The Buddy Project 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 25th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th February 2014 Written Update

Anirudh calls Ranveer and Panchi to his office. He tells Ranveer that Panchi wants to include classical program and asks Ranveer to convince him why they should not include it. Ranveer says Ms. Maya wants DJ party instead. Anirudh says this is the problem. Maya also comes there. Anirudh tells her about the current situation. Maya agrees to have both, classical program in the evening and DJ party in night.

Piddi is nervous. Sheeba, KD, Kiya make him call to his mum to tell her about his wedding. Piddi talks to his mum and her happy gets happy knowing Piddi is thinking about his future and wants to settle down. Piddi asks her if she doesn’t have any problem. His mum says problem would have been if he had got married without telling her. She says she has work to do and

hangs. Piddi gets nervous again. Sheeba tells him if he can’t tell the truth to her mum, then she will. She leaves from there.

Maya is in a room. Anirudh comes and closes the door. He asks her why she returned, if his charm attracted her again. She says she didn’t know that he’s here. He says, whatever happened between them in past was bad and he’s terribly sorry for his mistake. Maya says if he had done things on right time, then that mistake would not have happened. Anirudh says he hopes she has not returned to take revenge. Maya tells him he knows her very well. He then requests her not take her anger out on his students, they have worked very hard for this college fest. Maya leaves and Ranveer is standing outside the room. Soon Anirudh comes and tells him to have plan B. Ranveer reckons that Maya and Anirudh already know each other and something is wrong between them.

He shares it with KD and Piddi. The girls come and tell them that they are going home. They have been working a lot so they have arranged a girls only party. Ranveer was about to tell Panchi about Anirudh and Maya, but KD stops him and tells the girls to enjoy. KD, Ranveer, Piddi decide to learn Anirudh and Maya’s past.

They search about Maya on the Internet and find out that she also attended the same college as Anirudh. They wonder from where they will know what happened there. Piddi says there is one person.

Precap: Piddi tells Ranveer and KD that the principal and another professor are not here. The boys then decide to enter Anirudh’s college. They search the files there.

Update Credit to: JD

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