The Buddy Project 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th February 2013 Written Update

JJ inquires from the librarian about a certain S&S book. He informs JJ that there was only one copy of it which Banga has issued. JJ smirks and texts the Buddies to meet him at Buddy Cafe. Buddies are confused seeing this text.

At TBC, the Buddies have nervousness written all over their faces. JJ looks around at them and tells them to relax as now they have a way to counter Banga’s plan. KD asks what is that and JJ informs him about a S&S Sample Test Paper book, saying it was Banga’s fav book and he always made paper from that. JJ says when he was young, Banga used to make questions from that book. It’s quite a tough book as the syllabus is all old in that. JJ tells them to prepare from S&S book as well as their current syllabus as there is a high

chance Banga will take questions from that book. But there is one problem, the library has no other copy of the book. RV says not to worry and takes out his cell phone. Buddies and JJ all look at it over his cell phone.

Juhi and Panchi in their casual clothes. Panchi calls someone and asks if they have the book but the answer is negative. They go around, asking at bookstores. Samar is with RV who calls a bookstore, inquiring after the book but the book isn’t available.

KD comes at his Coaching Center (CC) and gets a call. He picks it up and asks did you get it? But it’s TSG on the other hand. He is again asking KD about the offer which KD has refused. TSG still tries coercing him to say yes, offering big money. KD starts getting mad but just then the Buddies arrive. KD gets nervous seeing them which doesn’t go unnoticed by them. RV asks what’s wrong and KD says he was just worried about the viva. Students start arriving for classes and Buddies bid their farewell to KD. KD says since they can’t find the book, it’s better to start working honestly rather than search for shortcuts. Panchi brings up their BBF group saying they didn’t just make it to talk and abuse Banga. Bobby tells that Piddi had made a wedding card of Vats and Banga’s wedding and posted it on the group. They all snicker hearing this. Panchi says on a serious note, they should utilize the group. If someone has any problem with anything, they can post on the group and whoever knows the answer will reply. RV agrees and says KD will be in all time emergency mode now, cuz he is the only one who knows the most. Juhi says they should get a move on and let KD attend to his class and they all leave.

Kiya comes in the class when KD has started the class. KD is surprised seeing her. She goes to him and says she wants to join the class. KD takes her at the back of the class as he didn’t want to talk to her in front of others. Kiya says she wants to join his class. KD is a little unsure about it. Kiya explains that she has to get 90+ in her exams, that’s why she needs the class. She has to prove something to someone. KD doesn’t reply so she turns to leave but KD stops her and says she can join from tomorrow. Kiya hands him an envelope with money. KD is apprehensive about it and Kiya explains that it’s his fees, not her charity. She is just paying him in advance and advises him to be a little more professional, saying if horse will befriend the grass, what would he it? KD is amused hearing this and says how come Kiya Gujral is talking about horses and grass and asks where did she pick it up from? Kiya says she overheard her mother saying this to someone. They smile pleasantly and KD accepts the money, telling her to join from tomorrow and Kiya leaves after calling him “Sir”. KD turns around to see the whole class staring at him and quickly resumes the class.

Next day at RA’s gate, KD is standing there and turns his face to see Piddi arriving behind him. He looks at him and turns away before realizing Piddi is back! They hug happily. Piddi asks why wasn’t he looking at him? KD says because he couldn’t recognize Piddi as he has gotten so weak due to his illness. Piddi jokes about his lost weight a little. Samar comes and picks Piddi up happily and spins him around saying he missed Piddi so much. Piddi says to calm down as everyone was seeing him and asks if Samar wants to kiss him? Samar has a fb of their NYP kiss and puts him down. PanHi arrive there and see Piddi. They rush to meet and hug him, followed by Bobby who just shakes hands with him. Piddi says everyone hugged him, she should too but she leaves. KD stops her in her tracks and says Piddi is their 8th Buddy. Bobby sighs helplessly and hugs Piddi. RV arrives and sees Piddi. He happily meets him which surprises Piddi. Piddi notices RV and KD smile to each other as their morning greeting which shocks Piddi.

Piddi takes Samar away and asks him what happened in his absence. Samar tells him everything. Piddi says they are in trouble now. Samar agrees. Piddi says he knows where the test papers are, in Banga’s office. JJ hears this and applauds. He goes to them he really missed Piddi. Without him, there was no one to do wrong acts of indiscipline. He advises Piddi to be more serious now. Piddi says what’s the point, it’s not like he’ll pass. JJ says there only chance is thorough preparation, only that will make them win against Banga. If he does something wrong now, he will be the reason for every Buddy’s downfall. Piddi says it’s not like Banga can do anything to sabotage his career, as he has no career he is sure of it. JJ asks Samar to tell the Buddies to meet him in the library after school and leaves. Samar hits Piddi behind him.

Buddies are all walking down the stairs. Juhi is worried and this irks Piddi who shouts at her for making a fuss when she will cram her way out of it, the only one in trouble is him. Juhi tells him to DTLT; don’t talk like that. Piddi asks or what? Juhi pushes him and he bumps to Kiya before falling on the ground. Kiya is about to fall but KD holds her hand to stop the fall.

Precap – KD asks Piddi to stop overeacting but Piddi is helpless, saying he has to pass anyhow. KD tells Piddi that he has an idea, which will annihilate Piddi’s fear of Banga.

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