The Buddy Project 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th March 2014 Written Update

The boys come to Panchi’s house to work on their singing plan. Panchi is busy on her computer. Kiya goes to her mum and she explains to her that she should put herself in her mum’s place to see how difficult it is to share love between 2 children. She may be getting less attentions from her mum because she feels Kiya can handle herself, but her sister may not be able to. She suggests her to talk to her mum.

The buddies except Panchi are practicing to sing. All tease KD as he doesn’t sing well. Panchi comes and tells everyone that she got scholarship from a big university and she will be going there after 2 days after she graduates. Everyone gets surprised. Everyone congratulates her, but Ranveer is not happy as she didn’t share it with him before. KD tells him to at

least congrats her. Panchi asks him if he’s not happy. Ranveer he’s, but he just got shocked. He hugs her and congrats her. Sheeba tells them they will fulfill her wish of drinking in college.

Late night, they arrive at the college and the gate is open and guards are not there. They go in and Piddi gets lost. He goes searching for other buddies and in that he sees scary things. The buddies are in a room and ask Piddi to take out alcohol bottle. That is when they realize Piddi is not with them. They also search for him. They hear a noise from library and go there. Fevicol (gum) falls on KD and his face gets dirty. He’s going to wash his face. Anirudh also heard some noise and he’s coming to check who it is. Piddi also heads back to library. They all bump into each other. Anirudh is shocked to see the buddies there. The buddies ask Anirudh what he’s doing in college so late. Anirudh says Maya has gone out of town and after she came back, he doesn’t like to be lonely, so came to college. Piddi tell them he saw someone in Dean’s cabin. They hear some noise and go to check. It’s none other than Dean. Dean asks them what they are doing there. The buddies say it’s their last few days so they want to spend as much time as possible in college. Dean says he forgot his house keys and came to take those. He couldn’t see guards so was searching for them. The guards come and Dean leaves.

The girls are back to Panchi’s home. Sheeba tells Panchi it was so much fun even though her wish didn’t come true, but they enjoyed a lot. Kiya is in serious mood. She tells the girls that she has decided what her wish is. She says she wants to have a daughter-mother conversation and sort out all the issues. Panchi and sheeba are pleased to hear that. They say Kiya has grown up now.

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