The Buddy Project 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 27th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th February 2014 Written Update

The buddies come to Anirudh and tell them that they need money to start preparations. Anirudh says he understands them but he is doing this for their safety. They don’t have enough experience to know the deal’s reality. He’s saving them from trapping. He asks them if they don’t trust him. The buddies say they trust, but ask him if he has any problem with Maya. Maya enters and asks the buddies if she can talk to Anirudh alone.

Maya asks Anirudh what his problem his. Anirudh asks her what her intentions are. He read the contract and it’s one sided. He says he doesn’t trust her. Maya says he better not talk about trusting and they argue with each other. She explains it’s the same template that they give to everyone and no one objected before. She comes out

and the buddies are standing there. Maya walks away.

The buddies understand Anirudh and Maya loved each other. Kiya, Panchi, KD decide to sort out problems between Anirudh and Maya. Ranveer and Sheeba don’t think they should do that, but in the end, buddies decide to help Anirudh and Maya, and also their fest.

Later, Panchi is nervous. Ranveer tells her Anirudh will be fine. Panchi says she is not worried for him, she is worried for themselves. She wonders what if same thing happens between her and Ranveer. There is no guarantee for any relationship. Ranveer asks her to have faith in him. They have faced all ups and down together since childhood. He assures her nothing like Anirudh-Maya will happen between them. Panchi says they make all promises when they are in love, but what’s the point. All those promises break in just one moment. Ranveer promises her that he won’t let anything come in between their relationship. He always wants to stay with her. He will give her so much love that she will fed up. Panchi gets senti. He then asks her to promise him as well. Panchi just says “I promise”. Ranveer says that’s not fair, he said so much, and she just said it in two words. Panchi hugs him and both smile.

They come out and Piddi teases them. They get back on topic. Sheeba shares a plan of giving guns to both and asking them to sort out of their problems. Piddi says crap idea. KD and Kiya think of setting up a romantic environment for both. The buddies drop that idea too thinking they two won’t get along. Panchi thinks of something different.

They get imagination: three buddies praise Maya in front of Anirudh and other three buddies praise Anirudh in front of Maya. Both smile hearing praises about other. After that, Anirudh and Maya call each other and everything sorts out.

The buddies decide to go ahead with that plan, but it goes wrong as both Maya and Anirudh get mad. Maya says she is not interested in hearing praises about Anirudh. She will appoint a representative and they can talk to him/her now. The buddies get disappointed. Maya thinks it’s Anirudh who sent the buddies to her. Other hand, Anirudh also thinks that Maya is using the buddies to impress him. He asks himself why she would do that.

Precap: Anirudh and Maya tell each other that they don’t care about each other. Anirudh asks the buddies for their support in his decision. He returns the cheque to Maya and cancels the sponsorship.

Update Credit to: JD

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