The Buddy Project 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th October 2013 Written Update

ICC. KD is working on the PC when Kiya comes there and hugs him. She asks him what he is doing. KD tells her that he is dumping what he shot,in this way he would even make a documentary.
Kiya asks him if it’s really necessary to do that right now. He says yes and begins working again. Kiya pulls out a furry feather kind of thing and tickles KD, he snatches it from her and resumes work again. Kiya then puts her hands on
his eyes.KD removes her hands,holds her shoulders and slowly pushes her out of the door and shuts it. Kiya then comes near the glass window and gestures KD to open the door. KD comes there, and puts a “Do Not Disturb” note on the window. xD
Irritated, Kiya leaves from there. KD STTC that what kiya doesn’t know is that he is preparing a

profile for Kiya of all her songs, photoshoots etc to show GK (Guggi Kohli) as he is in search for a fresh face.He says it’d be beneficial for his website as
we as for Kiya. He also says that he’s going to surprise her by this. Kiya is sitting all bored in the canteen when Piddi comes there and orders coldrinks for GK.Kiya tries to talk to him but he says he’s busy and that he’ll talk later.
Kiya STTC that everyone’s busy, even KD and she’s getting bored.KD gets call from Shubh and he asks him if everything’s alright at home. SHubh says all is fine, KD tell him he’ll talk later as he is busy right now.
Shubh tells him to work in peace,he’ll play ludo with Kiya. KD gets shocked hearing that Kiya is at his home, he tells Shubh to hand the phone to Kiya.He scolds Kiya for going at his house and tells her to leave at once. Kiya’s house. She is crying thinking about KD scolding her for just going to her house. KD calls her but she ignores his call. He then messages her saying sorry..He calls her again and she picks it up this time. He apologizes for scolding her and says that he did so just
because his Dad would think it to be odd if she keeps on going to his house everyday, he was afraid his dad would say something to her which is why he scolded her. Kiya forgives him.

Piddi is taking auditions for the cast with each girl saying the very filmy dialogue “Main tumhare bacche ki maa banane wali hoon,tum mujhe aisi halat main kaise chodke jaa sakte ho?” >.< However no one impresses him, he remembers GK's words to him in which he says that the girl should act with so much of conviction that the audience should really feel as if the girl is pregnant. He tells this to the the girl who is auditioning and gets a slap in return. xD RV bumps into Kiya while walking, Kiya asks him how he is? he says that all good, but in a very depressed tone. Kiya asks him, Pakka? He says yes, and tells her that he has to prepare for the Radio Show so he'll talk to her later. Kiya asks him if he talked to Panchi..He says no and Kiya assures him that she will be fine. Radio show, the buddies are in the canteen listening to the show, Rukmini asks GK if he is enjoying in their college, GK says that his new movie is based completely on college life so he is enjoying it a lot. Rukmini asks him about his new movie. GK says that its a frsh concept, in which there is a young guy and a girl who have been the bestfriends since childhood.They keep telling everyone that they are just friends and there is nothing like Love between them. Rukmini thinks about RV and Panchi , she remembers what RV said to her about him being upset for Panchi.She asks GK what happens next. GKs says "Syapa". There's a twist in the story as heroine comes into the guys life, very beautiful. And that the guy falls madly in love with her while his bestfriend keeps acting her role as his bestfriend. Rukmini thinks about her moments with RV. She asks GK what's the problem then? GK says that "Problem nahi syapa hain!" He says that some wise person has said that a girl and a guy can never be just friends.The question is, that if they really just friends or they are immensely in love with each other and just haven't realized it? Rukmini thinks about RV and Panchi at this, their moments together.Rukmini asks GK what happens in the end then? He tells her that thats where the problem is, he hasn't written the story after this. He says that the question now is if the guy will go to the heroine or his bestfriend and will the heroine let him go?He asks her what she thinks will happen. Rukmini memorizes her moments with RV, all the times they have spent together. Precap: The buddies decide to play a game.The games is that Piddi will say a word and they have to say whatever comes to their mind first after hearing it. Piddi’s word is KD to which she says KD and next he asks about Sadness to which she stays silent. (He said some other word as well, but I couldn’t catch it.)
Next is RV’s turn, Kiya says College to which he replies fun and KD says Bestfriend to which he says Panchi. Then Rukmini says “love” and he becomes silent. Piddi shouts Panchi’s name thinking he saw her outside.RV goes searching for her while shouting Panchi’s name, he looks for her everywhere.Piddi’s ask KD if by chance
I go somewhere like this,would he search him crazily like this? KD says no..Piddi says that he doesn’t understand , “Ki RV Panchi ko Deewano ki tarah kyu miss kar raha hain?”

Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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