The Buddy Project 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd July 2013 Written Update

KD wakes up and exclaims today is the Proposal Day! He gets up to get ready.

ICC. Panchi in all her excitement, asks two girls whether they’ve seen Kiya anywhere? She gets the reply that Kiya hasn’t arrived yet. Cursing, Panchi moves ahead and comes face to face with Avi who greets her with a huge smile on his face. He asks her whether she’s still mad at yesterday’s dance proposal? Panchi sighs and STTC that all JeeMi can think of is dance! If they are so excited about the dance, why don’t they go to Delhi in winters and dance to their heart’s content in all the random baraats! (I thought she’d say why don’t they dance with each other! But this one was better! Just imagine! ) Why are they bothering her?! Today is KD’s PROPOSAL DAY!! And all they can think of is

DANCE?! Panchi tells Avi that they’ll talk on this subject later, right now she’s busy and off she goes. Avi says to himself that he has to do something which will compel Panchi to choose him as her dance partner. But what? (sab pagal hogae hain )

Just when she thinks she escaped the trouble, Panchi bumps into Omi who also brings up the first dance topic but she doesn’t let him speak and rushes off saying she’s really busy. Omi is left calling for her and behind him, TD facepalms seeing his Bhai in such desperate state. He goes to Omi and gives his golden advice that if Omi will continue chasing Panchi like a lost puppy, he’d only be avoided by her. Omi hits him at this and sends him off in his usual angry mode.

RV is searching for Rukmini in the library and he exclaims seeing her enter but immediately lowers his volume when everyone goes all “SSHHH!!” around him. He goes to her and says he needs her help with something. Mini asks does he want to learn Hindi and RV STTC that why does Mini always think of Hindi in every situation? He jokingly calls her a “Hindustani Naari”. He tells her there’s some urgent matter and he needs her help! Mini comments he’s making it sound like someone’s dying and RV replies no one is dying but someone is losing his breathes over something. Mini mumbles is he talking about himself? To RV she asks what’s the matter? RV says he’ll tell her but first they should go into the most secluded corner of the library and he drags her away while she keeps asking him what’s the matter and she’s quite loud as she says this? RV stops and first tells her to lower her voice. Mini motions him to tell her everything. RV grabs her shoulders and dramatically pulls her towards himself. They are quite close when RV says, have to propose. What’s in the heart, that’s to be said out loud. Mini is all happy hearing this and a little shy as well. RV then breaks the news, KD is going to propose to Kiya! This breaks the spell around Mini as RV excitedly says he’s finally going to propose to Kiya! The thing they’ve been waiting for years is about to happen and for that he has a plan but he needs a quiet corner of the library in which Mini has to help him. Mini smiles that she will help him and asks where is KD?

KD is in the bathroom, rehearsing his lines of proposal. At first, he’s all in the mood and going with the flow. But then he kind of starts struggling to string the words together (this is gonna be epic! ) Khair, he keeps practicing and OMG! It’s so hilarious!

RV with Piddi and Mini in the library. He tells them the battle plan that they have to request people to clear the area of the library where the book is kept and they themselves will secure the sides of that area so that no one can enter and disturb KiSha. Got it? So get to positions!! They take care of the first stage of the operation and get the area secured.

KD is rehearsing his lines in bathroom when RV comes there and compliments him for his efforts. He warns KD not to miss one single word of it and not mess things up. RV tells him the steps of the operation..

Step 1 – Take the book and read out loud the lines from it.

Step 2 – Then, you’ll tell her that Romeo said these lines to Juliet. But he won’t say them to her. Cuz Romeo and Juliet had a very tragic end.

RV warns him to say all these lines with full emotion, while gazing into her eyes! Keep SRK in your heart and the girl HAS to melt! RV then kind of mimics SRK and when KD raises his eyebrows, RV says he was just warming up. He then tells KD to concentrate and with full emotions, RV says the words:

“When you smile, the sky becomes a little bluer. Rains become a little wetter and the world becomes a lot more beautiful…” (KD ke expressions as he’s observing RV say the lines is so hilarious! Agar KD ke haath mein pen aur paper hota tou wo pakka notes leta! ) As RV finishes it, in a blink of an eye he comes back into his goofy mode and tells KD to do it EXACTLY like he demonstrated.

Step 3 – You’ll say to her, while looking in her eyes, Romeo and Juliet couldn’t stay together all their life. But he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Step 4 – The three magical words! You know them, right?

These are KD’s four steps to success! 1 Din, Ladki In! Ready to go? Before KD can reply, RV says confidently, “of course you are!” and drags him away!

Kiya is walking through the canteen and Panchi stops her excitedly and asks where she’s headed to? Kiya replies she’s off to class and Panchi says who attends lectures anyway? She offers Kiya to spend time with her. Kiya is surprised that Panchi is talking of bunking classes and comments that time really has changed. Panchi mumbles excitedly that even Kiya’s time is about to change soon! Kiya is confused at this and Panchi makes her sit with her.

Piddi joins KD in the library and asks KD does he remember the 4-Step Formula? He mustn’t do anything wrong. RV joins them as well as KD confidently says he’s not nervous at all and remembers all the 5 steps of it! (Ye tou gaya! ) RV-Piddi facepalm at this and Piddi asks where did the 5th step come from?! He says to RV that KD seems nervous! KD replies if Piddi will keep on saying the word nervous then he’s bound to mess something up. RV hits Piddi and tells him to shut up and sit quietly in the corner! RV tells KD to relax and calm down and texts Panchi that they are ready.

When Panchi gets the text, she gets up suddenly and says they should go talk somewhere quiet, it’s too loud here. Kiya says if they’ll talk in a quiet place then there’ll be noise there too. Panchi looks at her and says she’s argues a lot and forcibly drags Kiya away saying she knows a great place!

RV informs PraShav that Panchi has texted that they’re gonna be at the venue any second so they better get ready. KD is obviously nervous at this and says all will be fine, he remembers the 3-Steps perfectly! The boys get mad at this and remind him AGAIN that it’s a 4-Step Formula! KD tells them to leave and assures them he knows everything! Just as the boys leave, KiyAn arrive and Panchi leaves Kiya there with KD saying she needs to do some work. Kiya smiles seeing KD and goes to stand with him. Behind her, Piddi-RV sneakily walk and hide behind a shelf near them. KD in his nervous stammers and asks Kiya how is she doing and she replies that she’s fine. She is smiling shyly and KD walks to the book and accidentally makes it fall. It falls on the lower shelf behind which Piddi is sitting who advices KD to just SAY it! KD motions them to go away and Kiya notices KD acting strange. She asks him what’s he doing and he turns around and says he was just getting this book.

KD opens the book and starts reading the line. Kiya is surprised at first but when she sees that he’s just reading out loud, she says nothing. RV and Piddi get happy seeing KD in action. Kiya sees the book in KD’s hand and says Romeo and Juliet is her favorite book and asks him to continue reading it. KD smiles and obliges. He says the words all over again and RV is close to happy tears seeing his plan work out so smoothly. Kiya is smiling hearing these romantic words. Mini and Panchi also arrive there and hide behind a shelf to see it all. The boys are happily swaying seeing the love birds. KD, after saying the words, says that’s what’s written in the book and he looks up and notices the girls sneakily witness the scene. They immediately hide when they see they are busted and KD mumbles both of them are fools. RV and Piddi are confused hearing such improvisation to the script and Kiya, thinking he said this about R&J, says they weren’t fools! They were in love. KD says he knows that and he respects them as well but wasn’t their love story not a success? Kiya says but even their failure was so magnificent (Shazzy! For you! When Kiya is all in a romantic mood, RV puts a hand on his heart and blows a kiss to her for being so understanding to love ) Kiya wishes she gets a love story like that.

KD gets all lost in Kiya as their song plays in BG. RV comments to Piddi that KD hasn’t propose in some other venue and whispers to KD to continue to the next step!! KD tou didn’t hear it but Kiya does and asks KD did he hear something? The intruders get worried at this. KD says he heard nothing but Kiya gets suspicious that there’s something around here somewhere and looks around.

KD diverts Kiya’s attention to himself and makes up an excuse that he isn’t feeling well so they’ll do the other 3 steps later and he walks away without a single backward glance. Panchi curses seeing him go and RV pulls out Piddi’s hair in the frustration of his epic failure! Kiya gets confused and STTC what 3 steps? Was he trying to say something? She gets the feeling that he wanted to say something romantic to her but then suddenly why was he acting so weird? Still confused, she puts the book back and leaves from there.

Piddi and RV start blaming each other for messing it all up and the girls break their fight off! Mini says they all messed up and Panchi tells them to go to KD and fix it all! RV pushes Piddi and also kicks him as they leave. Panchi asks Mini to have tea with her and Mini makes up an excuse that she has some work but Panchi drags her away saying nothing is more important that canteen tea in college!

Omi says to his Cs he has to impress someone.

A D replies to Avi that if he has to impress, he should beat some Chillar.

Omi doesn’t approve of this plan and says something universally appealing should be done.

Avi says he needs a really simple plan.

C2 asks Omi, who does he want to impress? A guy or a girl?

Avi hits the D and says where did the gender matter come in between?

(little chillar promotion of a shaving product)

D gives an idea, if you want to impress someone and he/she doesn’t like something about you, change that thing. Sure shot way to impress! Avi is thoughtful at this.

Omi gets up and says should he change his kurta? (KURTA?! ) D2 says changing kurta won’t do anything, he should change something from within!

Avi says he’ll start pretending that he has left all fights and become a cordial and amiable guy. D gives him a thumbs up!

C2 asks Omi again who does he want to impress? A girl? Omi raises his hand to hit him but then smiles and sweetly says there’s nothing like that so if he’d continue with his talks, he’ll beat him right there and then, kay?

Kiya is thinking about the library incident in the washroom and STTC why are boy so stupid? Why can’t they say the right thing at right time and why do they always mess up? She’s lost in her thoughts when Tika comes there and asks did she tell him? Kiya asks what, who? Tika says time has changed, they are in a completely new era! It’s no longer a wrong thing to take initiative! If she’ll continue to wait for him to take the first step, she’ll only waste time. So c’mon! She better take the first step like she (Tika) is gonna do! Kiya asks Tika who is she going to propose? Tika makes up an excuse that when she’ll fall in love, she’ll do the same. So Kiya should do it too! Tika leaves from there thanking the Heavens that she didn’t mess up and Kiya is left alone as she ponders upon what Tika said.

Precap – RanSh are drunk and RV suggests they do something wild! KD says they should. RV says he got an idea! KD replies it’s great and RV tells him to listen to it first. KD says “Shehnshah” will first do it then talk about it. RV asks for KD’s phone and calls Kiya and says to KD that he’ll propose to Kiya, right now!

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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