The Buddy Project 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 24th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with RV asking Ruks to start (in Hindi). When Ruks hesitantly starts with saying Good morning, RV interrupts and tells her to speak in Hindi. She agrees and reluctantly begins. She gives and introduction and explains what they will be talking about, especially the fact that youngsters just talk about the problems and don’t do anything. Everybody, from the Cs to the Ds agree to what she is saying. Omi gets so excited with her talks that he treats everybody in the room with his “toffees”. (Omi aur uski toffees!) RV takes over and begins to sign off. Ruks says that just like RV started the show with an anecdote, she’s end it with one. She begins with a story of a baba in her village who used to predict weather for them. People in her village used to reap their

fields according to his prediction, erect tents (shamiana), and his prediction never failed. The Ds get confused over what a shamiana is, and Omi gets up to tell them but realizes he doesn’t know the English equivalent of the word either (Such a LOL moment that was!). TG prompts him by telling him it’s a tent. One day the “baba jee” couldn’t predict the weather. RV gets hyper and asks what happens to the baba, he’s extremely engrossed in the story. The baba’s couldn’t predict anymore because his radio was broken (new age baba!). Ruks finally signs off in English along with RV. While everybody is busy clapping, Panchi gets up from the crowd and leaves.
Ruks thanks RV for helping him and apologizes for generalizing him amongst other rich brats. She calls him a nice guy and RV beams saying he can live with that. Ruks extends her hand in friendship and RV takes it. RV asks her if he performed well because even he was nervous. While they’re chatting and laughing, oblivious that they’re still holding hands, Panchi stands at the doorway looking at them with a pained expression. (Get over him Birdie!) Not being able to take anymore, she runs off from there.
In the canteen everybody is talking about the show and congratulating each other. Panchi returns to the canteen looking sad. JJ looks elated and JeeMi come to congratulate over the success of the Radio Show idea. Avanti standing behind a pillar sends JJ a message saying that she hopes he’s prepared to do something mad. Just then VeeNi enter the library and everybody greats them with an applause and congratulates them.
Cs and Ds are leaving with their “representatives” to celebrate when JJ stops them saying that they’ll celebrate right there, and he wants to do something like they both did, something out of his comfort zone.
Chintu plays the music and JJ jumps on the counter top in complete style (the aviators and the tashan! He’s better than any male actor on this show!! I’m drooling! ) He starts dancing on Vella (from SOTY… seriously it’s getting old now) while everybody stares in amazement. (Oh those dance steps!) He tries cheering up Panchi, pulls Kiya along to dance with him, all the three boys join him in (These guys will always be special to him’ sigh.) When Panchi doesn’t join in he pulls her up and starts dancing with her. JJ moves to dance with RV while JeeMi take the opportunity and start dancing around her. She leaves them dancing with each other! In the middle of all this there’s a silent soft LLHH moment between KiSha as KD takes Kiya’s hand to dance with her. While the antics are going on, RaHi and KiSha end with each other, waltzing (they can waltz on blo*dy any song!). In the middle of RaHi dancing, Ruks who was dancing with JJ spins and ends up bumping into RV who starts dancing with her. Upset with this Panchi leaves from there and Avi, having seen her leave, follows.
Panchi runs to the Girls’ Washroom and starts berating herself that is she that bad a friend that she couldn’t change RV in all these years and Ruks could do it in such a short span of time. She cries saying she’s not worth being anyone’s friend. Avi who is listening to Panchi’s harangue, wonders if he should knock. Panchi, who comes out teary eyed, gets surprised seeing him and tries to act as if she’s fine. She wonders if Avi heard everything, he lies and says he was going to the Boys’ Washroom next-door and will be back in a bit.
Panchi returns to the canteen and extends a hand to congratulate RV for the success, he smirks and pulls her in a hug. RV tells her the credit of the show goes to Ruks and pulls her to join them (she is proud of her village roots and still has revamped her wardrobe to spaghetti strap kurtas and halter backless ones, wow!)
While everybody is busy chatting and dancing, Dean comes there holding a guitar like a rifle and scolds them for the ruckus, shooing them off to their classes. While Dean is scolding JJ, Chintu keeps on recording it on his phone. When Dean scolds him, he leaves it and gives him a glass of water. He leaves from there. Chintu returns JJ his phone and says it was completely maddening and JJ smiles at that.

Precap: Avi drops Panchi at her house in the night. She is elated and extremely happy. Avi gifts her little puppy. RV comes there looking overly concerned and asks her where she was.

Update Credit to: CoffeeAddict

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