The Buddy Project 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 25th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th July 2013 Written Update

KD gets thrown out of the class but he still texts Kiya “Sorry” which Kiya enjoys getting. Class gets over but Kiya ignores KD and walks away. JJ comes there and KD apologizes to him for whatever happened in class. JJ makes him say sorry many times over; not because he was mad but because he was just giving KD enough practice because now that he’s got a GF, he would have to say sorry a couple of thousand times a day (I found this so funny ) Dynamics change after being in a relationship and sorry will be KD’s good friend (Guru ki advice sunn le Dude ) JJ leaves and KD looks back to see Piddi smirking at him. But he also runs away before listening to what KD has to say.

Ruku is studying in the library and RV comes there. He sits with her and asks how much would she study

but gets silenced after getting “the look” from her. He then writers her name on his arm and imitates Big B’s voice and asks her when will her studies be over? Ruku replies after 3 years of Bachelors and 2 years of Masters which leaves RV speechless. Ruku tells RV to leave else he’ll get her kicked out. Just then, Panchi joins them and RV exclaims excitedly seeing his “two best Ladies together” . RV tells Panchi to join them but the girls tell him to stop disturbing Ruku and Panchi says she is not here to meet him. RV gets disappointed at that and Ruku tells him to leave, why is he getting himself insulted like that? (I love their banters! ) Panchi asks Ruku for the notes of the lecture she bunked and Ruku gives her, asking her to return them now as she has to study at night. RV says the two of them are so boring, specially Ruku Baby prompting Panchi to laugh at this (OMG! Her laugh was so adorable!!! ) Ruku loudly scolds him for calling her that and the librarian throws them out for disturbing everyone. Ruku gets up and leaves without a single glance backwards. RV follows her and Panchi follows him.

RV catches up to Ruku and apologizes to her and Panchi comes there telling him to feel sorry as well as it was his fault. Ruku seems very hurt and she says she was thrown out of the library for the first time in her life! She’s here to study and has many responsibilities! RV says he knows and swears he’d never bother her like that again. He asks her to smile and she does. He then says she seems she wants a hug and goes to hug her but she pushes him away with her, “Chappal utaren kya?” Panchi laughs and RV offers Ruku a coffee as compensation. VeeNi leave from there, ignoring Panchi who isn’t very pleased at such behavior and STTC what the hell is she then? They forgot her so soon! And Ruku didn’t even give her the notes! VeeNi come to her after taking a few steps and RV asks does she need a special invitation to join them? Panchi sarcastically asks if she joins them, won’t the coffee bhi too sour? RV is about to reply but Avi comes there and greets them. Ruku offers Panchi notes but she says she’ll take later as Ruku will need them for the night. Ruku asks RV shall they leave and RV again calls her Ruku Baby, making her give the Chappal threat again to which RV retorts saying is she going to Temple, prompting Ruku to chase him. Panchi laughs seeing them and walks away with Avi and RV smiles seeing her bestie happy.

ViChi are walking together and Panchi asks Avi why is he looking so sad? When he tries avoiding the subject, Panchi says she’s Aunt Agony; he can ask her anything. Avi jokes she doesn’t seem that old and Panchi hits him and asks him to share his trouble. Avi points to the chain he’s wearing (which is quite bad I must say ) which Tika used to hate and always used to reprimand him for wearing it but no one even noticed it today. He is habitual of having Tika around and he doesn’t want to change that. Panchi hugs him and he smiles saying he feels fine now. Panchi tells him to take her for dinner then he’ll be really fine and he just it would’ve felt nice had she asked him that with a smile.

PraSha in bathroom and Piddi gives KD all these weird advices of being a good boyfriend which will make his girl happy. KD is impressed by his knowledge without even having a GF. Piddi says he has seen many chick flicks and heard guys discussing their GFs hence all the knowledge. KD asks for some advice on the current situation and RV comes there, asking what are they discussing. Piddi – “Kiya Syndrome” but on a serious note, he tells RV KD wants a way to apologize to Kiya. RV says a sorry won’t suffice, KD had slept while Kiya was reciting her poetry which surprises KD that she was reciting poetry and makes RV facepalm. PraRa joke again which KD doesn’t like and RV tells him to pamper the girl with flowers as girls always love flowers.

KD goes to Kiya’s house with a bouquet of flowers and starts apologizing to the first person, thinking it’s Kiya, who opens the door. Well, it’s not Kiya and is Kiya’s maid which Kiya finds funny as she had come just after KD to her house Kiya tells him to continue the love talk with the maid and goes inside without listening to KD. KD gives the flowers to the maid, requesting her to give them to Kiya. Inside, Kiya takes the flowers from the maid and kisses KD’s “I’m Sorry” note (Hmmm…I didn’t have much problem with these scenes, KD’s lovesick puppy avatar is so not KD I agree but guess Kiya just wants a little attention from her BF <3 New relationship hai na tou maybe that's why...) Panchi is all ready for her date and is surprised seeing Omi outside her house who had come to give her the notes which she was asking Ruku about. Panchi is surprised at his gesture as she didn't ask him but thanks him nonetheless. Omi asks did she not like him bringing notes for her and turns to leave, evidently hurt. Panchi gets guilty and stops him from leaving by holding his arm and hugs her in gratitude (TWO hugs today and DONO ke time pe stupid CSI ka tagline promo agaya on the screen! W*F?!! ) Omi is surprised and hugs her back. Just then, Avi arrives in his car and witnesses the hug (OMO! I was not at all happy at Panchi for hugging Omi like that yesterday but shit! It's all just a MU!! aaahhh!!!!) Panchi tells him never to be mad at her again. Avi honks the horn to get her attention and Omi leaves saying he just came to give the notes but not before Avi gives him an angry glare. Panchi sits in the car and greets Avi happily which Avi doesn't respond to as he's super mad (that's one date gone bad ) Ranveer calls Ruku, disturbing her study session once again and she disconnects saying she needs to study. RV is surprised at this reception but then makes a plan to do something special for her like taking her to a drive (Ye pitte ga Ruku ki chappal se...likhwa lo ) RV gets up to leave excitedly but then sits down when he realizes that she ain't talking to him, how will she go on a drive with him? (awww! <3) He seems tensed and sees the book which Ruku gave him. He STTC that's the thing which connects them. He has something given to him by her but she doesn't so he'd give her a special gift. KD is in the hostel mess and he joins Omi and his Cs as they are enjoying Egg Biryani. Omi offers him and KD agrees, saying something should be good in the day. Omi orders for him and KD sits down with Omi, taking a spoonful from Omi's plate but then he sees TD chucking out a dead insect from his plate and continue eating like nothing is wrong (YUCK! I know hostel food isn't that good but this is the heights! ) Disgusted, KD throws away his spoon. He says he won't eat the food, there was an insect in it. Omi tells him to chill as it's a normal thing in hostel, he'll get used to it. But KD gets up to leave, not caring if he'll stay hungry. Omi makes him understand that just like in a relationship it's said, you take two steps and the other person will also take two steps towards you, that's what KD has to do in this relationship; he has to take every step as Hostel can't walk towards him (logic! ) Omi tells him that he knows the decision KD took was hard but staying strong on that decision is harder. ViChi on their "dinner date" () Food is served but Avi is still very mad and isn't talking to Panchi at all! When they start eating, he suddenly asks what did Omi bring her and Panchi tells him about the missed lectures and notes and Avi only "Hmphs!" at that. Panchi attempts to make small talk by asking did he talk to Tika? Avi said he did but she doesn't want to talk to him. Panchi says Tika will take time, she was in love and with time all will be well. Avi gets mad and exclaims there was no love! Panchi gets silenced at this (I feel bad for her ) Precap – KD saying to PraRa that girls are so complicated! Ruku-Panchi come there saying it’s guys who mess things up and then blame all on girls. Panchi says it took KD 100 years to confess, would he take 100 more years to take Kiya out on a date?! RV tells KD to plan a Grand Date for Kiya. KD doesn’t seem too excited.

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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