The Buddy Project 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th February 2014 Written Update

The buddies are sad as their plan backfired. Panchi comes and informs that Maya has gone to Anirudh’s office. The buddies get more worried. Piddi asks them to be positive saying their plan may just have worked. They go to Anirudh’s office and hears their conversation. Both are fighting inside and the buddies lose their hope.

Later, Anirudh asks them if they trust him. The buddies say yes. Anirudh says he has taken a decision for them and he wants their support. He says he will return the cheque and will find a new sponsor himself. After he leaves, the buddies tell each other that Maya was their last hope. They can’t find new sponsor so soon.

Anirudh comes to Maya and returns the cheque. He says they don’t want her sponsorship. He won’t let her succeed

in playing with students’ emotions to take revenge from him. The buddies see all this. A peon comes and tells Anirudh that the trusties are waiting for him.

The trusties praise Anirudh for the fest’s idea and finding a sponsor so soon. They are sure that this will help their college a lot. Maya enters and informs the trusties that Anirudh doesn’t want her to sponsor. The trusties tell her that they will talk to Anirudh and request not to cancel the sponsorship. Maya smiles at Anirudh and gives the cheque to Sofia mam and leaves. The trusties ask Anirudh how could he cancel the sponsorship. News is out everywhere, to their stakeholders. The fest must go on else it will hurt college reputation very badly.

The buddies are curiously waiting outside. Sofia comes out and informs that the fest will go ahead. The buddies celebrate. They stop when Anirudh comes out. Anirudh decides to step down for the college’s good otherwise Maya will spoil the fest. The buddies get upset.

Anirudh is alone when Maya comes to him and tells him things don’t go the way he wants every single time.

The buddies plan to bring Anirudh and Maya closer by making them feel that both are trying to do something for each other. They say it was Anirudh’s idea and it worked very well on them, Kriya’s view changed for KD, KD and Ranveer got closer, so it could just work on Anirudh and Maya as well.

Precap: The buddies put flowers on Maya’s desk, and sweets on Anirudh’s. Maya wonders if Anirudh sent the flowers for her, and Anirudh wonders if Maya sent him the sweets. Both smile looking at it.

Update Credit to: JD

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