The Buddy Project 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th March 2014 Written Update

The buddies are having a good time together when Kiya’s mum comes there. She tells Kiya she came to take her home back. Kiya doesn’t like her tone and refuses. She thinks her mum came to take her because it doesn’t affect her sister’s reputation. She tries to make her mum realize her mistake, but doesn’t succeed. Her mum says she came because KD insisted her and reminded her responsibility. Kiya says this is the problem, she doesn’t realize her mother’s responsibility on her own. Kiya leaves from there in anger. Kiya’s mum stares at KD and then leaves.

KD tries to cheer up Kiya, but she got angry with him. Piddi, with his jokes, cheer up Kiya. Maya arrives with Anirudh. She apologizes to the buddies for her bad behavior. KD and Ranveer talk in serious tone and

they don’t forgive her. Maya starts getting tensed. Panchi tells her that they are just joking. Everyone asks Panchi why she had to spoil the fun. Maya tells the buddies she really loved their preparations for fest, but she doesn’t know how her revenge over-powered everything. The buddies forgive her and say anything for Anirudh. Maya asks them to get back to fest preparations now. They don’t have much time left. She gives them a suitcase and this time there is money in it.

KD and Ranveer are in cafe. The tea boy reminds them to pay their pending bills. They say they are not getting rusticated now. The tea boy reminds them that they are here just for some more time. Once they graduate, they won’t come back. KD and Ranveer become tensed. Other buddies come there. Piddi informs them about Karan Kapoor coming to the fest as a chief guest and they all get exicted. Ranveer says their lives will be changing now. They decide to make a wish-list or list of their fantasies and they plan to do that before they leave this place. The girls decide to go to bathroom so they can create it in privacy. After they leave, Ranveer asks what’s in girls’ bathroom like that that they all go together and don’t return for hour. He adds it in their wish-list to go to girls’ bathroom and he wants Piddi and KD to also go with him.

They are outside girls’ bathroom. The girls come out. Sheeba and Panchi get upset with their boys. The boys follow them. KD feels Kiya must be upset with him too, but she surprises him saying she trusts him. KD says he didn’t do anything wrong. Kiya says she knows and thanks him for going to her mum, and also apologizes for talking rudely. They both hug and share a good time.

Ranveer and Piddi challenge Panchi and Sheeba that they can’t do guy’s work. Panchi says they can do. The love birds come there. Soon Maya and Anirudh come there. Piddi says it’s romance everywhere. Anirudh asks him to be quiet. Maya informs that Karan Kapoor confirmed about coming to the fest. Piddi is very excited. Everyone teases him asking why he’s getting excited, it should be girls to get excited. Piddi says he’s inspired by his body .Sheeba says, right, everyone can see that. The buddies talk about their wish list. Maya suggests them to perform on something together. The buddies like the idea. They think to sing together, but Anirudh tells everyone to list down the ideas and they will discuss it at the end of the day.

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