The Buddy Project 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th July 2013 Written Update

KD calls RV in a very sad mood and tells RV everything which only makes RV end up laughing. KD says his time isn’t going really well. RV tells him to chill and asks for advice as to what to gift Ruku but KD says if RV will take KD’s advice, his situation will also turn from bad to worse so RV better think with calm mind while KD is off to sleep. RV curses when the call is finished.

KD is restless because of Kiya being mad at him. He gets a call from Kiya and he apologizes again. Kiya is touched and STTC that she should tell him that she ain’t really mad. She thanks KD for the flowers, she loved them and asks KD what was he going to say. KD again says sorry which Kiya wasn’t expecting and asks him to tell her how much he loves her. KD just replies, “Enough” which disappoints

Kiya who wanted something romantic from his side. KD gets disturbed by a few fellow hostelers who start playing cards in KD’s room. KD tells them to step out as it’s his room. They have a bit of tussle but they leave to party elsewhere. Kiya overhears this and gets mad at KD for partying. Omi comes there when KD is still having a war of words and they all complain to Omi about the situation. Omi tells them to calm down and the partying boys leave saying they will boycott KD now. Omi makes KD understand that all such things happen in hostel; hostel can’t change for KD so KD has to compromise. Upon knowing that KD is worried about a mad Kiya, Omi tells him to figure out a plan to make amends with Kiya as in a relationship, this being mad and making up is all part of the deal.

Shubh calls Piddi, crying and demanding that KD should shift back home as he misses his brother. Piddi tells him that KD is happy in hostel but Shubh is really upset and wants his brother.

ICC. Avi stops Omi in the hallway and tells him to stay away from Panchi as that would only bring troubles for ViChi. If Omi really values his friend’s well being, he shouldn’t bring troubles in her love life. Omi just smirks when Avi is done telling all this.

KiyAn in canteen. Panchi is teasing Kiya that KD fell asleep while talking to her, calling it really sweet. Kiya is still mad about the party thing and Panchi tries to make her understand that KD is in hostel, boys must’ve dragged him there. Kiya should be a little understanding about KD. Kiya nods. Omi comes there and says to Panchi that her boyfriend doesn’t like him being friends with her, that’s what he said. Kiya is surprised hearing this. Panchi asks did Avi really say this? Omi says if Panchi’s sentiments are the same, he would stay away from her. Panchi tells Omi that he’s her friend and no one dictates her decisions for her; she takes her decisions herself (I freakin’ loved this line! <3) She would speak to Avi about this and Omi shouldn't bother himself in the issue and continue being her friend. Omi is delighted hearing this. When he's gone, Kiya becomes all excited about ViChi, asking Panchi when and how did this happen if she chose Omi for dance? Panchi says she chose Avi for everything else and cuz of Tika fiasco they couldn't tell anyone anything. Kiya is excited and runs away to tell everyone the breaking news that Panchi's relationship status is no longer single! Piddi tells KD about Shubh calling him and tells KD to go home as the disagreements KD has are with his father, why is his Shubh being punished. KD lies to Piddi that he loves hostel life as it's so fun, saying contradictory statments to all that has happened with him in the hostel. Piddi gets silenced seeing KD at ease in hostel. VeeNi are together when Kiya comes running there. RV tells Ruku to duck and Kiya to hide behind him and becomes all this karate macho kid cuz he thinks Kiya is being chased by goons (SCENE OF THE DAY! ) Kiya tells him she just wants to give them the news that Panchi is dating Avi! RV is super stunned when he hears this but it's only for a second (and that was enough for me to get all my hopes high again ) Panchi comes there and RV congratulates her and teases her a bit. PraSha come there and RV tells them the news and they congratulate Panchi. Piddi is sad that he's the only one single now and RV jokes with him a little. RV demands a cold drink treat from Panchi but Kiya excuses herself. KD is sad at this and Panchi tells him to go follow her and make up with her, the grand party will happen later anyone. KD catches up to Kiya and apologizes to Kiya saying he wasn't actually partying. Kiya says then what about the sleeping while talking? KD says for that he has apologized a 1000 times and will do so again. Kiya asks can he say anything else other than sorry and KD says I love you. Kiya replies with I love you too and STTC when will he ask her for a date? She asks KD is that all he will say? KD says he loves her very much, disappointing Kiya and she leaves from there mad. KD tells PraRa about Kiya being still mad even after he apologized and said he loved her. Ruku and Panchi come there saying all boys are idiots. Panchi says its been so long since he confessed, has he asked her out on a date yet? Buddies all tell him to take Kiya on a grand date and KD STTC this relationship will cost him heavily. Precap – Panchi and Avi have a tiff regarding Avi telling Omi for staying away from her when he said he was alright with her being friends with Omi. Omi says he thought he was, but he isn’t. Besides, Omi isn’t helping her cuz she’s his friend but because he’s his enemy. He knows Omi way before than Panchi does and Panchi retorts she knows Omi better than Avi. Why is Avi dragging his enmity with Omi in the middle of their relationship!?

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