .He wants their Short Film to be the best. .

The next day .. .
all of them come one by one to submit their Short films. ..
n one of the last ones are KiPi. .
JJ asks Piddhi where is KD. .KD n Omi make an express train entry n submit their DVD
KiShaPi are sitting in a 3 seat bench. .
n KD is visibly Tensed Kiya sees this n Piddhi understands n leaves KiSha alone(pheww. .finally ladke mein akkal aa gayi)
Kiya sits next to asks him why is he sooo tensed. .KD say
s he has to win. .Kiya looks on n KD says he’s not used to losing . . he’s always won n wants to win today today. .
Kiya places a hand on his shoulder n asks him to have faith
KD places a hand on hers n smiles

inside the judges pannel along with AnHia are watching all the Short films .. .
finally JJ comes out with the results. .
JJ 1st of all congratualates all the participants for excelling in their jobs. . he says tomorrow all the short films would be shown cos all of them were exceptionally good. .
but Today the judges panel n all of them have narrowed down 1 short film that stood out from all others .. . so they’re gonna watch it right now. .

Short Film. .
we see a lot of banners flying by. .
illiteracy etc
and a guy trying to fight them all .. .
its KD. .

he’s shown to be frustrated seeing all this. .
turns around to face the audience n say. .
unemployment. .corruption. . etc are the issues we all have to deal with daily but what do we do about it. .
so from now on instean of thumps down to all these. .
lets put out thumps up. . n his thump is marked by the voter’s ink. .n says Vote for the right one. ..

the lights come back n JJ proudly announces KD-Omi as winners . . .Omi is Beyond happy n Kiya n all the buddies are genuinely proud of KD. . .

same as yesturday

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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