The Buddy Project 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 29th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th January 2013 Written Update

Samar is leading the dance on “Oh Boy Charlie” song (film – Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola) and Panchi is also there, dancing with him and having fun. Just then, the girl from Delhi joins Samar and makes him do close close dance with him. Piddi notices this from afar and gets jealous. He says to the camera he won’t stand by and let Samar take away this girl after ruining his life and vows to teach him a lesson.

Bobby is taking care of a drunk Juhi and Juhi compliments Bobby saying how she’s her true BFF while everyone else is selfish. Then, Juhi spills the beans regarding Piddi’s suicide attempt as how he lied to gain Bobby’s sympathy. Bobby is hurt and mad hearing this while Juhi keeps blabbering that there are no friends in world.

SaPid dance with that DG (Delhi Girl), each trying to outdo the other while dancing. After dancing like this for a while, Piddi takes Samar away. They quarrel as to who will dance with DG as they both want to as they are both controlled by their hormones. Then Piddi gives a solution, whoever kisses DG before New Year, will spend NY with her. Samar agrees.

2 minutes to NY, everyone is enjoying on the dance floor. SaPid with DG, YaRa together. JuBy also come there. Bobby says to the camera she’ll teach Piddi a lesson for playing with her emotions. Countdown happens. Happy New Year everyone! Everyone goes on greeting while SaPid want to kiss the girl. They both approach her to kiss her with their eyes closed but DG walks away. Apparently they kiss each other

KD is recording the party on his cell and greetings as well. He does with Panchi as well (ALLAH!! PANSH! SO CLOSE! TOGETHER! SMILING! MAIN MARJAWAN!! Someone make me siggies and avis out of it..I can’t download episodes ) RaHi give each other a thanda sa wish. Kiya sees RV and says to the camera had it not been RV, she would’ve been sulking in some boring party with her mother. He has been a true friend and deserves a peck on the cheek. She goes to him and puts her hand on the shoulder. KD moves his cell towards them. RV leans in too close and YaRa’s lips touch. Everyone sees this and KD records this on the cell.

PanSh are hurt seeing this and YaRa are nervous. RV apologizes that he didn’t mean it and it was an accident but Kiya is nervous and speechless. She leaves from there. KD breaks the glass in his hand and hurts his hand. Panchi is stunned and excuses herself to search for Samar.

Samar opens his eyes and realizes who he had kissed and escapes from there. Before Piddi opens his eyes, DG comes there and Piddi is happy for kissing her. He’s ecstatic and DG is confused seeing him like this. Piddi happy dances.

Samar is gargling his mouth and is disgusted that his first kiss was Piddi. He is scared what if anyone saw them? Panchi comes there and he gets nervous. He asks her if she saw something? Panchi says it’s alright, too much drinking causes that and it’s normal. Samar angrily says to the camera that it might be normal for her and Juhi, not for him. Panchi says it’s okay if he puked, she can see that and asks him why he drank so much? Samar is relieved hearing this and calms himself down. Panchi asks him to wish her a happy new year and they hug. They go back in the party.

Kiya is still nervous and RV apologizes again saying it was just an accident and he didn’t mean to do it. Kiya says it’s alright and she apologizes as well. YaRa, both nervous.

Precap – KiSha ka “hawt passionate” whatever dance going on. Kiya angrily asks KD what does he want to prove? KD says Kiya always humiliated him and never let go of any chance to do it, now it’s his turn. He grabs Kiya’s face angrily and makes her lean closer. RV gets mad seeing this. .

Update Credit to: Mais

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