The Buddy Project 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with the YaRa dance, KD watches them in anger while Kiya glances at him while dancing
The other couple tears the paper while dancing and is out and the host announces Kiya-RV as the winner, Kiya asks RV to lets go but he says to burn the dance floor tonight and tells the dj to play the music and everyone gets up on the stage, while KD is very angry watching the two
Everyone is enjoying dancing while Juhi totally drunk goes towards the bar where KD is sitting and shouts out ‘Nawab is out’, she tells KD she made him out and asks the bar-tender to make her another drink and keeps chanting ‘nawab is out’
Samar and Panchi come there and Panchi asks Juhi worried why is she behaving like that, Juhi tells her as if she doesn’t know and says she never thought that she would be so selfish, Juhi tells her its not her fault as she is just like her name ‘Panchi’ sometimes here or there
Panchi looks hurt and Samar tells Juhi that it is better if she is quite, Juhi gets up to leave but is about to fall and Panchi catches her and pleads her to tell the problem and that they will sort it out since they are buddies, Juhi shouts at her to leave her hand and calls her a b*, Panchi is hurt and Samar shouts out Juhi’s name, she cries and leaves from there
On the other hand Piddi runs behind Bobby and tells her he wont do the same mistake again, Bobby tells him she was mad to dance with him, he has embarrassed her soo much in front of everyone, Piddi stops her and says he couldn’t help as he was enjoying so much dancing with her that’s why he didn’t want to come out from there, he tells her dancing with her he goes into a dream and shows her he makes her twirl round and round and turns back to see one of the delhi girl in front of him
The girl exclaims seeing Piddi and asks him what is he doing here, Piddi seeing Bobby’s deadly looks asks who is she, she reminds him of Alpha plus night champagne and clothes, Piddi whines and makes a face while Bobby becomes angry, the girl sees Bobby and says she must be her date and flirts with Piddi, Bobby leaves from there and Piddi tries to run after her but the girl keeps pulling him to join her to the dance floor, Piddi tells her to go he will come and runs after Bobby
Piddi is standing outside the washroom calling out to Bobby, he moves back when a girl comes out, he then goes in calling Bobby out and waits for her inside when a girl comes in and pushes him aside and starts vomiting in the wash basin, Piddi makes a face and tries to run away but three more girls enter the washroom and sees him standing near the girl vomiting
Piddi to the camera: He is going to be in such a mess, he has to think of something quick
Piddi turns to the girl beside him and tells her why does she drink soo much calling her baby, he tells the other girls she is not well as she drank too much, the girls aww at him for being sucha caring boyfriend and helping his gf out
The girl back to her drunk state thinks Piddi as her boyfriend and hugs him and Bobby comes out to see him hugging the girl and gets angry and leaves from there, Piddi screams out and runs after Bobby
Piddi tells her that girl was drink that’s why she was all over him, Bobby tells him sarcastically he is the most handsome guy in the party that’s why every girl is behind him, Piddi pleads her holding her hand, Bobby warns him she hit him with the same hand before and will do it again and to leave her hand, he catches the other hand, the girl comes from behind and holds his other hand saying she will catch his hand jaanu, Piddi whines ‘meri maa mei tujhe naa jaanu’
Piddi keeps saying sorry and Bobby tells him to leave her hand and he can go enjoy with his delhi wali and peeche wali ladki, Bobby finally gets out of Piddi’s grip and leaves, while the girl consoles him she is there with him he can let her leave
Piddi to the camera: Usually he never gets a girl and when he does he doesn’t get one but many, today something will happen, anyways he will enjoy with this one as Bobby left
Piddi turns to see the girl’s real jaanu who asks him what was he doing with his girlfriend, Piddi asks which girlfriend, the guy points towards the girl who holds Piddi’s hand calling jaanu again, Piddi cries and looks towards the guy to get hit by him on his eye
KD sits on the ground drinking and watching YaRa dance, Piddi comes calling out to him and sits beside him saying he wishes he was a girl, KD asks why, Piddi says then atleast he could have said the kajal(kohl) spread
KD sees his eye and asks who hit him, Piddi says his fate hit him, he thought he would propose before 12 but anyways tells him to forget it and asks him did he talk to Kiya as he told him to tell her everything and propose to her
KD tells him to leave it, these hi-fi people and high society people can never be understood, they have so many faces that its difficult to recognize which one is real, KD says hurt, he tells Piddi not to waste time and to say it whenever he gets the chance and gets up to leave but Piddi stops him and says he understands the high society matter but tells him there is nothing like that between RV and Kiya, KD looks at him and leaves from there
Juhi in drunk state gets up on the stage and plays dandiya and disturbs all the couples, everyone gets down, Juhi gives a solo performance
After her performance she feels sick and is about to vomit, Samar moves to go to her but Panchi stops him, some guys come to take her from the stage but Bobby comes there and tells them she will handle her and pulls Juhi who is reluctant to get off the stage, Panchi and Samar are worried for her
Piddi comes after KD who sits in the bar and he tells him that he is taking his situation in different angle, KD says both of their situation is the same, Piddi says his matter is different as he is in love from a long time but she doesn’t even care about him but he and Kiya has biology
KD looks at him he then corrects his mistake saying that comes later but they have chemistry and he has seen it with his own eyes, KD thinks about all those moments, Piddi tells him he always puts his mute button in front of her and this is not how it works, he has to tell her about his feelings and if she also loves him she would listen to him
KD says but, but Piddi tells him no buts and ifs and he has to do it today before 12, he has to clear out all misunderstandings and tell her how much he loves her, and she will forgive him for everything and if she truly loves him she will understand him
The delhi girl comes running to Piddi and asks him to dance with her, he tells her to go and he will come in sometime, she says ok and tells him she is going to wait for him on the dance floor
KD asks what happened and why didn’t he go, Piddi says he doesn’t have the mood, KD jokes with him to go and enjoy the party otherwise the whole year Bobby wont see his face, he telsl her to go and start the new year happily, he agrees but asks him what will he do after he goes will he sit depressed like this, KD says to go and not worry about him, Piddi leaves, KD watches Kiya-Rv dance and says he has to do something

Precap: KD and Panchi wishes HNY to each other, RV calls out to Panchi as she was passing by and they wish HNY, and then the same scene of accidental kiss shown

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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