The Buddy Project 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 30th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with PanSh’s hurt expressions after the kiss. Then, the announcer takes the stage and announces that the most handsome boy of the party has dedicated a song to the hottest girl of the party. SaChi are standing together and Panchi wonders who that girl is? Samar looks around for a while saying there are many hot girls here, one of them is standing with him. Panchi looks at him and says if she’s hot then that handsome boy is most definitely him. They give each other cutesy flirty smiles and Samar urges the announcer to tell the girl’s name.

Spotlight moves from girl to girl and stops on Kiya. Kiya’s name is announced and she takes her place on stage. The boy is KD. Ishq Wala Love starts playing. Kiya wants to leave but KD forces her to dance with him. Kiya is clearly uncomfortable and tells KD to leave her hand. KD does and Kiya is about to fall but KD grabs her. Kiya has a FB of The Buddy Walk and KD pulls her closer and grabs her face. Kiya warns KD to stop whatever he’s doing.

Buddies are shocked seeing the scene unfold. Kiya is close to tears and blasts KD that his cheap antics won’t impress her. She used to hate him and will always do so. She wants to leave but KD forcefully pulls her back. He says she won’t leave without listening to what he’s got to say. RV angrily calls out KD’s name but KD tells him not to butt in. It’s between him and Kiya. He says to Kiya that she can leave after hearing him out.

KD says that Kiya never let go of a chance to humiliate him and like a fool, he’s been following her, begging for her forgiveness. But he realizes now that it’s of no use. Because to forgive, one has to have a heart. Just a mannequin in a shopping mall, Kiya is beautiful but a heartless statue. And a statue can never understand one’s pain. He painfully grabs Kiya’s face. Juhi keeps saying that KD is right, Kiya deserves this. RV is mad seeing all this and Panchi is shocked. KD continues that rich girls like Kiya can never understand someone’s pain. Because Kiya has no emotion, just her ego. RV clenches his fist in anger. KD says first Kiya played a drama of friendship with him and then found herself a rich spoiled partner like herself. Kiya asks KD to let go of her, as he’s hurting her. RV can’t stand it anymore and comes on stage and shoves KD away. He warns KD that he can talk all he want but don’t you dare touch her. KD smirks and says so it felt bad, eh? Why wouldn’t it, your relationship is like that. And today everyone got to see a piece of it.

RV angrily grabs KD’s collar and SaPid rush to break them apart. Panchi goes to console Kiya. RV says today KD finally showed his true disgusting nature. Kiya walks away from there and RV is left calling her. He warns KD that what he did was extremely wrong and KD tells him to follow her, else she’ll be gone. RV rushes after her and Panchi is shocked seeing RV’s extreme reaction.

SaPid at bar. Piddi is happily talking about the kiss and Samar says it’s better if Piddi never found out the truth. Piddi happily relives the action of the kiss and Bobby sees this. She slaps him and says it’s not for the kiss, he can kiss DG, the waiter or Samar for that matter, she doesn’t care. It’s for that suicide lie. She walks away angrily and Piddi cries.

Kiya is outside, mad and hurt. RV comes there and asks her to calm down saying KD is drunk and not in his senses. Kiya says she hates KD for using the kiss incident to humiliate her when they (YaRa) both know it was an accident. RV assures her that it was one but Kiya is still mad with hurt.

Bobby takes lift from a classmate and Piddi sees this. He apologizes and says he won’t ever make the same mistake again but Bobby refuses saying he always makes mistakes, which mistakes will he not repeat anyway? He wants to stop her but Bobby leaves after threatening him with a slap, hard enough to make his next 7 generations be born with deafness. He offers her to drop her home but she refuses and walks away. Piddi is heartbroken and says he loves her, from her heart. But she’s gone…

Kiya says she’ll make KD pay for humiliating her like this. KD comes there, behind YaRa. Kiya puts her head on RV’s shoulder and he pats her head to calm her down and asks her to relax. KD sees all of this and RV notices him. He gives KD the angry death glare as Kiya cries on his shoulder. RV makes Kiya sit in the car, making sure that she won’t notice KD. Before taking his place in the car, RV gives KD another glare. KD watches as the car drives off.

SaChi on road and Samar unsuccesfully tries to get a lift from someone. Panchi blasts at him that for having trust on RV that he’d offer them lift back home. But no, he didn’t even care to ask them. She gets mad at Samar for taking lift from RV in the first as he doesn’t know how to do anything except kiss girls! Samar pouts and says sorry. Panchi sighs to calm herself down and apologizes for blasting at him. Samar smiles and says he didn’t mind, as he knows beautiful girls take time to understand things. Panchi laughs at this and Samar says in Royal Families, they teach how to take lift and he has learned this as well. He assures her that he’ll get lift but fails as Panchi keeps looking at him hopelessly.

KD is drinking and seeing the kiss on his cell. He is totally drunk and fbs to YaRa moments he has witnessed.

Precap – Kiya sneaks in her room via the window only to see Anya waiting for her. Mr.D blasts KD for being in a drunk state and KD slips out that he knows Mr.D has mortgaged the house for him.

Update Credit to: Mais

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