The Buddy Project 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 27th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with KD holding Kiya’s hand and stopping her from falling. They have a staring contest broken by Piddi’s continued outbursts that he will teach Juhi a lesson. Kiya leaves from there and the other girls take Juhi away while Samar calms Piddi down saying JJ is waiting for them.

Buddies arrive to meet JJ who asks them regarding the book and tells them even he couldn’t find it. Then he hands KD some questions that he had chosen from various sample test sources to help them prepare. He says they can’t lose this challenge and tells Piddi that it’s a question of his (JJ’s) pride and honor as well. KD notices that almost all questions are from Economics and Literature. JJ replies both of them are Banga’s fav subjects and as far as he suspects, he’d

ask the questions from these two subjects the most. Piddi gets worried and says both are his weakest subjects, he doesn’t know if he’ll get many questions write. Just then, Banga arrives there, clapping. He sarcastically taunts them for trying to win a lost battle. He sniffs (like a blo*dy dog that he is) that he smells fear in them. And their fear makes him happy (Is that a confession that he’s not a human but some creature from the dark side?) He says to JJ that he’s happy to know JJ still knows his fav subjects but news flash! Eco and Lit used to be his fav subjects, not anymore. He snatches the paper from KD and tears it. JJ angrily calls after him but Banga stops him from getting mad and tells him to concentrate on the Buddies, not him. He leaves but stops and asks the librarian why the library is still open? Librarian Dude says nervously he was going to close it but Banga sneers that students are studying here, let them. He tells the Buddies that no one would disturb them, all the books are for them to use and leaves.

JJ says that Banga is playing mind games because he knows that they know of his plan. Now their strategy should be that they should cover the entire syllabus as well as give special attention to Eco and Lit. They have to surprise him, they have to win. Come what may.

Buddies at TBC. RV says they can’t let Banga play around with their careers, they have to teach him a lesson. KD says the chance to do has been given to them by Banga already, they have to clear the Viva Test (VT). Piddi is extra nervous/scared and takes out the paper JJ gave them. He says look at this sample paper and reads out the first Lit related question, something regarding Shakespeare & Othelo. Panchi chirps that she knows the answer to this and Piddi snaps then she can pass on her own, not him! Then he reads the second Eco related question, Demand & Supply Cycle and says in his usual manner how can he explain when his cycle is punctured for the past few days! He seems on the brink of insanity and reads the third Lit question, explain the line from Wordsworth’s poem, “Will you not come home Brother? Home to us again.” Piddi gets overwhelmed and says if he can’t find his brother, why doesn’t he go and find him! Why the hell is he writing a poem about it?! ( blo*dy hell! That’s what we used to say when such ridiculous questions came to us!) He even calls Wordsworth an illiterate fool (and that’s where I just lost it! ) Piddi reads further questions and says worriedly that he hasn’t even started this part of the course and says he’s so going to fail. KD calms him down by saying he will pass. On a serious note, Piddi says his mother’s dream is that he’d study in a good college, make a life for himself as a successful person. How will she cope up with the fact that her only son is good for nothing? Due to his medication, he gets sleepy all the time, can’t even study. His father doesn’t even own any business or stuff like that. He’s going to fail this viva and let everyone down. If he won’t study, his life will…and he walks away from there dejectedly. Buddies follow him.

KD catches up to him and asks why is he reacting so strongly? Piddi shouts that he knows nothing! KD says he’s overthinking and he will pass, KD will make sure of that. It’s his responsibility now, all Piddi has to do is some hard work. Piddi agrees after a lame joke. Samar says he’ll join KD’s classes as well, his Eco is a bit weak. KD welcomes him. RV asks when should they start this group study? KD says from today. Piddi asks what about his CC? KD says he’ll go there with some delay, till the viva is over, the GS is his priority.

[Song Sequence – Ratta Maar from SOTY]

Just Buddies studying together and KD trying to manage GS and CC together with Kiya looking him with goo goo eyes. KD still getting calls from TSG. RaHi have a miniscule 5 second scene where RV first asks KD a question and Panchi asks him another. RV tells Panchi off that he asked first. Panchi sighs and says then she hit the chalk first and throws it to RV. RV says sorry and they give each other a small smile (I thought I was over them but that smile melted my heart Screw you CVs for ruining them so much. KiSha pe poori episode barbaad kardi..bleh, but why the f**k am I saying this? Not that I blo*dy care!) Kiya gives KD a lift to the CC. Kiya is too busy going all goo goo over KD and he throws a chalk at her to concetrate. At night, everyone but Kiya has left CC and she’s watching KD as he dozes off on the table. He wakes up and they smile at each other. At RA, JJ gets happy seeing all the Buddies doing nothing but study.

KD arrives late at CC and two boys say that his tardiness is costing them their valuable time. KD apologizes and says it won’t happen again but they demand their money back. Kiya tells them off saying KD is really trying his hardest but KD asks her to stay out. He tells them to come again the next day, he’ll give them refund and they leave. KD apologizes to the class and says if anyone else has problems, they can leave. But no one does so and KD asks them for just 2 more days, then he’d be all for them.

TSG catches up to KD at night. Kiya is passing by in her car and stops to watch this. TSG again offers KD money, saying he knows students are leaving KD’s class and KD is in desperate need of money. Last time, he offered him 40K. This time, he’ll offer him 80k. He takes out the money and hands it to KD who returns him. TSG blackmails him that if he says no, he’ll call his men and close down his CC but he won’t do so. He has the time till his VT, after that he needs a final answer which better not be no. Kiya has seen all the scene. She STTC that KD seems in problem and this guy is giving off negative vibes. TSG leaves and KD is left all confused as to what to do.

Precap – Banga conducting the VT and gets ecstatic when it’s Piddi’s turn. Piddi is scared out of his wits and Banga asks him, scarily, “Are you ready?”

Update Credit to: Mais

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