The Buddy Project 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th February 2013 Written Update

Piddi is writing something while samar is playing ball.Piddi gets irritated and catches the ball and keeps with him.Samar takes another one and starts playing again.Piddi tells samar that he is tensed about viva.Samar tells him that he will make him understand but irritates him.Piddi shouts in tension.KD asks what happened to piddi.He tells that he is not even able to understand a simple question.KD asks the reason.Piddi is so worried and he tells that only banga is coming in his dreams.Bobby enters the class room.KD tells that he has a good idea by which fear of banga will go away forever.He takes everyone to the groud.Samar and KD are doing something while the other buddies are confused abt the idea.KD and samar asks piddi to show all his anger towards banga.KD shows the football

in which banga’s pic is pasted.The buddies laugh.
All the buddies except panchi go and play football.Piddi gets the ball and they all remove air from it and throws it away.The buddies are so happy.Piddi hugs KD.
The buddies are in library for mock viva test.Ranveer and KD are studying while piddi talks to samar about a girl.JJ calls piddi for viva.Piddi answers well and JJ congratulates him.JJ asks them to do well in viva and also asks them to come soon the next day so that they can have a quick revision.
KD is about to leave for tuition classes.Juhi puts her leg on his way so he falls on Kiya and she catches him*ishq wala love plays in BG*They have an eye contact.Juhi makes them to come back from dream world.JJ tells to camera that the buddies are good from heart and he does not know why banga is against them.
Banga tells to vats that today they will destroy the buddies carrier in this room.A Ruby comes to meet banga.All the students are preparing for viva.KD calms the tensed piddi.Juhi asks samar to just chill.Ruby comes to juhi and tries to make all the buddies tensed as told by banga.Ruby tells everyone that she heard that banga has set the paper especially for them.KD shouts at her to not worry them at last minute.Kiya also shouts the same.Ruby speaks linking kiya with ranveer but kiya gives it back to her and asks her to leave.When kiya and ruby keeps on fighting piddi becomes so tensed and shouts at them.
Finally the bell rings and its time for viva.Vats comes to class to call for viva.He calls KD first to attend the viva.KD comes to banga’s room for viva.Banga asks whether he is worried and KD tells no.KD asks him not to sympathize for him.KD tells that he is not worried because he is not gonna fail but someone else gonna fail in his mission.KD also asks him not to sympathize more for him as banga will nt be able to self pity himself.
Piddi goes to girls restroom by mistake while studying.He realizes it only when he sees juhi thr.They both scream.When the other girls notices piddi they also scream.
Panchi is so tensed and she walks to and fro.Ranveer comes to her and offers her a chocolate so that she will feel relaxed.Panchi takes one bite from it and ranveer asks whether she is alright now and panchi nodes.
Banga asks KD a question on to explain nuclear fission relating to Einstein’s formula.KD sees the book cover and remembers JJ telling that he takes questions for sarkar’s book.KD is silent.Banga taunts him and tells who will rescue him now.By that time a guy called naveen enters and introduces himself to banga that he is from education board.He tells banga that he has come to supervise the viva test.Banga tells him that it is just a internal exam and there is no need of him.Naveen tells him that the trustees called him and he came here to help banga.JJ enters the room and gives him the letter from trustees.Banga calls trustees and gets to know that JJ only asked for a supervisor.

Banga is making piddi afraid while asking questions.The supervisor keeps on watching.Piddi struggles to answer.The buddies are confused outside.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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