The Buddy Project 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 30th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with RanSh standing outside the washroom n waiting for Piddhi to come out KD is hell angry n RV is calming him down. ..Finally after getting re-assurances that no one will beat Piddhi up Piddhi comes out. . .n yet again manages to make fun of the poetry. .. running KD behind him
Panchhi is gushing over Lootera n Ranveer Singh n his cute cheesy dialogues. . while Avi is busy Fiddling with his phone . . Panchhi notices n asks the reason behind the same Avi says these kind of talks take place every day at his place. .n honestly he finds it all too cheesy. .just then a couple of Dhakkans come in and show Avi the poem KD had written for Kiya .. Panchhi gets over excited and reads it while Avi goes onto say that KD doesnt have a class when one of his sidekicks says KD’s

lost it ..Avi goes on to say he cant figure what Kiya saw in him ( really? For the 1 st time I think that was quite rude Mr. Avijeet Roy) all this angers Panchhi and she leaves. .
only to find KD running behind Pidhhi like a madman n RV running behind him to stop KD
Panchhi tries to calm him but ends up blurting out that saw the msg .. as guys in canteen were discussing about it . .
this in turn fuels KD ‘s anger n his speed n anger intensifies. Panchhi says in a way Piddhi helped them. . Kiya might show from outside that she’s angry but inside I m sure she must be happy that U are making her feel so special. . . all this while Piddhi-KD have their own sibling banters Panchhi further says now Kiya ‘s expectations would be rocket high n he needs to plan out something special. . . but when he asks for their help RV says He wrote the poem now he wants him to plan the date as well why not RV go to date with Kiya instead?
plus his Radio show starts n he takes their leave n Piddhi -Pancchi vanish in thin air too
At the Radio station Ruku baby is talking about the topic of discussion of the day that is 1st love 1 st rain 1st fight etc. . .RV is impressed n asks where did she get the idea. . . n she says KiSha . . . they have a cute moment
At the Hostel. . KD is trying to find something n at last finds the Royal Scrapbook. . jotting down Kiya’s Likes n dislikes in a notebook. …
thats when Omi comes in giving KD a ladoo n putting Tikka on his forehead. .KD asks the reason for the same Omi says he’d gone to Hanuman Mandir n fed A black Cow some daal .. its not easy to find a black cow . . KD has an eyebrow raised(and I cant stop laughing)
Omi says he wants KD to have a GRAND date n goes on to suggest that KD can wear Omi’s best Kurta n take his bike too. .
KD imagines KiSha on Omi ‘s Bike n KD wearing one of Omi’s Kurtas
thats when Kiya’s text comes that she wants to meet KD. .
Omi gives KD his bike Keys. .
KiSha meet in the middle of no where n the 1 st thing Kiya does is hug KD. . .
KD asks her the reason behind the same. .she says for the poetry n the flowers. .
KD flirtatiously says if he knew Kiya wud like the poetry so much he would have written 10 more ( u flirt ek toh likh nahi paya 10 kaha se likhta)
she goes on to ask him how did he know it . .KD gets a FB of RV telling him the same but Kiya says never mind she knows KD knows her well. .
she thanks KD for treating her like a princess n Calls Him Her Prince(awww)
they are still in their own world when Kiya’s mom’s msg comes that she’s on her way. ..Kiya takes her leave but not before giving a flying kiss to KD
KD comes back to his room n starts counting the total amount of money he has. . he counts them upto 7 thousand. .Omi comes there sees KD hiding money asks if there’s a money issue KD says no n even if he has he’ll manage as it is Omi has done a lot for him. . .
Omi says too keep the speech to himself n wake up 6am in the morning for some Pushups to tone up his body. . KD says he’s going on a date not a battle field Omi says its one n the same thing
next morning Kiya comes n sits next to KD in Canteen both of them exchange formal greetings. .
n Kiya notices KD’s Crabe-bandaged hand n asks if he’s okay KD tries hiding it. .
RV-Pidhhi are sitting a table away from KiSha n start mimicking them. . KD gets angry while Kiya is Amused. . KD tries defending himself n RV-Piddhi acts. . .

Kiya humming the KiSha mv tune n has a dress placed across her chest Anya comes in and asks if her Boyfriend’s gifted her the dress . . Kiya hesitates n says she bought it but Anya smells something Fishy

Update Credit to: -Serendipity-

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