The Buddy Project 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 27th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th May 2013 Written Update

At Dean’s office, Dean is sitting with hands on his head, JJ in front of him and Sophia giggling beside him, Dean gives her a look and she shuts up, Dean asks JJ if he saw the bus stop outside the college, JJ says yes, Dean tells him bus no 314 will take him to right place, JJ asks where, Dean shouts out ‘Nritya Sansthan’
Dean asks JJ was he thinking he should also be celebrating with the students dancing like that, he asks JJ that’s his excuse for his ‘wahiyat’ dance(dean does it himself and shows), JJ smiles and says he did it good, he then tells Dean that he thought of getting along with the students and being friends with them and to encourage them he celebrated with them, Sophia tells Dean thats so sweet of him
Dean tells Sophia its so sweet of her to interrupt

in between their convo, he then shouts at JJ telling him that in US all this works out but it doesn’t here, he tells JJ that if he dances with students here they will laugh at him and make fun of him and not fear him at all, JJ asks Dean why should they scare them, they need to be their friends and earn their trust and respect, if they scare them then they will go farther away from them
Sophia says to dean she agrees with JJ, Dean exclaims really he never thought of it like that, JJ sits down and says to think, JJ tells Dean to sit and think as its his cabin, Dean says yes and sits down to think
Dean gives an idea that if JJ thinks to behave as such with the students is a good idea then why doesn’t he takes classes, Sophia says it’s a good idea, JJ asks if its possible, Dean says yes it is and tells Sophia they will do the formalities later and informs JJ that his classes will begin in few days, JJ thanks him, Dean says but one thing, he tells JJ if ever the Prabhu Deva in him wakes up then to just right before that he should inform the Dean, JJ smiles and says ok
Avi runs to Panchi and says hi and that he was looking for her, Panchi greets back with her mood off, Avi asks her for help, Panchi asks why and starts running to the staircase, Avi follows and tells her to come sit and talk in the canteen, Panchi says no she doesn’t have the mood, Avi says yeah he knows it’s a closed space and suggests to go to open air maybe BB court
Panchi frustrated asks him what is it, Avi tells her he wants to do something for his sister as she is quiet disturbed these days and asks what should he do, Panchi irritated says how does she know as she doesn’t know his sister, but Avi tells her she’s a girl and she can only help, Panchi tells him to buy her her favorite ice cream or take her to dinner, Avi says it wont work as he already thought about these but asks her to think something mad
Panchi tells him to take her on a drive, Avi says no that wont also work and says to think something weird and crazy, Panchi replies back irritated to fail the car brakes, she then apologizes him and tells him she is already stressed out
Avi tells her he knows its his sister and he should know better but asks her if she was angry and upset what would she want to do, Panchi tells him whatever she finds in front of her she would want to break them into bits and pieces, Avi says BINGO that’s what they will do as it is his sister is very destructive so this idea will work out, he then tells her to come lets go, Panchi says she is leaving, Avi asks her to come with him but Panchi rejects, Avi tells her he needs her to buy the stuff for Avantika to break, Panchi tells him why does he want to buy new stuff, Avi says he’s not going into the garbage bin
Panchi tells him to go to some restaurant or their canteen itself he would get stuff to take for breaking, Avi says ok and asks her to come along with him to the canteen but Panchi irritated says she cant, Avi tells her you never say no to friends and pulls her and takes her to canteen as she keeps refusing she’s not in the mood
JJ comes out of the Dean cabin
JJ to the camera: He doesn’t know what’s got in to him, this challenge has made him mentally challenged, what was he doing…
JJ sends a message to KPD about doing the madness at workplace, he gets a reply instantly saying to wait for the next challenge, JJ says to himself this is madness
Panchi is waiting and looks at the watch and says to bring waste bottles he’s taking so much time, Avi comes with boxes and Panchi tries to help him taking one of the boxes but Avi refuses and asks Panchi to open the trunk of the car, Panchi tells him to stop being so modest and takes one of the boxes only being unable to carry it, Avi smiles and tells her to now open the trunk for him
Avi and Panchi reach a garage like abandoned place, Panchi gets off and asks him where are they, Avi tells her its an ideal place to create a mess and asks her to help him indicating at the trunk, Avi takes out the boxes, Panchi and Avi take out the glass bottles and sets them all, Panchi says is everything done, Avi says no one thing remains and goes back to the car to get a baseball bat, Panchi says ok now its all done she is going to leave
But Avi stops her and says one other thing and hands her the bat and tells her its all hers and to start, Panchi looks confused, Avi tells her she only said that if she is angry she wants to break things, he asks her to take out all the frustration, Panchi asks him he did all this for her, Avi says yeah and tells her not to waste time and have fun
Panchi takes the bat, Avi indicates her to the bottles to start breaking, Panchi was about to hit when Avi stops her and says to wait he will go sit there and she can start breaking, Avi sits behind and Panchi looks back at him, Avi tells her to carry on, Panchi looks at the bottles and thinks about the RV- Rukmini and starts breaking the bottles in frustration
Kiya in her room is trying hard to compose the music, she tries to play the tune with the guitar but in vain, she lies down frustrated
Kiya to the camera: Until yesterday she remembered the tune but now she just cant remember it, she so needs inspiration
Kiya then starts thinking about KD, she goes to fb when he hugged her in the canteen, she smiels and goes into fb of how he used to teach in his tutoring classes, and then goes into fb of the dance in the canteen, Kiya comes out of fb and exclaims ‘Yess’ and goes back to her music paper as she remembered the tune, she then keeps her head on the guitar and smiles
Panchi gets off the car and tells Avi she never broke so many things all together in her life, she tells him he doesn’t know how good she feels now and thanks him for everything, Avi says it was nothing, Panchi says no it was something it was perfect, Avi says mere perfect, it will be perfect now, Panchi confused asks what does he mean, Avi says to wait and goes back to the car
Avi gets a basket with a puppy in it, Panchi exclaims he is so cute and asks Avi who is he, Avi says this is Puppy Rastogi, Panchi gets surprised, Avi says Panchi Rastogi’s Puppy Rastogi, Avi says a little birdie told him that she always wanted a little cute dog from her childhood, Panchi smiles, Avi says wait a minute that little birdie is her, Panchi laughs and thanks him and exclaims looking at the puppy he is so cute, Avi says its all hers and hands her the basket
Panchi says seriously, Avi says yeah and tells her Puppy Rastogi was his working title and the real name should be given by her, he asks her what name will she give it, Panchi pats the puppy and thinks what name to give the little puppy when RV comes and calls out to her
RV looks at the two and asks her where was she, Panchi surprised asks him what is he doing here, RV walks to them and tells her that radio launch was successful so he thought of some celebration, Avi tells Panchi he will leave now, Panchi tells him to stay and now that RV is here they will do some chit chat, Avi says no and tells them to carry on
Panchi tells him to stay, RV looks at her, Avi tells Panchi that he already promised Avnatika for dinner so he has to go, Panchi says yeah he you should keep your promises, RV looks at her again, Panchi smiles and looks at him
Avi tells RV his radio show was damn cool and shakes his hand and hugs and leaves, Panchi looks at the little puppy and says so cute and tells RV to come as he looks at her

Precap: RV follows Panchi calling out to her asking her where was she as he was waiting for her from an hour, Panchi apologizes and says she didn’t pay her telepathy bills so the service is off now and if she knew he was coming then she would have been waiting for welcoming him, RV says he didn’t mean like that and asks her to say truthfully if she is upset with something, Panchi says no, RV asks then why is she passing such sarcastic comments, Panchi says where did sarcasm come from here even he was like that, RV says anyways and asks where did she go with Avi, Panchi casually says nowhere they were just chit chatting and roaming around, RV raises his eyebrows and says he didn’t know she and Avi became such good friends and asks when did that happen, Panchi tells him if he would be with her then only he would know what’s going on in her life, she tells him now he was so busy in his radio so…RV looks at her

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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    jst luvd the way hu wrote thz update & I really liked the partz b/w Avi & Panchi, they both lukz cute, also KD & Kiya

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