The Buddy Project 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 28th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th May 2013 Written Update

RV trails behind Panchi saying he has been waiting for her for an hour! Panchi sarcastically replies that she’s sorry she forgot to pay her telepathy bill. If she knew he was to come, she would’ve been prepared for his “welcome”. RV sighs and says seriously that was not what he meant and asks her if she’s mad at anything. Panchi clicks her tongue and says no. RV asks so why is she passing all these sarcastic comments? Panchi asks how was she sarcastic? He was the one who was busy, right? RV changes the topic and asks where was she with Avi? Panchi replies nowhere and RV raises his eyebrows as she continues they were just chit chatting and roaming around, nothing special. RV is surprised and says he didn’t know ViChi had became such good friends. Panchi is more interested

in Puppy Rastogi and keeps on playing with him, not paying attention to the interrogation RV asks when did this happen? Panchi replies he would know what’s going on in her life if he actually hung out with her. But he was so busy in “his radio” so…but anyway! It’s celebration time so they should celebrate! She sees the cake in his hand and says she’ll serve it and tells him to play with the puppy. RV is stunned seeing her behavior and Panchi is gone after telling him it won’t bite. RV eyes PR and says what’s he looking at and puts the basket on the table while he sits on the sofa. He threatens PR with a punch (Puppy se dushmani ) and Panchi comes with the cake on the plate. She puts it in front of RV on the table and announces that the cake which he bought is served and tells him to cut it. She gives him the knife and she cries in fear as the sharp edge is pointing towards him and it feels like she is gonna cut him with it. Panchi coolly changes the angle of the knife and gives him the handle part of it. RV asks who hands over someone a knife this dangerously?! Panchi just tells him to cut. As he’s going to, she stops him and says she didn’t even wish him congratulations! And gives him the most thanda congratz ever and tells him to proceed. RV keeps on looking at Panchi suspiciously and cuts the cake as if it’s his most bitter enemy ever! Panchi picks up the piece and feeds it to RV but he’s too…suspicious to react properly. Panchi goes on cheerfully eating her piece and commenting that it’s a nice cake while RV is confused by her extremely chilled out behavior (the guy was totally spooked! Literally! She was eating and offering PR the cake and was so…relaxed about it all! Oh yeah! Toofan se pehle ki khamoshi..! )

Kiya composes her song (which sounds so good!!! ) and gets happy. She decides to inform Piddi and calls him. She excitedly tells him she finished her song and Piddi calls her “Imperial ki Shakira!” and asks should he come right over for a demo? Kiya replies not now, she’ll play it for him tomorrow and tells him that they should start planning for the MV. Piddi replies yeah, they should. He’d talk to KD and arrange everything. Anya enters the room just as Kiya says bye to Piddi and sees the computer suspiciously. Song starts to play and Kiya notices Anya too late. She asks her what’s she’s doing in her room and Anya is playing around all coolly, going to the PC and all but Kiya tells her to stay away. Anya says a cheap sarcastic comment at this and Kiya is disgusted. Anya asks why did she close the song, it seems very special. Kiya replies it is indeed and Anya offers to improve it for her but Kiya says it’s perfect the way as it is. And as far as improvement is concerened, Anya should use it on her looks. Anya just rolls her eyes and leaves the room telling Kiya to carry on with whatever she’s doing and Kiya locks the door behind her (Yups…ye song tou khatre mein hai )

Kiya sits at the PC and STTC that Anya will definitely return again. So she should take the backup file of the song and delete this copy because she really doesn’t want Anya to listen to the song, she’s a pain. Kiya burns the song on the CD and deletes the file. She happily says now Anya can’t do anything (le! Ab yehi CD syapa karegi!)

Shubh is listening to Vele (TAUBA! They are still stuck there! MOVE ON PEOPLE!! ) and enjoying it while behind him, KD is talking to someone on the phone with a diary in his hand. When the call is finished, he crosses another name in the list written in the diary and becomes a little frustrated. He takes out the box with money in it and starts counting it. He STTC that he is till 10k short, how will he arrange it?

ICC-BH. Omi follows TD in a room (He’s SHIRTLESS!!! And my mother just passed by as the scene was going! HE WAS SHIRTLESS! Okay, he has a very good body but WHY WAS HE SHIRTLESS!!! And it was all chikni and oily sort of a body..oh god…my face is all red ) There, he is calling someone while TD is playing with the TV. Omi scolds TD that the TV is not working so why does he always play with it?!

Panchi is using the laptop and gets a call. She’s surprised seeing Omi’s name and picks it up. Omi greets her and asks her what she’s doing. She replies nothing much, just using the computer (she says “computer pe bethi hun” literally translating to “sitting on the computer”). Omi jokes that she should sit carefully or the computer might break then laughs at his own joke while Panchi doesn’t take it too well (who would? It’s so old and cheap and kinda insensitive as well ) Omi continues laughing but when it registers to him that he’s the only one laughing, he stops. Panchi asks how come he called now? Omi says they were to meet for MVC practice na, that’s why. Panchi seems to have forgotten about it and says they’ll do it tomorrow after the second lecture. Omi says fine and there’s an awkward pause in between from Panchi recovers and asks what was he doing? Omi says nothing, he was just exercising. Panchi asks does he have Skype and Omi struggles on the very word but TD assures him that they do and Omi replies he does. Panchi suggests then they should chat online. Though Omi is confused, seeing TD’s assurance he says yes.

Omi asks TD what the hell is Skype anyway?! And notices C2 looking at sleazy magazines. He kicks C2 and upon asking why he did so, he says if they are to read books why have they gotten an internet connection anyway?! C2 sheepishly replies that he got a letter from home that he should pay more attention to books so that’s why (tauba! ) Omi says he feels like paying attention to him but lucky for him, today he’s busy. Tomorrow he’s free so he tells C2 to come in his room, to get a good beating! He then kicks C2 again while TD brings the laptop. Panchi is still on line and calls out his name. He tells her that the laptop was off hence the delay. TD asks Omi to ask Panchi’s ID. She says it’s “Cool Panchi” and Omi repeats it. Then puts a hand on the speaker and jokes, cool panchi as in thandi chidya and laughs at the literal translation of it. Panchi rolls her eyes and disconnects the call.

Skype call is connected and they come face to face. Ya guessed it, Omi is still half naked Panchi gets uncomfortable seeing him like this and avoids his glance. Omi marvels at the technology that he can see her clearly and Panchi replies, so can she. Omi notices his bare body and hides it with his arms first. Then excuses himself and hits TD for not telling him that it’s a two way communication. He hastily puts on a vest and takes his position again. He apologizes for it and Panchi says it’s okay. Omi sees behind Panchi and asks is it her room? Panchi says yes and shows it to him. Omi says she’s got a great room, specially that huge teddy bear behind her and Panchi just smiles. Omi says they don’t have such great rooms in the hostel and Panchi says she’s never seen a boys hostel room before and asks him to show it. Omi says yes and looks back and sees the 18+ state of the room. But too late, TD has already picked the laptop and shown her most of the room. Panchi is embarrassed seeing it all and Omi, without looking at the laptop, says he’ll show it to her later. He sees TD moving the laptop around and scolds him to put it back! But the damage is done. Panchi is embarassed and isn’t looking at the screen but when she does, she cries out in shock because behind him, another guy has come in nothing but an underwear! Omi immediately shifts the laptop away and apologizes for it again. Panchi says they’ll chat again later but Omi just asks for a moment from her. He puts the laptop away and first, scolds TD for acting like some Telecasting Minister for telecasting every blo*dy thing! Then goes to the guy behind him and says he’ll give him such a lesson later, that from now on he’ll take a bath fully dressed!

Panchi gets a call from Avi and she goes offline as she picks it up. Omi rushes to the laptop but the skype call is dropped. He asks TD what happened and TD replies, Panchi is gone. Omi is extremely sad which turns into burning rage. TD gets up to excuse himself for some toilet time but Omi grabs him and starts beating him. Then the underwear guy and takes out all his disappointment and rage on the poor chillars (OH MY GOD!! )

ViChi call. Avi asks her what was she doing and she replies nothing. She asks him how was the dinner with Tika? Avi pauses for a while and lies it was fun, he has just returned from there. Panchi thanks him for whatever he did as it means a lot to her. In Royal, they used to call such plans as “Todu Ideas” and his idea was really Todu! Avi chuckles at this. Panchi says she has never broken so many things like this before and it’s all thanks to him. And special thanks for Puppy Rastogi! Avi replies he just did what a friend would do. Panchi picks up PR’s basket and puts it on the bed with her and replies no, she is really thankful for all he did. Avi says if she’s so thankful then she should do something for him as well. Panchi replies yeah, she’ll collect some waste bottles for him and he can break them! Avi says he doesn’t need that and tells her to think about it. Panchi thinks for a while and says she’ll cook something for him. Avi says he loves food and Panchi replies she too! Avi makes the plan that they’d meet in canteen after second lecture. Panchi gets distracted by PR and Avi asks is it fixed? Panchi distractedly says yes and Avi disconnects the call after saying bye.

Panchi picks up PR and asks him what should she cook for Avi? She realizes too late that she gave the same time to both the boys and STTC that she’d have to excuse from one boy and says she’d call Avi. She picks up the phone to call.

Tika is seeing JJ’s dance video and dancing to it. She says it’s too fun but watching it live was extra fun! She sighs and says to the screen that Mr. Junglee has excelled in almost everything, a meeting should take place now.

ICC. KD sees Kiya enter the college and silently follows (stalks) her as she goes to find Piddi upstairs. She meets Piddi near the balcony railing on first floor. She gives him the CD and Piddi gets excited that they have the song, all that’s left is the MV. Kiya says yeah but first they have to make another copy of it. Just then, KD passes them by and Piddi calls out to him. KD extra enthusiastically thumps Piddi on the shoulder and the CD falls down on the ground and gets crushed by a girl’s heels. KiPi are shocked and KD seems apologetic.

Precap – KD says to Kiya that she’s forgetting he’s a computer expert, he can extract the file from her PC but for that he’d have to go to her house. PraShav at Kiya’s house coming through the window. Kiya pulls KD in and he falls on top of her while the window gets locked, leaving Piddi outside. Piddi dons a burqa and rings the bell which Anya opens and he introduces himself as Kiya’s friend. Kiya tries hiding KD as Anya knocks her door. Anya opens the door and gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Mais

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