The Buddy Project 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 24th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th March 2014 Written Update

Maya recalls Ranveer’s word and melts down for a moment, but then again remembers how Anirudh left her in midway and she thinks whatever she’s doing is right. Other hand, Anirudh recalls Dean expelling the buddies. Sofia comes to his home and tells him Dean sent rustication letters and he wants Anirudh to give those to the buddies. Anirudh asks her to give him 24 hours. She agrees and leaves. Anirudh says whatever Maya had to do, she did it. Now it’s his turn, Jungli’s turn.

The girls are still upset and are not eating breakfast. Panchi’s mum tells them it’s not the end. The boys come and KD says they can’t give up so easily. They have to fight back and prove themselves innocent. They all agree and sit down to make a list what they can do. They think of going

to Girish and making him confess everything to police, but then say it will take time. Ranveer says Maya got the money first and she didn’t give it to them which means she has kept money somewhere. Anirudh comes there with other students (chillar and dhakkan) to whom he made realize what the buddies have done for them and convinced them to help. The students say they will protect until Dean doesn’t agree. The buddies are overwhelmed to see this. They continue their planning. Anirudh says Maya could have kept money at her home, office, or in the college. They get divided in three groups.

Ranveer and Anirudh break the window and enter in Maya’s house. They search for money. Anirudh sees his school time photo with Maya and gets emotional.

Piddi and KD come to Maya’s office, the rest search in college. Piddi acts of crying so Maya comes out. He begs her and request her not to get him expelled else his mum will scold him etc etc. In the mean time, KD quietly goes in Maya’s cabin and after searching a lot, he finally finds the money.

The buddies and Anirudh gather again. The suitcase has a password. Anirudh says Maya has only one thing in her mind currently which is himself. Ranveer tries ‘jungli’ as the password, and it works. Panchi and Kiya decide not to spare Maya and give her a harsh punishment. Ranveer is thinking something else. He asks Anirudh if he really hates Maya that much. He suggests him to talk to Maya. Other buddies are confused.

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