The Buddy Project 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 24th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th July 2013 Written Update

KD is still dozing off outside the class when the bell rings. The professor passes by him ignoring him. Behind him, Kiya comes rushing out and apologizes to KD as she was the reason he got kicked out. Piddi-RV also join them when Kiya promises KD she will make up for what she did. Piddi is surprised hearing this and asks RV didn’t he go to the secluded corner behind the library in RA to make up? (Then Piddi wonders why is he single ) RV slaps him and says that’s called “Make Out”. Piddi gets it and apologizes for his lack of knowledge as he’s never done it before and turns to KiSha and tells them to make out without hesitation! (RV’s reaction – facepalm. My reaction – very audible gasp and hands jumped to my mouth ) KiSha get embarrassed

for a second before KD moves to hit Piddi but Kiya stops him. Shot gets widened a little and we see RV literally strangling Piddi (ye zinda hai kaise?! ) Kiya pulls KD with her for coffee and KD invites Piddi-RV as well. Piddi readily follows but RV doesn’t budge. KD asks what’s wrong and RV asks for five minutes. Piddi appears and asks what will RV do in five minutes and RV scolds him to go and bug KiSha and not interfere in everyone’s business! Piddi pulls KD away and RV sneaks away which KD sees from behind.

RV comes in an empty classroom and Ruku is standing behind the door, hidden from his sight. RV STTC that he should’ve been named “Late-Veer” as he missed her again!

Panchi is standing in the corridor and STTC that Avi asked her to meet him there so why isn’t he here yet? She is waiting for him when suddenly, some rose petals are showered on her. She is surprised and happily looks up, lost in the dreamy effect of it all…

Shift to Ranveer where someone showers water on him from a water bottle! He is shocked!

Panchi smiles and looks at her side and Avi is smiling at her (hayyyeee!!!!! )

Rukmini comes face to face with Ranveer, smiling mischievously while RV just looks at her with a stunned expression.

Avi asks Panchi for coffee.

Rukmini says she has to attend class.

Avi stops Panchi from going and says if she won’t attend class for one day, the earth won’t stop rotating around its axis. He requests her to say yes.

Rukmini says she can’t, she has already wasted one year and wants to concentrate fully on her studies.

Avi tells Panchi he isn’t asking her to forsake her studies but just requesting him for one small, miniature, cute coffee break! Please please, please? Panchi sighs and agrees and goes ahead and Avi punches the air happily.

Rukmini politely declines the offer and walks away, leaving behind a disappointed RV.

(It was a really good parallel between the two couples. I like parallel shots like these a lot…though, i think I just have to say this, as much as I like the fresh and uncliched way of treating VeeNi, I fail to see any depth in them. Depth which a meant-to-be couple should have I can forgive ViChi because ViChi is part of JeeMiChi, a love triangle which might not be resolved anytime soon but VeeNi is a couple like KiSha is; the endgame wala couple. I am not saying there should be MUs or other headache kind of stuff in them but that depth which a couple must have to be warm the heart isn’t there…)

Night time. KD is getting ready to sleep after study session when two boys come there, joking about silly hormonal stuff. Before KD can say anything, they take away KD’s toothpaste without properly asking or thanking him. KD decides to ignore it all and gets into bed when he gets a call from Kiya. She makes small talk with him and asks if she is disturbing him? He says no and she asks him to skype with her. KD obliges.

The couple skypes and Kiya lovingly comments that KD looks adorable in his sleepy look. KD compliments her the same and asks what was she doing. She replies she was working on a new song and asks would he like to listen? KD agrees and Kiya starts reciting the lyrics and KD dozes off and sleeps (can’t blame him, poor guy was tired ) He sleeps in front of the lappy with a pillow covering his face. Kiya finishes and looks at the screen to find her BF sleeping. Kiya kisses the screen and caresses it lovingly which is seen by Anya who decides to snoop around.

When Kiya also dozes off, Anya steps in and sees the screen but KD’s face is covered. Anya thinks there is something fishy here and of course, as she thinks she is instructed by Heavens itself for always making her sister’s life hell, she vows to find out everything.

KD wakes up in the morning and notices the blank lappy screen. He finds his phone, puts it on charger and texts Kiya sorry for dozing off like that. Kiya gets the texts and is surprised seeing so many “Sorry” messages. KD texts her is she mad and Kiya STTC that’s the advantage of having a BF; no one else apologizes so much! And she ain’t even mad at him but it’s her right to tease KD a little!

KD gets Kiya’s message which reads, “I can’t believe you fell asleep while talking to me! If you loved your sleep more than me, why did you make me your girlfriend? You should’ve bought yourself a pillow!” KD curses and STTC that’s the disadvantage of being in a relationship! You don’t apologize to anyone else as much as you apologize to your GF! (Hain?! ) KD calls Kiya but she rejects the call mischievously. KD STTC that he’s an idiot!

Someone knocks on KD’s door. KD gets out of the room and a boy sneaks behind him and splashes water all over him. KD gets mad when the boys laugh and Omi comes there, asking KD to chill as its a usual thing in hostel. KD says but he doesn’t even know them and Omi tells him that’s how you introduce yourself in hostel, by a bucket full of water! The boys all laugh but KD leaves from there, mad. KD asks Omi to join him in the room but Omi excuses himself saying he has to go to college (Omaa! KD was looking so hot! His side profile is the s*xiest )

Piddi-RV in the classroom and KD comes there, asking have they seen Kiya? Piddi jokingly says they have and starts telling KD her features just to tease him. KD tells him to shut up and RV asks him what’s wrong. KD tells them all about last night dozing thing and PraRa (their official name seems to be slipping off my mind ) burst into laughter, much to KD’s displeasure. RV asks KD is he sure Kiya minded a small thing like that? Piddi jokes he slept during Son of Sardaar (movie), he’s sure Sonakshi didn’t mind! PraRa laugh again and KD gets mad. RV calms him down but KD shows him the text message Kiya sent her. RV struggles to not laugh again while Piddi just jokes about the cutesy messaging that a couple does. KD gets mad and gets up to leave but they sit him down, promising not to laugh. RV says his dating experience is at least 25 times more than KiSha’s collective experience and according to his experience, it’s not a big issue and Kiya will forget it. KD says yeah, her memory is really bad. Piddi asks does she forget everything and KD retorts, no, she remembers everything prompting PraRa to laugh at his misery again. KD is tensed as to what will happen but RV calms him down saying all will be well. Bell rings signalling the start of class.

JJ is taking the class and all Buddies, sans Kiya, are attending it. KD is worried about Kiya’s absence while PraRa are enjoying his tension. During lecture, Kiya comes and KD stands up seeing her at the door. JJ notices KD and calls Kiya in, joking that the movie industry is waiting for good scripts but in class people are waiting for something else entire, wait which is now over. Kiya walks towards KD who mumbles to her to listen to him but she ignores him and takes another seat at the back of the class.

JJ’s back is towards the class and KD scribbles a message on the notebook and tears the paper, which makes enough noise in the class to get everyone’s attention but JJ chooses to ignore it. KD throws the paper to PraRa’s desk who are sitting beside him and tells them to pass it to Kiya. Before RV can do so, JJ asks RV to stand up and asks what’s in his hand? RV replies it’s a paper. JJ tells him to read the paper out aloud for the class. KD mentally curses and RV reads the message on the paper, “I am sorry.” JJ says that won’t do and he should read what’s written. RV says that’s what is written and shows JJ the paper. Piddi mumbles, though not that silently, that what’s not written in the paper is the fact that I slept while talking. Kiya is shocked hearing this and KD curses again. Panchi asks who slept while talking and RV points to KD. Kiya gets mad and JJ tells them to cut off their profound intellectual discussion and concentrate on studies. RV asks permission to sit down and before taking his seat, puts KD’s paper on his sweet with the fakest of sugary sweet smiles.

KD picks the paper and shifts towards the back of the class which JJ sees but doesn’t comment on. KD then shifts beside Kiya which JJ sees again and KD just looks on with a poker face (HILARIOUS! ) JJ bites back a chuckle and continues the lecture. KD holds Kiya’s hand and apologizes again and again. Kiya pulls her hand back from his grip, stands up and tells JJ that KD is disturbing her. PraRa laugh at this and JJ tells KD to get out of the class.

KD seems annoyed and frustrated as he yet again spends the lecture time outside of the class.

Precap – Omi comes to meet Panchi who is all ready to go somewhere. She asks him how come he’s here at her house and he tells her that he heard her asking Ruku for notes as she missed a few classes so he thought he would bring them to her. Panchi thanks and hugs him. Avi stops in front of the house in his car and see MiChi hugging with a furious expression on his face (Uh-oh! TROUBLE!!!)

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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