The Buddy Project 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 30th October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th October 2013 Written Update

Piddi says to KD that he knows how to cheer RV up, but he’ll have to do something for him.KD is shown around random girls who say the dialogue “Main tumhare bache ki maa banane waali hoon” dramatically, KD looks amused and shouts Piddi’s name at which all girls disappear xD Kiya comes there and she mouths the words “KD main tumhare..” for two to three time scaring off Piddi and KD to no extent…Before they say anything Kiya says that she has brought home food for KD at which Piddi and KD sigh in relief. xD Kd says that he can’t have lunch right now as they are planning to cheer up RV as he seems very lost these days.He asks her to join them if she’s free.Kiya agrees but later STTC that KD thinks of whole world’s problems but not about her. KD drags RV and insists

him to perform for GK. He also tells GK that RV is an amazing performer.RV denies at first saying that he can’t sing until the song comes from the heart. However he agrees when Rukmini tells him to sing for her.RV performs on “Bin Tere” while getting flashbacks of Rahi “Jaane kyun” sequence. GK compliments him for her performance and says that RV and Rukmini look too good together.

(OMO! OMO! THE FEELS! <3 <3 I squealed so loudly while watching this, I scared off my mom who was nearby xD ) Kiya pulls KD into a room. When he asks her what she did this for, Kiya smirks and says that he was too busy in his work lately which is why she has to kidnap him.KD says that its of no use as she won't get an ransom which is worth him and turns to leave but Kiya hugs him from back and says that its not all about money and there's something called love as well, Mr.Keshav Desai.(Ah!Am I the only one who got reminded of the good old Stoneface-Chicklet days while watching this scene? ) The scene changes to GK and Piddi taking the auditions for girls and surprisingly, each girl present there gets selected. >.< Piddi dreams that the girls will thank him and flirt with him , they give him a card instead which says "Thanks a lot Piddi! Love you, Bhaiyya!" (WHAAA? ) Scene changes to Kisha again. KD asks Kiya why she called him a ghatiya dancer during Piddi's game 😛 Kiya says that she did so ,because he is a ghatiya dancer(Or something like that, i couldn't quite catch it :/ ) KD says that he is an amazing dancer as he can dance even without playing any music. Kisha have a intimate and passionate dance on "Mere Saath" (The dance was TOO HOT! Omo, two heart attacks on a single day, during a single episode? The CVs have planned to kill me I guess :3 ) Scene shifts to ICC radio station. Rukmini asks RV if he sang the song for her. She says that due the dance she feels that the song was for her. RV hesitates and replies that the song was for her of course. RV prepares but to leave from there, however Rukmini stops him. She asks him if he will truthfully answer if she asks him something? Precap:Rukmini asks RV why he chose “Bin Tere” out of all songs? RV answers that he did so because it’s Panchi’s favorite song.She likes it very much, since school days.He also says that he can’t help thinking about her when he sings this song. He wishes that Panchi should have been there when he sang it.He wonders when Panchi will return from Delhi.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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