The Buddy Project 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd October 2013 Written Update

KD finds Piddi alone in corridor. Piddi is obviously crying but he looks away and tries to act normal. KD says Piddi knows about KD’s irrational behavior, he sometimes acts all angry for all the wrong reasons and ends up screwing things up. He was wrong to act like that with Piddi, specially after all that Piddi has always done for him. Can he forgive his brother? Piddi looks at him and says that KD sometimes makes him go all senti and they hug and make up.

Rukmini goes find Panchi in the class and asks about why Avi is mad at her? Panchi says she knows the reason of what Avi wanted to say that when he stood for elections, Panchi wasn’t interested in the elections but now she’s in full swing when RV is standing. She just never felt that Avi would be a just president.

Rukmini asks does she feel that way for RV? Panchi replies the thing with trust is that whether it’s there or it’s just not. There’s no reason for its presence or absence, it’s either there or not. That’s the case with her. She excuses herself saying she has to help RV wit his speech leaving behind a confused Rukmini.

RV is struggling with his speech and Avi sees him and says things don’t seem too well for him. RV says so much matters on the speech and KD is such a grand speaker. Panchi comes there and gives a suggestion about the speech and offers help but RV says he’ll be fine on his own. Avi isn’t pleased seeing all this. Rukmini comes there as well and Panchi suggests they get coffee and RV loves this idea. He invites both Avi and Rukmini for it but Rukmini excuses herself saying she has work in hostel and Avi has to do some election work. RaHi happily go for coffee and Avi calls someone saying he has work for him, big work which guarantees big money.

RaHi are having coffee. Panchi says his girlfriend is more sensible than him. She was right about KD, in this matter RV has to be the mature one. RV says he isn’t interested in fixing things now. Panchi changes topic and says she’s happy that RV is dating Rukmini, a sensible girl and Panchi likes her a lot. VeeNi are a perfect match. RV jokes that it’s his own sensibility which rubs off on the girls he is out with. Panchi retorts how come it never happened to her and RV is flabbergasted and manages that he was talking about his girlfriends. But Avi suits Panchi, he isn’t as cool as RV but they are a nice match. RaHi joke and laugh together and Panchi looks on lovingly at a now cheered up RV.

RV is in his room, thinking about what Panchi said about making amends with KD. He finds a letter on his bed. It has a note which says this thing will help RV in his speech and KD’s speech in it. RV is shocked to find it. He starts to call KD but then remembers the way KD acted with him today and the days before and he stops.

A shadowed figure goes in ICC Boys Hostel.

Omi is figuring out numbers and the lead they have over RV’s party. Just then, RV comes there and Omi is shocked seeing him. RV says to KD he wants to talk to him alone. KD agrees but Omi intervenes that before they are friends, they are candidates of opposite parties. Whatever RV has to say, he has to say here. KD agrees with Omi and RV coolly hands KD his speech. KD is shocked seeing his missing speech with RV and asks how did he get it? RV replies if he knew, he wouldn’t have come here and handed it by himself. He says KD is so busy fighting with his girlfriend, friends and his Buddies that he fails to see the real enemy is lurking within his own party. RV suggests that KD make amends with his Buddies as they have nothing against him but rather it’s someone else. RV goes away and KD gets mad. Omi threatens to skin the person alive who dare betray but KD is too mad and stunned to react in any way.

RV meets Rukmini outside the hostel and apologizes for his behavior. He was so mad that he didn’t realize whatever she was saying was right. Rukmini asks how come his bulb lights up at night? RV chuckles he has no bulb, just a tubelight which was flickering and has now lighted up. Rukmini asks how and RV replies cuz of Panchi. Rukmini isn’t pleased. RV says Panchi is his choke, she made him realize what was right and wasn’t. He was just so mad and she calmed him down. Had she not given him a lecture, he would still be seething. The more he says, the more uncomfortable and displeased Rukmini gets. She wants to go in and RV says that Panchi said one more thing, that he’s so lucky to have a sensible girlfriend like Rukmini. Rukmini asks does he think the same? RV sighs and doesn’t reply so Rukmini moves to go in. RV holds her hand to make him wait and just then, his phone rings. He picks the call, asking Panchi what happened and Rukmini has a cold expression on her face.

Precap – KD gives a confident and grand speech. RV says to Avi that his speech isn’t ready yet. JJ calls RV on stage. RV hesitantly takes his place on the stage and Avi looks on nervously…

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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