The Buddy Project 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 29th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th May 2013 Written Update

Piddi reprimands KD that the CD had Kiya’s song on it while Kiya is disappointed cum mad. KD immediately apologizes to Kiya and says they’ll make another copy of it. Kiya tries hard to control her temper and says they can’t as she deleted the original file of the song. KD asks delete as in erase and Kiya snaps what else does delete mean?! KiPi are worried while KD looks guilty. Piddi scolds KD for hitting him so hard on the back and KD retorts couldn’t he have held the CD firmly! Seeing Kiya’s troubled state, KD says he has an idea and tells him that she’s forgetting he’s a computer expert and can retrieve the deleted data from the PC but for that he’d have to come over to her house. Kiya says no way, what’ll she say to her mother about this?! Piddi jokes to the camera

that she’d say to her mother your future son-in-law has come to visit. KD then suggests that he’d tell her what to do and starts telling her some technical mumbo jumbo (I studied computer science for 4 years…mere samajh mein aya, Kiya khaak samjhe gi? ) Kiya says she doesn’t understand anything, it’s too hard and she can’t do it! KD says then he’d have to go to her room and retrieve the file. Piddi STTC that KD’s mind is still stuck on Kiya’s room! Kiya asks how can he come to her house? It’s too risky! KD replies the CD was spoiled cuz of him so it’s his responsibility to make another copy of it. Kiya agrees and warns him that if anything goes wrong, he’d face the music and KD agrees. Kiya goes from there and seeing her, Piddi turns to leave as well but KD pulls him back and asks does he know someone is going to bunk college today? Piddi asks who and KD says, “You” and drags him away.

Lecture 2 over. Panchi is getting up and saying to Avi on phone that she’d meet him in the canteen in a while. She disconnects and STTC that Avi is already in the canteen so she’d go to him and give him the lunch box (tiffin or lunch box, whatever rocks your boat ). Then, she’d make up an excuse and go meet Omi because if JeeMi meet, it’d be inflammable like fire and oil! She rushes out of the room.

RV in canteen ordering food when Panchi comes there looking for Avi. RV notices her and asks does she want anything but then sees the tiffin in her hands and takes it from her commenting that she got home made food while Panchi tells him to give it back! But RV doesn’t listen and opens it up and is about to eat when Panchi tells him it’s bad manners to eat someone else’s food. RV looks up at this and repeats someone else’s food? He calls her duffer and says if she won’t bring food for him who else would she bring it for? Panchi tells him it’s for Avi. RV is surprised and looks at her. Just then, Avi comes and takes the box from RV’s hands and asks Panchi did she bring it from him? He tastes it and says it’s too delicious and offers it to RV. RV declines and says it’s bad manners to eat food meant for someone else, while looking at Panchi. Avi comments that RV must’ve eaten this a thousand times before anyway and RV agrees. He then excuses himself and leaves from there. Panchi becomes serious at his reaction. Avi comments that the phrase “finger lickin’ good” is meant for food like this, it’s so good that a person can lick other people’s fingers as well! Panchi can only manage a small smile at this and STTC that she didn’t meant to upset RV but he always acts like this egoistic jerk. Can’t she cook for another friend of hers?

RV is marching off with a mad expression on his face when Rukmini stops him and tells him she bought something for him, showing him a big tiffin. RV asks what’s this and Mini replies he helped her a lot so to pay him back, she bought him home made sweets. RV is serious at first then licks his lips hungrily at the thoughts of sweets. He asks her did she make it at her house and Mini replies no, she made it in the mall. If she’s saying she made it at her house then she means it! RV says that’s so sweet of her and pulls her saying they will eat it peacefully in the canteen (WHAT?! Seriously RV?! Itna ego? GOD! RaHi na..dono pagal hain )

VeeNi come in the canteen and RV makes Mini sit at a table near to ViChi’s. He loudly starts saying how sweet of her bring him homemade sweets! He takes one from it and comments it’s so nice, so yummy and sweeter than RK’s movie “Barfi!” Obviously, Panchi is listening and she’s not happy. RV looks at Panchi and says Rukmini is the only one who takes such care of him, brings him food from her house and keeps on thanking her loudly. Mini asks has he gone mad? How many times will he repeat one thing? RV exclaims he would do it over and over again (yeah, he is still eying Panchi who is avoiding looking at him) because the sweets are too damn delicious! Now, Panchi comes in action and asks Avi how did he like the food? Avi says it’s nice and Panchi asks, just nice? Avi says it’s awesome and Panchi tells him to say it loudly as she didn’t hear it properly (oh god, this is embarrassing ) Avi says out loud that the food is awesome, if the six packs disappear cuz of this then it’s worth it! RV looks at him and says out loud that the sweets are heaven on earth! Avi comments whoever made this, he feels like kissing those hands and Panchi smiles shyly at this. Gadha RV (gadha hai per mera hai ) repeats the same thing but before he can finish the kissing hands wala dialogue, Mini cuts across him and says her famous, “Chappal Utaren Kya?” dialogue which shuts RV up ( ) She says if he likes the sweets so much he should eat quietly, why is he talking so much?! RV nods obediently and eats the sweets.

Kiya peeps behind the gate of her house and says her mother’s car is still here which means they can’t go in! Piddi wants to escape from there but KD stops him. He sees Kiya’s state and asks her not to start crying again as they don’t have any tissues with them. Piddi gets in his hyper mode again but Kiya is still worried. KD assures her that he’d figure out something and Piddi STTC that this figure is the reason millions of guys have died and will continue dying! KD tells Kiya to go in and wait for them while Piddi takes this as a hint to leave from there but KD stops him. Kiya asks him is he sure about all this and they have a LLHH moment and KD says he is sure. Piddi sees them and STTC that this Aashiqui part 3 will get them killed right here and now! Kiya tells him the location of the room while still in that LLHH pose and Piddi STTC that in real love, the best friend always gets stuck ( it’s so good! Wahan romance chalu and yahan Piddi ka hyper mode! Too funny! ) and wonders what’ll happen to him? KiSha finally let go of their hands and Kiya goes in and PraShav go to the back of the house.

Mrs.G is having her facial treatment when Kiya rings the bell. Mrs.G asks the maid to open the door and Kiya comes in greeting. Mrs.G asks how come she returned early and Kiya lies that she wasn’t feeling too well and plus there were no lectures as well so that’s why. Mrs.G asks the maid to check if Kiya has temperature and in case she does, she should be taken to the hospital but Kiya stops the maid and assures Mrs.G it’s fine, all she needs is some rest. Mrs.G continues with her massage cum facial treatment and Kiya sneaks away.

ViChi in canteen (VeeNi are gone by then ). Avi says to Panchi that she has to win MVC and Panchi smiles at this. He asks her did she prepare for the personality round questions and Panchi replies not really. Avi says since she cooked such good food for her, he’d help her prepare for that. Then, Panchi gets a call from Omi. She gets worried and STTC that while dealing with RV and Avi, she totally forgot Omi was waiting for her in rehearsal hall! She gets up and tells Avi to leave from there but Avi chillaxedly tells her to sit and discuss Q&A with her as they don’t even have lectures. Just then, Omi enters the canteen but he’s distracted by the phone and Panchi sees him. Ek dum Kekta style screen shakes as if an earthquake is happening!

Panchi looks away and hides her face and Avi asks her what’s wrong. Omi is on the phone so he stops at the door. Panchi tells Avi to let’s go somewhere else and Avi asks her why. She tells him cuz Omi is coming and Avi looks at Omi and coldly asks, so? Panchi replies that Omi is a chipku and Avi knows it. Avi smiles and nods yeah, that’s true and volunteers to teach Omi a lesson but Panchi stops him saying he already has excellent reasons to fight with Omi, she doesn’t want to add another to the list (OMG! This is hilarious! Palak is too funny here ) Avi agrees to this and Panchi suggests that they hide as Omi is there but Avi says he hates this hiding business and he was always the seeker whenever they played hide n seek. There’s no way he’s hiding from this Chillar! Panchi tells him to wait for her in the lobby, when Omi will be gone she’ll join him. Avi agrees at her insistence and leaves but not before giving Omi “The Look”. Omi is disgusted and says Dhakkan crossed his path, now his whole day will be bad and disconnects the call. He orders a sandwich and wonders how come Panchi isn’t picking his call. Panchi quietly wants to sneak away from there but she accidentally bumps into a chair and sits there, causing enough noise for Omi to look back. She still tries sneaking away but Omi catches her and asks from whom is she hiding from? Panchi replies that she’s hiding from Avi! Omi asks why is she hiding from him and Panchi gives the same reason as she gave Avi, chipku hai na! Omi agrees to this and says Avi ain’t a human, he’s a chewing gum stuck in the hair (WHAT?! ) and says he’ll go and teach him a lesson and stick the words “Keep Distance” on his forehead. Panchi says there’s no need for that and tells him to just go to the RH. Omi follows Panchi and says to canteen guy that order is cancel. But as they pass him by, the guy informs that the sandwich is already made. Omi grabs his shirt and says that when he said order cancel so why is he bothering him but seeing Panchi, he becomes extra sweet and pays for the sandwich more than it’s worth and feeds the sandwich to the guy and tells him to eat nutrition food. MiChi finally leave and the guy is confused about whatever that happened.

PraShav sneak through the back area of the house and reach outside Kiya’s bedroom window. Kiya opens the window to let them in and helps KD in as Piddi volunteers to stay oustide on the lookout. When Kiya pulls KD in, he stumbles and falls on top on Kiya, locking the window behind him to which Piddi remains oblivious. KiSha have a LLHH moment.

Precap – Piddi comes to the front door wearing a burkha and introduces himself as Kiya’s friend. Anya goes to Kiya’s room calling for her and Kiya hurries to hide KD. Anya opens Kiya’s bedroom door and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Mais

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