The Buddy Project 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 24th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th January 2013 Written Update

Juhi books tickets for her parents so that they will enjoy the new year.They play vele song and all the four enjoys dancing in car.
The buddy group arrives at the New Year’s party. Panchi goes to talk to Juhi but she ignores them. Piddi takes bobby to have drinks.Bobby sees some friend and leaves.
Juhi is jealous seeing samar and panchi together.In the same way KD is jealous seeing YaRa close.
When samar goes to get drinks for panchi, ranveer comes to talk to her.Ranveer compliments Panchi’s appearance but she tells him not to give her a fake compliment.She sarcastically tells that now he has someone better to give real compliments indicating Kiya.Ranveer is upset.When kiya consoles him, KD see their closeness and is hurt.
Piddi plans to propose to Bobby at midnight and shares the idea with samar.Panchi comes there and talks to juhi but she again ignores.Samar calls panchi to dance with him.Juhi goes away angrily.She calls KD for dance.He denies at first but later agrees.
Kiya and Ranveer, Bobby and Piddi, Panchi and Samar, Juhi and KD participate in a couples dance competition. As per the rules, the couples dance on a sheet of paper and those who step out of the paper lose. Juhi and KD lose in the competition first as they dance so aggressively seeing their pair close wit others.
Bobby and piddi dance in their own world and step out of the paper.Ranveer makes them realize it when they were lost in their own land.
Panchi and RV keeps on staring at each other in between the dance.
Juhi is so drunk and she keeps on shouting at samar to come out.At some point of time and he realizes it later.
Only YaRa and the other jodi is left.The paper size is so small now.Kiya tells ranveer that she wants to win this game.Ranveer asks what he can do for that.Kiya asks him to lift her.Ranveer does the same and they both dance.
KD becomes upset on seeing Kiya dancing with Ranveer so close.Kiya gives KD a look indicating how happy she is and is little happy to see him hurt.
KD is so upset and jealous seeing YaRa close


Panchi is holding Juhi’s hand and she shouts at panchi to leave her hand in a drunken state.
RaHi wish each other a Happy New Year.
Kiya makes ranveer to turn and there is lip lock of YaRa *its looks accidental*.
Panchi and KD shocked seeing YaRa’s lip lock.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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