The Buddy Project 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 29th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th July 2013 Written Update

Everyone except for Kiya is in the canteen preparing KD to ask Kiya for a date, they then move to some people who looks at the party dance pics of Omi and Panchi, RV comments on them while Omi turns to look at them from the counter, RV looks at Omi and says there he is and asks him to join but Omi looks at Panchi and leaves from there

KD comes to Omi in the adda and gives his sandwich which he left at the canteen, but Omi doesn’t say anything standing still gloomed, KD says sorry and Omi tells him there is no need for sorry as Panchi danced with him because she chose Avi for everything, Omi depressed tells him she must have been too good for him as she is so sophisticated so that’s why she chose Avi
Omi then says its ok since they are friends and they will always be,

he the goes on saying Avi came to him warning Omi to stay away from Panchi but why should he stay away since they are friends and so he told them both he will always be her friend, and even Panchi said that no one can decide for their friendship, KD looks at him worried

Panchi asks Avi which batteries does he have for the remote, Avi asks which remote, Panchi says the remote with which he is trying to control his life, Avi asks when did he do that, Panchi asks him why did he tell her friends how to behave with her and didn’t he only say he was okay with Omi, Avi tells her sorry and says he is not okay with it and tells her he isn’t helping her for their friendship but because of their own enmity

Avi tells her he knows Omi before her, Panchi replies back that she knows Omi better than him, Panchi tells him Omi cares for him just like RV KD and Piddi but he doesn’t have a problem with them but he has a problem with Omi which means he is the one who is still taking Omi as his enemy, she asks him irritated why is he bringing his and Omi’s fights in between their relationship
Both look away from each other irritated and the two chamchas leave from there, Panchi then turns to him and tells him she really likes him and he even has a special place in her heart but he needs to trust her and also her friends and let them be, she asks him if he could do that, Avi turns to her and takes her hands in his and apologizes her and tells her he will try, they both hug each other

In the corridor Avi keeps calling Ruku and finally he stops her and tells her he was looking for her, Ruku is surprised, Avi asks for a small favor and tells her when Panchi misses her class if she could give her the notes, Ruku says ofcourse and Avi thanks her, just then a ball hits Ruku and the books fall from her hands, Avi shouts at the boys
RV comes right then and tells Avi to relax and tells the guys to carry on, RV tells Avi they are just playing in the rain and this is what Ruku says, Avi confused asks what is there in playing in the rain, RV tells him it’s a different feel to play in the rain and the mud as you feel like a child again, Avi disgusted says its unhygienic, RV tells him to stop being so stuck up and find happiness in little things and says ‘right Ruku baby?’, Ruku says yeah and even she will find little things to bang his head
RV laughs out saying she is too funny, he then asks Avi they are going for coffee and asks him to join, Avi tells them to carry on, RV asks Ruku ‘chalein Ruku baby’ and they leave off
KD to the camera: even if he sells his house, his village land and even his kidney the date wont be possible and having champagne without kidney will be tough, why sint anyone telling him how a special date should be for a college guy

A guy comes to KD with mithai and tells him he got a job so wanted to share the happiness with his own people, but KD says he doesn’t even know him, the guy says he lives in this hostel and tells him he is a scholar and few years back when his mom died everyone here helped him and paid his fees and now he even got a job, he tells KD that the hostel is everything to him as he came to know coming here that when people give you love they should also return that and spend some time with them, KD congratulates him and wishes him all the best
Kiya is lost in her thoughts listening to ‘mere saath’, KD calls her and asks her what is she doing, Kiya lies she was sleeping, KD tells her it’s a white lie as she never sleeps with her lights on, Kiya looks around and runs to her window and sees KD outside, she shouts in excitement but KD tells her to lower down

Kiya then jokes and says on the phone that a stalker is outside her window and asks what to do, KD tells her to sya to the stalker that her boyfriend is a very angry man, Kiya tells him to say it himself, KD says to her to come down and tell herself, Kiya tells him she cant come down, KD says then he will ask her on the phone, Kiya says he could have asked on the phone from the hostel too but KD tells her he wanted to see her when he asked her

He asks Kiya if she would like to go on a date with him, Kiya starts blushing, LLHH
KD goes to RV and finds him sleeping with 4 missed call on his cell phone, he wakes up RV who freaks out and asks KD why is he so charged up, KD tells him excitedly he asked Kiya for a date today, RV nods his head sleepily, KD then tells him all the details what happened only to turn and find RV sleeping who wakes up as soon as KD asks if he is listening, RV says yeah
KD asks him isn’t he excited, RV gets up and says he isn’t taking him on a date so why will he be excited and asks him to let him sleep, KD shakes him again and says he is going first time on a date and he is so nervous and above all he doesn’t know what to do, RV tells him he will tell him everything but pleads him to let him sleep right now and puts the blanket back on
KD takes it off again and RV tells him date is the main event but before that they need build up and they will do that from tomorrow so that the main event is as such that it’s the biggest one in Kiya’s life, KD looks confused and RV winces and says he will explain everything tomorrow on condition that he lets him sleep, RV goes back under the blanket
KD asks what about the planning, RV says he will do it all but right now he should say two magical words and leave, KD asks which words, RV says good night and switches off the light, KD is still in thoughts and RV from under the blanket says to KD that if he doesn’t leave he wont help him tomorrow, KD is about to leave when RV tells him he has to be there in college by 10, KD smiles (awww damn i love RanSh scenes)

Kiya looks around for KD when a peone comes and hands her a letter, she askshim who gave it but the tells her to see it herself, Kiya reads it, itsfrom KD who asks her to go check the book of Romeo&Juliet from the library as there’s a secret there, Kiya smiles and heads to the library, RV and KD comes out from behind the pillar and watches behind her, RV looks at KD who is lost and asks him if he is going to come or stand here like barfi ka ranbir kapoor
RV says mission- date, location- library, step 2 and they leave

Kiya searches the whole library for the book and finally gets it when Piddi puts his hand too on it and they both try to snatch the book when Piddi takes it from her and she finds a rose where the book was on the shelf, Kiya asks Piddi what is he doing, Piddi replies he is trying to search for her name (hahaha i love the way they fight)
Piddi tells her her name isn’t written which means its not hers and since it’s a library and he picked the book first he will take it, Kiya tries to pull the book from his grip saying she wants it for reference, Piddi tells her to take it later and tells her anyways they have someone special in their life so now he will read this book and impress girls
Kiya looks at him irritated as he reads a line from the book to impress girls, Kiya snatches it from him and he goes behind her and they both quarrel again when the book falls and a paper falls out from the book, Piddi picks up the letter and Kiya looks at him stressed out, Ruku comes to them telling them not to make noise

Piddi opens the letter and starts reading it, he laughs at the shayari as Kiya tries to stop him, Piddi laughs out loud and looks at the end to see KD’s name, a guy comes asking what did KD write and they both laugh out at the letter, RV and KD just enter and the guy tells KD it’s a nice poem, Kiya turns to look at KD
Piddi continues making fun and Kiya gets angry and snatches the letter from him and takes the rose from the shelf and leaves looking at KD, Ruku leaves behind her, KD ad RV move to Piddi as the guy leaves too

KD asks Piddi what was going on, Piddi still trying to control his laugh tells him his shayari was so good that he couldn’t control laughing, KD and RV looks at him pissed, the librarian comes there telling them to keep silence, Piddi leaves still laughing and RV and KD leaves off in anger behind him
Kiya sits on the bench and smiles looking at the letter and the rose, Ruku comes there and says only a true lover could do such things, Ruku then asks her what is written in the letter, Kiya blushes and says he asked for a date and that too first one, she then saysit would all have been perfect only if Piddi’s parents didn’t get married 20 years back
Ruku tells her not to get angry as today is a very special day for her, Kiya smiles and reads the letter again blushing

Precap: RV tells someone Piddi read the whole petry which KD wrote for Kiya, Panchi tells that even in the canteen everyone was talking about it while Piddi hides behind her, Ruku tells RV its their special date and Kiya must be having so many hopes, Omi tells KD that there is a temple nearby he should go take out shubh mohrat for his date, Panchi tells KD he needs to make it special, Omi tells Kd he needs blessing from his bhai and god, Panchi asks him if he knows Kiya’s like and dislikes, KD says no lost, Panchi slaps her forehead, KD says even they are Kiya’s friends so they should help him but Panchi and Piddi disappear

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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