The Buddy Project 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 29th October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th October 2013 Written Update

KD asks Kiya what’s wrong, She replies that she was feeling a bit lonely as everyone was busy in their own work and she had nothing to do. Piddi says that KD was busy because he has a brilliant idea.He tells her that KD is planning to show his Talent Hunt website proposal to GK, this will give it a good launch which is why he has been a bit busy lately. Kiya says sorry that she spoiled everyone’s mood and wishes KD luck for his proposal.

Piddi sees that Ranveer is sad as well and they decide to play with him next. He refuses at first but the nods in approval when Rukmini asks him to.Kiya says “college” to which he replies fun. Piddi says “KD” to which he replies friendship,KD says “Piddi” to which he replies Joker. KD says “Best friend” to which he replies

Panchi.Rukmini says “Love” at which he looks down for a moment and the stutters saying “Of-of-course you”. However KD notices that He seems lost and asks him after they leave from the classroom. RV says its nothing like that. Piddi comes from behind and shouts Panchi’s name. RV immediately asks him where he saw her, to which he replies outside.
RV frantically searches the whole college for her while shouting her name.When he can’t find her, he asks Piddi did he really see her. Piddi says that he thinks he was mistaken by someone else. Rv gets angry and leaves from there. Piddi says to KD that RV claims that him and Panchi are just friends, just like you and I. So if anyday Piddi goes missing or something happens to him, will KD also go searching for him like this shouting his name? KD says not at all, to which he laughs andsays,” Tou RV kyun Dewaano ki tarah Panchi ko miss kar raha hain?” KD replies that he has got a point there and thinks about it.

KD takes Kiya out for coffee. He apologizes her for not being able to spend any time with her the past few days as he was busy. She says its okay and he doesn’t need to apologize. While they are having coffee, KD gets calls two times, once of Shubh and other time of some hard disk guy and he leaves the table to attend the calls, Kiya gets extremely annoyed at this. And when KD returns she tells him that they should leave now.
ICC.Principal and GK meet al the students and Princi says that these are very talented students of his college.They recently held a Dandiya even in the college through which they collected a Student relief fund to help any student in crisis.He plays a video of some of the dance moments in the Dandiya event to show to GK.He announces that due to the initiative of the students,an amount of 3 lakh and 25,000 has been collected in the student relief fund.He tells the buddy gang to come forward and receive prizes. After they’ve all received prizes from GK,KD talks to GK and tells him about his website, Gk tells him that they’ll sit and talk about his website tomorrow for sure.

ICC canteen. The girls are giving roses and gifts to Piddi and flirting with him so that he takes their audition again.He agrees to do so and leaves from there. RV comes there and KD asks him where he was as he wasn’t present at the felicitation, he said he had some work and leaves from there. KD also leaves and Kiya is left alone in the canteen. Kiya STTC that KD has become too busy , he didn’t even say bye and went away.KD goes to Piddi and says that he needs some help from him, Piddi gets elated hearing that KD needs his help. KD tells him that RV is too upset and tensed these days and all of us are very busy, so we should do something to cheer him up. Piddi says that he’ll do something for sure but he has a condition.KD asks what that is and the epi ends.

Precap: Piddi and KD push RV into singing for the audition, he denies saying that one should not sing until song comes from the heart. However, Rukmini insists him to sing and he agrees.RV performs on “Bin Tere” . Later Rukmini asks him why he chose only that song out of so many? He replies that it is Panchi’s favorite song.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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